Saudi Arabia/Germany: Quotas Research on Ability to Reliably Receive Mail in the Kingdom From Abroad

American Bedu has been apprached by the German company, Quotas, for assistance in seeking individuals located in the Saudi cities of Riyadh, Jeddah and Makkah to assist in a pro-active survey on receipt of correspondence.  If you are interested and like to participate, the full details are provided in the paragraphs below.


International postal measurement Saudi Arabia



Dear Sir or Madam,


Quotas is a quality research company from Hamburg, Germany. For many years, our team has been carrying out domestic and international measurements of postal services on behalf of various postal operators e.g. Royal Mail, Post Danmark, Deutsche Post, La Poste France and Posta Slovenije.


Supported by worldwide 2,500 survey participants the results of our measurements are used to improve the quality of service for the benefit of all postal customers.


For a new project on behalf of the Universal Postal Union – the UPU – we are looking for panellists living in the following cities:


–      RIYADH

–      JEDDAH

–      MAKKAH


Your survey task:


  • You receive on average 3-4 test letters (with real stamps) per week, sent to your P.O. Box address
  • You enter all dates of receipt of your test mail on our website
  • You empty the P.O. Box on every possible delivery day


For your activity, you will receive a monthly reward of 20 USD. You can choose between:


  • an Amazon gift voucher (
  • or payment on a registered account with Moneybookers (
  • or we donate your award to the international humanitarian medical aid agency “Doctors without borders” (


If you want to take part in this measurement, please kindly register on our website (survey code “GMS- a.bedu”) or contact us by email at


We are looking forward to your assistance!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Kind regards from Hamburg,

Your Quotas Team



*) More information about Quotas you will find on our website



One Response

  1. The mideast can use a more adequate postal service. Most everyone, including myself used my sponsors address to get snail mail or packages.
    I have to review the link again though. (Iam a little paranooid, hope it is not 419Nigeria-they are getting better all the time)

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