Saudi Arabia: What if a Muslim is not Saved?




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  1. oh god this was so hilarious 🙂 F’s walking around imitating this guy — ” save yourself jaan, or else!!!!”

    where do you find such video’s carol—

  2. I remember this one from MoQ the other day. Poor kid.

  3. ok…someone please tell me how a Muslim is “saved”? If he believes in the 5 pillars isn’t that kind of a done deal? The young man seems very earnest, but no matter where I stopped and listened he seemed a bit lost…maybe not able to express himself well?

  4. @oby – He’s scared witless, guess who ever told him about the snakes and scorpions didn’t mention what to do to avoid them…!!!!
    I don’t think it has anything to do with expressing himself.

    Instead of tellinghim how to be good or what constitutes goodness and heaven, he’s been taught what will happen if he’s bad. sigh ..

  5. ‘Instead of tellinghim how to be good or what constitutes goodness and heaven, he’s been taught what will happen if he’s bad. sigh ..’

    Perhaps that is because they are taught that only Allah knows who is chosen to go to heaven. It is never a guarantee. I don’t blame him for being scared! Poor guy.

  6. I think because some Muslims will “bend the rules” a bit during their lives perhaps with alcohol or women or improper business dealings so they are also taught that in spite of following the rites of Islam, if they are not ‘white in the heart’ when they pass away, there is not a guarantee that they are going to Janna, hence the fear is put into them on what happens under the grave.

  7. How sad.

  8. Hardly a week goes by without front-page news of Muslims dying somewhere in the world in a violent way. It is true that despite all the media attention, there is little understanding among us non-Muslims of Islamic views of death and the afterlife. Everyone knows, of course, that after death martyrs go straight to the Garden of Eden, where they recline on couches, savor meats and fruits and enjoy the company of dark-eyed houris while listening to the sound of flowing rivers. Not sure if woman martyrs end up in Eden or not or whether or not they get to enjoy the pearly boys :)-

    Most Muslims think that if they pray five times daily, fast, give zakat and do haj, they will avoid hell. Not so fast. They miss the most important duty and requirement of being a Muslim, which is going to jihad and killing kafirs.

    In short, fastest way to avoid islamic punishment/torture in the grave and to avoid hellfire and go straight to paradise, and start copulating with virgins right away, is to kill and get killed in while doing armed Jihad. They will also be allowed to nominate 70 of their near and dear ones for paradise. No wonder there is a long waiting list of jihadists ready to be martyred! (Koran 2.216, 9.5, 9.38, 9.39)

    It must be noted that there is NO mention of punishment in the grave, according to Koran. It does say, in a general way, that muslims will be brought out from resting in their graves for Judgment Day when they will then be divided into those going to heavenly eden and those going to hellish hellfire. Of course, however, there are a myriad of hadith which describe in gory details Allah’s torture inside the muslim grave. Here’s another classic case of muslims believing the Word of Mohammed over the Word of Allah! Yet they will vehemently deny all night long that they don’t worship Mohammed. That’s hypocrisy at its height …

  9. @Harry
    “They miss the most important duty and requirement of being a Muslim, which is going to jihad and killing kafirs.”

    I was raised in the Islamic faith. I’m no longer Muslim, as it’s not the religion for me. I’m just curious where you get your information from, because I’ve never heard that growing up, and I’m the first to criticize Islam.

  10. “What if a muslim is not saved ? ”
    That would be if he wasnt honest in his faith, or he shared his desires or others with his God. In this cases he deserves to not be saved, becouse Islam is not a title . And Islam infesize on the human willing to do the right and to carry his responsibelity of his actions.
    beside this punishment could be short and permenent,
    however, We (Muslims) accept that truth becouse it goes with the believe in the total justice from Allah .
    In addition, In the Origional Islamic teachings, according to the Holy QurAan and the Proved Prophetic methodology, when a muslim do any bad action , there should be balance between the hope of Allah`s forgiveness and the beleive in His justice .
    some of us (Muslims) exaturate, and forget that balance, Part of them do bad actions depending on what they know of Allah`s teachings of great forgiveness, Allah told us that His mercy comes before His angre, that hope made some of us manubulate in our teachings.
    other Muslims are opposite, they focus on Allah`s power and justice, knowing that he Knows every thing and watch and count every thing. then get cunfused between knowing aboute His power and His willing to use that power. they usually detected with fear as motivation . wile it should be mexed balanced of fear, hope , and love for Allah.
    we (Muslims) believe that our jop is to do our duties honestly in the way Allah tought us to do , then let Allah deside who was sucsseed, and who was more sucsessfull than others, He is the Only One who could deside who desierve to be punished, or rewarded.
    Becouse He gave us all we need to do the jop in the right way, and He gave us what we need to know the truth ( time, health, mental intelegece, evedents, signs, guidance..etc)
    and He is the Only One who really knows what we realy did , why, and under which intentions and circumstanses ..

    who among us could claim that he didint do (any) thing wrong in his entire life?
    who could claim that he did his good deeds only for the sake of God, and not for any other intrests ?
    who could claim that he really desierve to be saved ?!

    we could trick others , or even ourselves, But Not our Creator .

    so it depends on us , to be hounest and just and do our best, then He will deside who would be saved.
    what about our good deeds, shouldnt His justice refere to gafentee any kind of reward for us ?!
    yes .. but he already rewarded us (many years of free life, good health , dignity, hapiness, children , friendships,power,career, money, homes , pets, internet! ,…etc) .
    what did any one of us do from the beginning to disearve all of that blessings !!?
    so why are we asking Him for garentee at the end ?!
    actually , we are the one who will be asked what did we do , and the just Creator shouldnt be asked for any garntee,
    by the way , He allready forbidden unfairness even from Him .

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