Saudi Arabia: Too Much $ E X on the Mind!

You may believe that the following video is a poor joke but sadly it is not.

 This is a video from the Matawa groups here explaining why they want

to stop the construction of the New Airport. If you don’t understand Arabic

 please seek assistance to have it translated for you! These crazy people are objecting

 to the design and construction of the aiport

 because they feel that it looks like a woman’s private parts and what is

 to be the tallest airport tower in the world is made to represent a male’s

 private part.


 (This all to prove that Saudis must be protected from the evils of the




43 Responses

  1. This would be good for a venting laugh if it did not represent a government’s policy of oppression. The religious establishment could not survive one day if they deviate from Prince Naif”s and other Princes wishes.

  2. There is something seriously wrong with these perverts that they see or read something sexual into everything under the sun like this. They spend way too much time in their days thinking about sex. They are twisted and not normal. Oh brother!

  3. For those who cannot understand the Arabic content, you are missing a great piece of comedy. In general here are the main points he is making:

    – Detailed descriptions of how the building represent both male and female genitals (yes you may have got that from his pointer)
    – How this is a pagan representation
    – How this is all part of a western conspiracy to denigrate the land of Islam as Jeddah’s airport is the gateway to Makkah
    – He is soliciting support from the audience to voice their disagreement about building the airport as designed.

    I agree with Ali, this would have been a great piece of comedy, if it was not for the fact that such loonies get respect from the government in Saudi.

  4. Thanks MoQ for explaining the video better so non-Arabic speakers can understand.

  5. not that it is important, but how is it a western plot to destroy islam? was it a western group that designed the airport? If so why didn’t they design it themselves? Perhaps they are not skilled enough????

  6. Ha! Someone has too much time on his hands.

  7. oh carol i cannot stop laughing.. especially ater F’s translation.. oh god this is soo funny … it’s like every sentence is competing with the other to see how stupid they can get… i can’t stop laughing…

  8. This is one reason I dislike veiling and separation of the sexes – I think it creates sexual deprivation and people (both sexes) become sexually obsessed. Obsession leads to distorted thinking, like this.

  9. Hey, I just noticed that Carol may in effect be promoting Porn by posting this video…..

    Shame Shame!!!!

  10. Khalas, now I’ve seen it all.

    I’d like to commit seppuku now.

  11. So instead of a ‘concourse’ there will be a main ‘intercourse’……
    Complete craziness…beyond belief–totally perverted.

  12. Only in Saudi Arabia would some jackass consider an air port design sexual. Because I am certain that EVERYONE is going to get a full aerial view of it. Most are too busy turning on their cell phones on landing appoach.

  13. I live in Saudi. These jackass call Motawa have nothing to do but to look for unseen conspiracy theories from the west in order to poison the minds of young Saudi boys and girls seeking for a better life in this jail country.

    MoQ thanks for the brief translation.

  14. ”A dirty mind is a joy forever” takes on a whole new dimension here.

    Moq, thanks for explaining, i gathered that much from just watching the video though. I was actually embarrassed!
    OMG, you are right! Porn on bedu! Where will it end!

    Jaycey, main ‘intercourse’ Woehahahahahaaaa!

  15. I am pretty sure that all these sexually-depraved saudi clerics have found enough koranic verses and hadith to support their fixations with phallic/sapphic symbols; to oppose the construction of the new airport. I am also pretty sure that if they looked close enough at other sights and sounds in saudi, they will be able to “imagine” and “discover” other coincidental phallic/sapphic symbols, InshaAllah:

    I believe that King Abdallah (a very progressive leader) should do what Kemal Ataturk (another progressive leader) did in Turkey to his 7th century “mullahs”: Put ’em all in a few ships and sink ’em.

    According to a very popular “urban legend” in Turkish history, Ataturk called all the disillusioned “mullahs” to a conference on a few ships in the Aegan Sea (located between the southern Balkan and Anatolian peninsulas). Then he had his air force bomb the heck out of those ships and they have all been sleeping with the fishies since 1924. End of Story. Finis.

    Of course, I am only kidding :)-

  16. This is embarrassing and scary! Hubby just left for Jedda, he is a high profile engineer, trying to get the storm drains done all throughout Jedda before the rainy season in November, so maybe there wont be so many killed this year!
    His company also got the contract of Jedda airport. Guess there wont be any redoing/expanding the airport? Am I the only one here that feels absolute fear?

  17. Harry,

    your scaring me, which part were you kidding about?

  18. @Harry,
    It’s a wonder Dunkin Donuts is allowed!

  19. OMG! This thread is getting WAY too hot for me!

  20. @Jessica,
    I’m not scared but I love your husband. Thank him for the drains!

  21. I was trying to think of something funny to say about this, but it is not easy!

    Believe me, I have lived in the most sensual culture on earth, where every thing and every word word has a double meaning, usually of a sexual nature. I thought Brazilians were the most erotic and “sacana” people on earth, but when it comes to dirty minds the Matawa have them beat.

    The difference being is that in Brazil sex is good fun and practiced liberally, while the Saudi Matawa are obviously a bunch of abhorrent, obsessed, and frustrated dirty old men. Quem sabe, eles sonham com os torres de controle dos aeroportos.

  22. How can they be frustrated when they can marry up to 4 women…they should have all the darn booty they want…shouldnt be any frustration. 😉

  23. They are damaged people. I just showed this to my adult children. Jaws literally dropped.

  24. Correct my if i am wrong, but i recently spoke to a Saudi living in jeddah about this topic, and the man in question is known to say contraversial things apart from this incident, and also he is the laughing stock over in saudi for saying such nonscence. I highly doubt saudis in general agree with this terrible way of thinking. Acutally the saudis words when i asked about it were “he must have been smoking something, to have come up with that” .
    Its just logic that no one with a brain would think those things.

  25. @Coolred,
    You would think they would not be frustrated- but again it’s also about power not sex. So many religious leaders here obsess about women and how to control them and they always use sexual charactarizations. They really are perverts. I mean really they obsess all the time about what women are wearing and how much can be seen, they sit with black markers looking at normal advertising and black out arms, legs etc. I’d hate to hear what they’re thinking as they sit there looking at the pictures like that. Eeewwww.

  26. @Bella Vita – ‘…the man in question is known to say contraversial things apart from this incident, and also he is the laughing stock over in saudi for saying such nonscence. I highly doubt saudis in general agree with this terrible way of thinking.’

    Doesn’t that just make it worse? The Saudi government employs nonsense spewing, laughing stocks to regulate/enforce the values of it’s people and they just take it?

    We Americans can take that kind of dismissive stance when we are talking about a nutcase here like the Pastor Terry Jones or that Phelps guy from Westboro. When they are speaking they represent themselves but if these whack jobs are employed by the government that changes everything. Right?

  27. Is he employed by the government? I didn’t get that.

  28. Oh, I don’t know. I thought they were saying he was Mutawa?

  29. EVERYONE look at 6:49 on this video and tell me what you see???

    Am I imagining things here or does it not look like a picture of a man’s shoe stepping on a ladies hand with red nails under the Saudi flag!?

  30. I remember hearing on NPR the women of Iran were forbidden to buy cucumbers because it could remind them of a man’s…well, you know… 😳 (blush)

    So it is not only the Saudis that have this warped mentality.

    I also remember a part in the video series ‘The Arrivals’ (yes I know, rubbish), where they stated Disney cartoons were full of subliminal pornographic images. I have always wondered if there was any truth to this? (If someone from Disney actually confirmed this or if it was just more people like the man above obsessed with sex hence easily sees sexual images in ordinary things? Anyone know?)

    IF true, perhaps the architects of this airport watched too much Disney when they were young! 😉

  31. You know I never really cared to look into the Disney rumor ’til now b/c I quite like Disney (and so do my children) but I did get a bit curious now so I went to and found only this to be true…

  32. I just noticed a lot of the myths on Snopes about Disney were propagated by various Conservative Christian groups in the USA.

    It seems there are many people in this world like this Saudi fellow in the above video…all looking for hidden pornographic images..all working to save us from inevitable corruption.

    Very strange indeed. 😕

  33. Well I tried to get my husband to translate … he got only a little into it and said the whole issue with the mutts (that’s what I call them and if you don’t know a mutt is a dog without a pedigree) is an embarassment to Islam as is KSA the way it is ruled/run and that their total focus on sex and hiding women is sick!!!
    I got the drift even without the translation.

  34. This is hilarious!
    But perhaps the muttawa is mistaken about the sex of the terminal building!?I can’t see the breasts anywhere so it looks like its a male..and he is lying on his stomach, so I guess that little bit there is something else hehehe

  35. To Rosemary,

    In Iran women are not prohibited from buying cucumbers! How ridiculous! I’m Iranian and have bought too many cucumbers to remember without any consequences lol : ) As they always say, ‘believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see’ : )

    And as for this video, I knew the muttawa were insane, but this guy is just out of this world psycho.

  36. Again- any confirmation this guy is a Muttawa? I didn’t get that.

  37. @Zoe, I see. I do however remember a program on NPR where ladies were complaining about not being able to buy cucumbers without police harassing them. I thought it was in Iran but I did a quick search now and it appears to have been in Iraq. I found this link…

    If this cucumber ban is from Al-Qaeda, then I’m sure they would enforce it in any country where they have control over people. Very sad.

  38. In her post Carol said ‘This is a video from the Matawa groups here explaining why they want
    to stop the construction of the New Airport.’

    Carol, where did you get the video from? How do you know that it was from the ‘Matawa group’?

    Who was this guy speaking in front of? Did the person who took the video take it because he thought the guy was a nut and it would be funny on YouTube or did he take it seriously and want to help spread the wisdom he was gaining?

  39. I received the video from a friend in Saudi who described it as such.

  40. @ Rosemary, let’s hope Al-Qaeda is stopped and stripped of its control, before life goes downhill for people. I had read about them banning kettles which whistle when water starts boiling because they believe that whistling is forbidden in Islam (untrue) and so the demented people that they are they came up with the clever prohibition of whistling kettles!

    I just wish that people put their time and energy to better use, like solving world hunger, or eradicating disease, how about doing something about poverty and education? Instead, their time is spent on imagining what objects in our world resemble sexual reproductive organs and banning their purchase. Maybe we should suggest a ban on carrots, parsnips, zucchini and bananas, I’m surprised they missed those! (And I’m sure there are plenty more stuff out there!) Ewwww!

  41. Has any body stopped and asked if this video was not done by somebody who wanted to give a bad image to the mutawa? I have not heard the name of the person who spoke on the video or which organization he belonged to. It is the internet, any idiot could post a video.

    I honestly believe the mutawa in Saudi arabia are great. They help implement the ISLAMIC SHARIAH (the official law of Saudi Arabia). Yes, they sometimes make mistakes but I think they do more good than harm. For the muslims there, they should grateful to them for creating an shariah appropriate environment. For the non-muslims, They are more than welcome to live there if they don’t like it.

  42. Saudi Arabia does not practice Shariah. They practice tribal/patriarchal governing and the oppression of women. I have NO gratitude at all to the Mutawa. They are totally obsessed with looking at and controlling women. I think they are mostly mentally ill. It is a BIDAH to have such an organization.

    And yes, this guy might not be a Mutawa. I hope not.

  43. Whether he is a muttawa or not it is disconcerting to say the least of the mindset.

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