Saudi Arabia: Paying the Bills


The easiest way to pay bills in Saudi Arabia such as utilities and mobile phone is either through online bill paying or via the ATM machine.  Many of the ATM machines in Saudi Arabia are set up to accept payments for utilities and phone bills.  Other expenditures such as groceries may be paid either via a debit card or cash.  Grocery stores and other enterprises may advertise the acceptance of credit cards but due to the frequency of network problems one can’t always rely on the use of a credit card.  In my own personal observations, personal checks did not appear to be used often.  It is also common for one to make a payment directly to a business or individual bank account. Overall Saudi Arabia remains more of a cash driven society than one which uses credit.


On a separate but related note, most individuals buy gas with cash.  The gas stations in Saudi Arabia are full service stations.  It is important that the attendant understands and does not exceed the amount of gas requested.  This has been known to happen and then an attendant may claim not to have change.


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  1. So true. I loved living off cash. I am trying to do the same now that I am in the states. We had no debt when we went to Saudi which helped to adapt and it hasn’t been that hard now that we are back. The exception is the gas stations. It is much easier to just put the card in at the pump. It is paid off right away on the internet!

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