Saudi Arabia: An Introduction to Desert Publisher

It  gives American Bedu joy to share with readers that one of her favorite publishers specializing exclusively in photo books of Saudi Arabia is now online – Desert Publisher.  The books produced by Desert Publisher are exclusive photo books with illustrations featuring the Hidden Treasures and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  These books are ideal for anyone who is planning to come to the Kingdom and wants to capture the essence of the culture, traditions and customs before arrival.  The books also make the perfect gift for expatriates and Saudis alike.  Noone should be without their own edition of Desert Publisher books.

Presently one can purchase Desert Publisher books about:

  •  Janadriah – Saudis annual cultural festival which showcases the diverse crafts, art, music and traditions throughout the Kingdom.





  •  Mada’in Saleh – Mada’in Saleh is the “Little Petra” found in Saudi Arabia’s Hijaz region where the ancient Nabateans had made a home in the Kingdom.  Mada’in Saleh is known for its tombs, the origin of the Hijaz Railway and historic Al Ula.  The book is full of captivating photos and narrative to match. (available in English, Arabic, French, Dutch and Spanish)
  • Saudi Arabia:  This is an exclusive table top book filled with breathtaking photos giving one an introduction to all corners of the majestic Kingdom.  It provides contrasts between the modern cities and beudion villages, the sea and the desert, it’s cultural history and use of high technology.  This book breaks the barriers of pre-existing stereotypes propagated by media.  (Available in English, French, German, Spanish, Asian languages, Arabic and Russian)
  •  Rub Al Khali (Empty Quarter) – This book is one of American Bedu’s personal favorites.  The Empty Quarter is generally believed to be a lifeless stretch of desert however this book shatters those beliefs with the photos that show an Empty Quarter bursting with life and activity.  One of the most magnificent photos of a herd of Ibyx can be seen in this magnificent book.



  •  Sand Whispers – This small book is packed with special photos and accompanied by Arab proverbs and classic poetry.  (Available in English, German and French)





  •  Windows – The types of windows installed in various homes throughout the Kingdom over the years tell a history unto themselves.  This book showcases and illustrates some of the unique windows found in buildings and homes throughout the Kingdom.  (Available in English, German and French)



  •  Doors – If only a door could talk about the residents who lived in a house or visited through the doors, imagine how much more we could learn about the history of Saudi Arabia.  Doors, as the title implies, are a compilation of photos of the many different types of doors one will see on homes and buildings in the Kingdom.  Many of these doors have lasted for centuries due to the unique way they were crafted.  Illustrations accompany each photo to give the reader greater understanding for the type of door, structure and area in which it is located.  (Available in English, German and French)
  •  Visitors Guide to Maidan Saleh – This guide is a must-have for anyone planning to travel to the history area of Maidan Saleh, whether unaccompanied or with a tour group.  This guide walks a visitor step-by-step on what to see and do and bring with them on their trip.  This guide will enhance ones trip to Maidan Saleh.



  •  Facts about Swine Flu (H1N1) – Since millions of pilgrims converge from around the world each year to Makkah for the Hajj pilgrimage, this book is an extensive book about the threat and precautions of H1N1.  (Arabic only)




  •  Maid’an Saleh Post Cards – Twenty of the finest photographs from Maid’an Saleh have been incorporated into post cards making this a lovely keepsake or special card to send greetings from Saudi Arabia.



  •  Holy Mosque Post Cards – Twenty of the finest photographs taken of the Holy Mosque during the annual pilgrimage of Hajj making this collection a special keepsake.



  •  Saudi Arabia Post Cards – Twenty of the finest photographs showcasing the Hidden Treasures across the Magical Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Ideal as a special memento or to send from Saudi Arabia.

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