Saudi Arabia: Is Netflix Available?

Netflix has become one of the most popular services in the United States and Canada. With Netflix, a user can watch unlimited movies and/or tv episodes over the internet.  These programs are downloaded directly to the users television set or computer.  It is a very reasonable service with a monthly charge of US$7.99.  The selection of movies and programs is immense.

In April 2011 Netflix announced it had 23.6 million subscribers!  Netflix plans to expand to the European market starting with Spain in 2012. Established in 1997, Netflix is a true success story using technology to provide movies on demand at a reasonable price to its customers.


Would this be a popular service in Saudi Arabia?  It does not seem to be available to the Kingdom yet but if perhaps enough interested individuals wrote requesting the service Netflix would listen, not wanting to lose out on a viable new market.

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  1. There is no way that it will go in Saudi not with the pirating that goes on there. Netflix adheres to proprietary rules which are not complied with in Saudi. Stealing is ok. I couldn’t even get hulu there because of the same reason.

  2. I certainly will contact Netflix and let them know how much I would like to have that service when I move to KSA. I currently have Netflix and I use it ALL the time. I’m sure with the expat population, netflix would be in a position to generate considerable income

  3. If you have a VPN service, you can get Netflix here in Saudi.

  4. With the popularity of satelite TV, I’m pretty sure Netflix would be a popular service.

  5. I JUST mentioned this to my husband and his cousin last night! I really miss having Netflix. I did read an article though that said Netflix customers are in an uproar because there is a rate hike in the works.
    Even if the price went up, I’m sure Saudi Arabia would be a great market to introduce Netflix into.

  6. I am afraid that even if Netflix were to open the market to Saudi Arabia, that the censors of the internet would not allow access.

  7. That crossed my mind too

  8. So I suppose one wil still get the annoying ‘door-to-door’ sales of movies uncut. My advice do not buy, it is most likely filled with viruses. It is also illegal. ( refer to DOS website on pirated goods overseas)

  9. Paige,
    “There is no way that it will go in Saudi not with the pirating that goes on there.”

    Pirating goes on in the US and other countries, too, but people don’t seem to mind paying for Netflix or cable TV. I am curious as to how well Netflix will do in the new international markets it plans to enter soon as pirating is more of an international problem.

    Before Netflix enters the Saudi market, wouldn’t it need to increase its selection of Arabic films? I, too, have no idea how such a service might be censored. Maybe Tash ma Tash episodes on-demand? 😉

  10. And I only mention Tash ma Tash since I’ve heard so much about it on here. I imagine there are other really popular shows in KSA. I’m just not sure what they are…? Speaking of which, are there any interesting Arabic television series, etc anyone could recommend for learning Arabic? I just need to hear the language more. Any ideas? At this point, I really don’t care what dialect it is.

  11. Netflix wouldn’t be able to operate in Saudi Arabia due to issues related to licensing for the shows and which regions they are allowed to broadcast to. Similar case is with iPhone where if you base your account as Saudi Arabia you don’t get access to the music store. Censorship would be a major issue and could be a major hurdle as the actual link to netflix can be block by Communication & Information Technology Commission in Saudi Arabia. The pricing is considered really cheap considering you pay approx $85 a month for OSNetwork.

  12. i would to have Netflix here in Saudi Arabia
    and the who talk about the pirating i guess it’s every where in the world
    and if i download a move from the internet
    i will download it from american site!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so i can’t wait to see Netflix ……

  13. Wat is may name

  14. I Love watching movies through Netflix but when I got back to Saudi. It was not available there and that was really disappointing because people from my country love watching movies especially American movies which is very popular. Hope that Netflix will be available there soon.

  15. I hope so too, Fatima. It is a great service.

  16. Sand Gets in my Eyes, “If you have a VPN service, you can get Netflix here in Saudi.” Is there one in particular that you recommend?

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