Saudi Arabia: Honor the Expatriate Muslims


Ramadan is the time for Muslims to be most gracious and charitable.  It is also an appropriate time to honor the expatriate Muslims who live and work in Saudi Arabia, especially those from countries which are much poorer than Saudi Arabia.


Many Saudis will typically have bags with candies and toys for children that they pass out freely.  These bags bring a huge smile of delight on the face of a child.  I’d like to suggest that Saudis also purchase and pass out international calling cards to expatriates.  Such a gesture also reflects the true spirit of Ramadan and makes an expatriate feel appreciated.


5 Responses

  1. I think this is a wonderful idea!

  2. I have been here in Saudi for just more than 3 weeks. I would like to comment that from what I have seen so far, the western media does a pretty good job of giving Americans a biased view of the typical Saudi person. The people I have met are genuine and kind. They are also very interested in America and most verbalize the desire to travel to the US.
    Here again – in this post we see another example of the kindness that I have experienced so far in the kingdom.

  3. great idea and i’m sure much appreciated.

  4. i think its a wonderful idea…….but why only muslim expatriates????i think even non muslims expats miss their loved ones the same as we all do…….moreover Islam is for the whole humanity and this opportunity in Ramdan is the best time for daawa.

  5. You make some good points, Farah and thanks for expressing them. I wrote with an emphasis on Muslim expats as so many Muslim expats are unable to be with their families during Eid holidays. It is not meant to be taken as any kind of slight against any expats in the Kingdom regardless of nationality or faith.

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