Saudi Arabia: There Really is a Reason Bedu’s Been Rambling…


I know that those who have followed my blog regularly have noticed a change in the posts and my writing for the past week.  I’ve been calling it writers block but after a visit to my doctor I realize it is more than that.  My blood counts have bottomed out which means that the white and red cells are critically low as a result of last week’s chemo treatment.  When the blood counts are at such a critical point it makes me feel like I am just a lump with no energy or ability to think.  My chemo for this week has been cancelled because of the low counts.  Instead I am receiving daily injections towards boosting the blood counts.  Another side effect of low counts I am having to contend with is a throat infection.  Unfortunately I have ulcers lining my throat and therefore unable to talk.  Once my blood counts start to rise the infection should clear up.


I am quarantined to my home until I see my doctor next week.  I have time on my hands and attempting to write.  I believe my writing will improve once I am back on track.


In the meantime I welcome your suggestions on what you’d like to hear about and ideas on how to make home-bound quarantine pass quickly!


18 Responses

  1. Dear,
    May you get well soon!Aameen

  2. Carol,
    Hang in there!!!! I would of never thought—your posts are always creative and informative.

  3. I’ve been home-bound BECAUSE of Angry Birds (Chrome Edition) and Zuma Blitz on Facebook. Give it a try. Warning with Angry Birds though, you may feel the need, as I did, to use your voice ie Son of a B…!

  4. Lynn…

    My daughter LOVES angry birds. It doesn’t look that tough when watching…but just try it!

  5. The absolute worst bit about Angry Birds is dealing with that evil little laugh they do when you fail etc…makes me wanna throw my BB out the window.

  6. Dear Carol!
    Get well soon! Try eating lots of dates, they are good for the blood! 🙂

  7. he! hehehe! Bastards!

  8. I have it on my laptop with Google Chrome.

  9. Hope you’re feeling better soon Carol! You’re always in my prayers!

  10. Carol, you’re actually doing very well on the blog! I have seen others in similar circumstances unfortunately. It is not easy, by any means. I hope you get through this phase of treatment as quickly as possible and with the best result.

  11. I enjoy most anything you want to share! Best wishes!

  12. To help the time pass:
    Sleeping a lot;
    catching up on books, movies, music, and video games;
    art (to include coloring- I don’t think one ever gets too old to color! hehehe);
    catching up on world news;
    online chatting, facebooking, etc.;
    playing string games like cat’s cradle;
    and playing card games and board games (or at least to pretending to play against oneself).

    Hope you feel better soon! ❤

  13. Dear Carol, all my thoughts are with you.
    Drink a lot of hot tea with honey (good for the throat) or even milk and honey. Also you can watch plenty of movies or new series – all coming up for the summer. Get plenty of rest so that your blood cell regenerate and go up!
    Take very good care of yourself

  14. Get better soon….Hang in there.

  15. Carol, I forget that you are dealing with medical issues because I am so intrigued with what you say. Take care. Thinking of you.

  16. Dear Bedu, take care. eat anything you like, drink anything you like.

  17. Carol you sure are having a ‘heck of a year’! get well, stay well!

  18. Sending you thoughts of healing and hope.

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