Saudi Arabia: Just Pack A Bag


American Bedu is pleased to endorse and follow the example of Noon and encourages American Bedu readers wherever you are to simply ‘pack a bag.’

I think Noon’s grassroots initiative is a wonderful way of making a big difference in someone’s life.  This is the perfect time to take the steps of packing your bag, especially as Ramadan begins on/about 01 August.  One does not need to be Muslim to follow and participate.


Noon’s initiative to pack a bag with items that you no longer need or use and are willing to donate to someone in need is fabulous.  In Saudi Arabia this can be a nice gesture to a housemaid or a driver or perhaps one of the many individuals who work hard to keep the streets clean.  If you are not sure who to give your bag to, I’m confident any mosque or charitable organization or orphanage would be happy to accept such bags.  Remember that items in a bag should be in good condition and clean.


For enterprising individuals, I’m sure some businesses might be willing to donate items for the bags such as toiletry products or perhaps toys.

Bags can be given to individuals at any time or some may want to present groups with bags during Eid Al Fitr.  There are many families in Jeddah continuing to rebuild from the devastating flood that could use bags with clothes, toys, household items, food.

Noon’s initiative has started in Kuwait.  Let’s see if “Just Pack a Bag” can become a worldwide initiative.  Share with American Bedu readers where you are and about the bag you have packed.


6 Responses

  1. On a fairly regular basis (several times a year) we will get a call from Purple Heart asking us for donations of clothes and /or household items. We just fill some bags with whatever we have and they come and pick them up on a scheduled day. We also have the Salvation Army that collects donations and then runs a store where they sell them with the proceeds go to help the needy.

    Do they have anything at all like these organisations in KSA?

  2. This is a wonderful idea!!

  3. Red Crescent is known for taking donations and of course any mosque or islamic center will accept donations.

  4. Very cool! I regularly go through my closet (every 3-6 months at least) and donate good-quality clothing I no longer use to nearby charities. I usually have more to give away whenever I’ve either recently moved (and/or am about to move) or my weight and/or body shape has changed enough that some of my clothes no longer fit properly.

  5. I go through our cupboardsm closests and dressers once a year. The rule is, if it hasn’t been worn in 2 years time, it isn’t going to be so out it goes. I put it all in a bag and set it out the back door. In the US, Good Will, the Salvation Army and women’s shelter get it.

  6. thank you dear for sharing the campaign, very well appreciated 😀

    regards, noon

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