Saudi Arabia/USA: It’s Personal

Dear American Bedu Friends and Family,

The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life is less than one week away.  This is THE annual event in my area to raise funds for the War Against Cancer.  This is a very personal fight (and cause) for me.  The battle started for both myself and my (late) Saudi husband in Saudi Arabia. My own battle continues now in the USA. Every single contribution makes a difference and helps in so many ways such as research, creation of new drugs which help prolong life and direct support to cancer patients and families.

Cancer is a disease which makes no distinctions to race, ethnicity, nationality, religion or position.

If you can make a donation, click this link which will take you to my personal Relay for Life page.

Love and hugs,


2 Responses

  1. YAY! My mom and I are doing a team this year! I love this event! ❤

  2. That’s FABULOUS Confused!!!

    Relay for Life is such a moving event featured on the relay track. The Relay officially kicks off with cancer warriors walking a lap around the track. These warriors are men, women, children who are all either currently battling cancer or have battled the disease and pray it is truly behind them. What I can say is seeing so many (usually hundreds) of warriors from a small area in masse on the relay track touches every heart. There is also a sense of instant and natural camaraderie among the participants of a Relay. New friends are made and warriors who have fallen are honored. Active warriors and caregivers are honored too. It’s all about getting the CURE and offering HOPE.

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