Saudi Arabia: Jeddah Private School Employment Opportunity

Jeddah Private School

Being one of the oldest private schools in Jeddah, Jeddah Private School for Girls established its first classes from Kindergarten to grade 4 in 1980; whereas the boys’ school was founded in 1981, starting from grade 1 to grade 4 .At present Jeddah Private school has a fully established facility up to the secondary level in the girls’ section and up to middle school in the boys’ section .JPS, as the school is fondly called, is committed to sustaining a diverse, family-oriented educational community, while remaining true to meeting the needs of the individual student

Jeddah Private School is looking for talented teachers for the upcoming Academic year 2011-2012.

J.P.S offers:

–          Competitive salary

–          Free transportation for staff

–          Very small number of students in each grade

–          Multicultural , professional working environment

Current Vacancies:

Math & Science Female teachers for grades 1-4

Contact Information:

Dr.Sohaire Imtiaz

Academic Coordinator

Tel: 055 986 2051

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  1. What is the language of instruction?

  2. Dear Carol;

    How I can have the opportunity to post relevant jobs
    at this excellent blog?

    please let me know.


  3. although not stated, I believe it is English

  4. are they hiring only native speakers?

  5. The school is interested to hire qualified individuals, nor necessarly natives. The medium of instruction is English. The positions need to filled during next week.

  6. Is there a vacancy still available?

  7. Respected,

    It is stated humbly that i m intented to get a job in your school under your kind management.i have 14 years experience for teaching primary, high as well as college classes.I am a Master degree holder in Urdu & Islamic Studies form Punjab university.The subject of my taste are Urdu, Islamic Studies.

  8. Respected Sir,
    It is stated that i am interested to find a job in your school. recently i have been teaching in a schoof for last 3 years. i have master degrees in urdu and Education.

  9. Salam. I’ve teaching experience of seven years and i’m currently teaching in a well-known school in Lahore, Pakistan. My major has been Economics but being an all-rounder, I can teach any subject till grade V. Keen to work abroad, esp Saudi Arabia

  10. Salam. I’ve teaching experience of five years and i’m currently teaching in a well-known colleage in karachi, pakistan i am a M.SC(Geography) in first class intrasted to work in saudia. pleae test me.

  11. I have 8 years experience in Pakistan teaching Science, Biology and Chemistry to various classes. I have been living in Sydney, Australia for last five years and brushed up my teaching and English language skills here. I am interested in teaching in Saudi Schools. Can I ask you how I can apply.

  12. Amera Khoudeir , on October 5, 2012. at 12:36 am said

    I’m a qualified ESL teacher in Al Murouj Private school . It is one of the most prestigious schools in Aleppo, Syria. I have teaching experience of 15 years KGs , 1st till 6th grades learners. I have got TKT certificates from the British Council to apply the modern techniques in the process of teaching. I have started supervising the English Staff in my school since 2007. I’m interested in teaching in Saudia Schools. esp,in the kindergarten because I love kid so much , and Iam a mother for 3 girls.,in addition to my long experience. Can I ask how can I apply?

  13. I looking hopefully to be a member in one of prominent Suadi schools .Working with others as one team to make the impossible possible.My career objective is seeking a challenging position in the process of teaching techniques.

  14. Respected sir
    I have 9 years teaching experience in english medium school. i want to be apart of your school. I have the certificate of teaching. and also master of arts in urdu. I can teach english ,math as well. Hope there any vacant post in your school.

  15. Dear sir,
    you announce about a vacant position in the American school as a science teacher for grade 1 – 4 . according to my experince i taught science in my school for 1st graders…. we applied science books by Scoutt Foresman Press. supported by assessment books . if you are interested to test me , iam ready to prepare a lesson plan for a science lesson from our SCIENCE A (students’ Edition) and send it as your emai.
    Thanks IN ADVANCE.
    Amera khoudeir.

  16. Dear Mr. Muhammad,
    I’ve read that Jeddaj Private School is looking for talented teachers for the up coming Academic year 2011 2012. The current vacancies are math and science teacher for 1 till 4 grades , famale section.
    according to my experience in my school Al Murouj private school, and as a coordinator for the English staff , I confirmed a science books from Scott Forseman . They are very interesting and easy curreclume for our non-native students . They are supported by assessment books , and some prepared worksheets to enhance the ideas of the lessons . so I can manage my self as a science teacher for this vacancy . esp the 1st and 2nd grades, cos the are my preffeable category. May I have this chance in your school,and be part of your English team.
    Thanks in advance.

  17. tanzeela kaleem

    I am student of social sciences.I am 23 years old. I want to teach in your honer able school give me this opertuenity I live in Pakistan but my husband is in Soudi Arabia. I have no experience in teaching but having aim to be a best teacher pleas give me chance.

    your obidientily

    tanzeela kaleeem

  18. Dear Sir,
    I have come to know that there is a vacancy in your school under your kind control.I offer my self for the vacancy I have 10 years experience of teaching and I have taught in various schools in India at high school Classes English and junior classes Maths and Science also.My qualifications is Post Graduation in M.A. English and B.Ed.
    I hope that you will give me a chance for service.
    Hopeful your obedient

  19. dear sir., i am M.A ,M.ed from universty punjab lahore.aiou universty Islamabad. 7years experience in in pakistan. i hope that you gave me a chance for job.
    muhammad javed Thanks.

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