Saudi Arabia: Bedu is Back…Kind Of


I want to thank everyone for the well wishes while I was in the hospital.  My second chemo treatment hit me hard and I was neutrophenic.  What that means is that my white and red blood cells were critically low.  I was having some other side effect issues too.  Ultimately I ended up in the hospital for five days where I received two liters of blood, multiple antibiotics, fluids and other meds.  There were times when I felt like an out of control roller coaster for I would get a high fever with little to no warning.  Thankfully the great medical team got me stabilized enough that I could be discharged.  For some reason while I was in the hospital my laptop would not connect to the public network.

I am out of the hospital but not quite out of the woods yet.  I am at a friend’s home so I can be observed.  I do go to the hospital daily for injections to boost my white blood counts and to receive fluids.  I am having difficulty eating and keeping foods in.

I have now missed three weeks of chemo so the hope is that I will be stable enough to resume chemo next week.

I am not as active on the blog yet as I tire out very easily.  Thankfully I have a fabulous moderator who has been helping out during this challenging time.

Forgive me for being less than diplomatic….Cancer Sucks!


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  1. Hope that all is constantly improving for you. Roller coaster was a good analogy.See…I went throught the big “C” with my daughter11 years ago so although I was not sick, I experienced the disease on a 24-7 basis. I will continue to think positive thoughts about you and your bout with “C” It’s good to have you back!

  2. Do you think you could keep down an Ensure Milkshake? Try that if you haven’t already. You need good nutrition to fight this thing.

    ‘Sucks’ is not EVEN a strong enough word to describe that dreadful disease! Keep strong!

  3. Hugs!! You have been in my thoughts so much lately.

  4. Can you feel the positive energy and love emanating from the Middle East? We are sending it your way…We love you and pray that you will feel much better with each passing minute.

  5. Still wishing a speedy recovery for you. Sending positive vibes your way!!!!

  6. Hopefully this will soon pass, Carol. I suppose where you are there is no access to legal cannabis for your eating issues?

  7. Thank you for all the well wishes. I’ve had a few setbacks again. This chemo is taking a toll on me. I just keep repeating, ‘this too shall pass…’

  8. Carol, see if they can give you something for your intestines like they give people with irritable bowl syndrome. The chemo kills everything good in the digestive track and really creates discomfort. My mom and Aunt took something over the counter- I wish I could remember the name, when they went though chemo and it really helped. Also for some totally inexplicable reason the only thing Mom could comfortably eat was Kung Pau Chicken- but I really wouldn’t recommend it because that shouldn’t have helped her.

  9. Wishing you the best during this long struggle you must undrgo. I think of you all the time, sending you healing wishes.

    SandraC from Florida

  10. Wishing you best of luck and complete health and fast recovery. Allah is great ,HE will listen to you, InshAllah.Carry on “ZIKAR”.

    S Sheikh from London

  11. Salamat : )

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