Saudi Arabia: Tabletop Pictorial Books

I’m a big fan of table top picture books and especially picture books whose photos encapsulate the essence and spirit of a place.  One such example is the book “Saudi Arabia” published by Desert Publisher.   The photos in the book are magnificent and accompanied by explanations which further enhance the knowledge of the subject photo and snapshot into the customs, culture and tradition of Saudi Arabia.

Desert Publisher has a series of photographic books about Saudi Arabia but the book “Saudi Arabia” itself is my recommended starting point.  This book focuses on the entire Kingdom from history, architecture, culture, crafts, traditions, agriculture, industry and even fascinating photos of the Kingdom from satellite.  Saudi Arabia gives the reader an overall understanding of the myriad which is Saudi Arabia.

Among the outstanding photos are close up photographs of the kiswah, the hand embroidered velvet covering of the Kaaba.  The versatile book further includes appetizing photos of traditional Saudi foods along with the explanations of the food, ingredients and regions from which the dishes originate.  Examples of typical sports, traditional dances and social activities are illustrated in detailed photos.

A photo can tell many stories about a place and Desert Publisher’s ‘Saudi Arabia’ is like a book of never-ending stories showcasing the contrasts and contradictions of what makes Saudi Arabia.


4 Responses

  1. I purchased the one you have pictured when I was there because it was so well done. I would have liked to have had more from the same publisher but luggage would allow only so much. One that I wanted was called “The Empty Quarter”.

  2. I love coffe table books. The best one I purchased was the before and after UAE.

  3. Wendy,

    If you go to the desert publisher web site there is a form for contact. You can order their books through the web site. The Empty Quarter book is among my favorites. In fact, if you look at my flikr photos you’ll see some photos where I was privileged to get a sneak peek of the photos that went into the book. The photographer was in the Empty Quarter the same time that a herd of ibix were running across the sand dunes. He got some magnificent shots that most never see with their own eyes. One of the pictures was enlarged and framed and presented to King Abdullah.

  4. I agree with you Jacey. I’ve got quite a collection from my various travels around the globe. The picture books I have from Pakistan are excellent and like Saudi Arabia, show the many faces and hidden treasures of Pakistan.

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