Saudi Arabia: Ramadan Kareem

On the eve of Ramadan, American Bedu wishes all Muslim readers Ramadan Kareem.  May you have a joyous month of Ramadan filled with love and compassion.


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  1. ramadan kareem carol – from F and myself.

  2. Ramadam Kareem Carol!!!

  3. Carol, Ramadan Kareem.
    (sorry about the typo)

  4. To Carol and to our fellow bloggers who are Muslim…

    A big Ramadan Kareem/Happy Ramadan to you all!

  5. Ramadan Mobarak to all muslims on the AB forum! At the bi-weekly interfaith dialogue meeting last week, the local imam shared the following “Ten Points for Excelling in Ramadan” for muslims:

    1. Have the Hunger for Success
    2. Set Your Goals and make sure they are very high
    3. Build Confidence in the Month of Ramaḍān
    4. Do What You Love to Do in Ramaḍān
    5. Study the Successful & Learn From the Best
    6. Be in the Company of the Successful Ones
    7. Go All Out & Work Hard
    8. Be Prepared & Adaptable
    9. Remind Yourself of the Virtue of What You are Doing
    10. Never Give Up

    My best wishes for a very successful Ramaḍān this year and may this Ramaḍān the best Ramaḍān for all of you!!!

  6. Ramadan Kareem, Carol and all of my brothers and sisters ❤

  7. Ramadan Kareem everybody!

  8. Ramadan Kareem my Muslim friends!

  9. Ramadan Kareem and inshallah Eid Mubarak

  10. A blessed Ramadan for all those who make that effort.

  11. رمضان كريم – A very Happy Ramadan to everyone. May all our prayers be answered.

  12. […] the original post: Saudi Arabia: Ramadan Kareem « American Bedu Tags: american-bedu, books, charity, contact, dear-nbspbedu, islam, july-31, links, log-in, […]

  13. Ramdan Kareem to Carol and all. And thanks a lot for wishes.

    Personal request to all Muslims:

    Ramdan Mubarak to All bros and sis. May Almighty Allah make every1 of us fast easily and accept our prayers. We need to remember that its not only fasting of food but fasting from all bad things viz. back-biting, talking/hearing bad things, harming any other human being, doing something that give pains to some1 and humanity, any bad behaviors. We also need to remember that we human being need to respect each other, help each other, listen to each other by keeping aside our negative pride and ego, doing good for the society, helping poor and needy human bros and sis, working for peace/love/harmony. Let’s learn forgive each other so that Allah Almighty can forgive our sins too. Most importantly we should not waste food that is very bad in the eyes of Almighty Allah. Let’s invite non-Muslim friends and let them know the Muslims too so that we can brige the gap of misunderstading.

    At the end, what we practiced in Ramdan, we should keep it alive and do in our everyday life till death. May Allah Almighty help us in achieving our goals and spread peace n love everywhere. Ameen

  14. Thanks a lot Harry for sharing the points.

  15. I wish all of us …. muslims and non-muslims … will remember 24/7 this beautiful hadith of Prophet Mohammed:

    Do you know what is better than charity and fasting and prayer? It is keeping peace and good relations between people, as quarrels and bad feelings destroy mankind. (Prophet Mohammed, Sahi Bokari).

  16. Want to share this song of kindness:

  17. hi carol ramadan kreem
    you should watch khawater show on MBC1 it is great show
    you will love the show
    and I like your blog 🙂

  18. O .. thank u Carol that kind of u : )
    I hope Ramadan`s generousity would touch every body.

  19. Happy ramadan kareem 2 ol muslims broz and sis mnth of blessings,and rewards of good deeds.

  20. Abeautiful mounth repentancy,forgiveness,accetancyof prayer,pleasure ofallah are all wellcom in this pls don’t

  21. Ramadan Kareem greeting from Nigeria

  22. Happy ramadan kareem to alls worldwide muslims

  23. Ramadan Kareem Mubarak to All brothers and sisters. May Almighty Allah make every one of us fast easily and accept our prayers. Ameen

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