Saudi Arabia: A Taste of a Carolina Tradition


Since I am living in the Charlotte, North Carolina area I thought it would be interesting to share with readers a Carolina tradition.  This tradition has to do with dance and the shag dance specifically.  I had never heard of shag dancing until coming to North Carolina.  The Carolina shag is a swing dance that originated in the Carolina’s during the 1940’s.  The trademark of the dance is all in the feet movement while the upper body and hips hardly move.


During the weekends in many Carolina (both North and South) towns and cities shag dance tournaments can be found.  Shag is a dance that is enjoyed by both the young (pre-tweens) and the old (70+).


This video gives an excellent example of the Carolina shag:



10 Responses

  1. Praise the Lord. No hip motion??? Hmm… Looks almost like a rhumba with more footwork to me…

  2. PS The link in the e-mail notification is wonky. You need to add before what is given in the e-mail to get what you are looking for.

  3. I’ve never seen that before. Awesome!

  4. loooool, that looks like such a fun dance!!

  5. Well I’m reading this using my phone, not much to do with the youtube video here

    Anyway I know I’m out of the subject a little bit here but, do you have a twitter account? A one that we may follow to remind us about your blog? Cause I really like reading your blogs but I’m not the biggest follower due to the fact that I forget to come again 0:)

    I don’t know, I’m just thinking that having a twitter account would turn out to be great for you

    Ps; I’m sorry if you have one already and had to read all this post.. I just can’t seem to find it 😀

  6. That was so cool! That’s the first professional dance where I’ve ever paid more attention to the man than the woman…that guy was really moving!

  7. Waw! This is really cool!

  8. I enjoyed watching it too and think the man was the better dancer of the two.

  9. Yes, the man seemed to be the lead. He’s a bartender from Myrtle Beach so it seems he’s got the moves more than the fifth grade teacher from High Point. 😀 Enjoyed that!

  10. Wow, how lovely! The man definitely had more rhythm! The lady is lovely though, love her black suit!

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