Saudi Arabia: Chopped? Would it Take Off in the Kingdom?


I’m an avid watcher of the Food Network’s television show ‘Chopped.’  Chopped is a show where professional and private chefs compete against one another in preparing a tasty dish based on originality, creativity and taste.  The show starts with four chefs who are all faced with the same basket of secret ingredients and tasked to prepare an appetizer making use of the secret ingredients.  At the end of each task (appetizer, entrée and dessert) one of the chef’s is eliminated (chopped) until there is only one remaining chef who is deemed the champion.  Each round revolves around a basket of secret ingredients and the individual chef’s ingenuity and experience.  I find by watching this show I continually learn new techniques and ways which to mix ingredients together.


I’d love to see a version of “Chopped Arabia” which would follow the same pattern as the popular Food Network show.  A Chopped Arabia could highlight the unique ingredients used in Arabian cooking.  It would be interesting to see how Arab chefs would make use of mixing ingredients together.  I can envision a show which would use lots of lamb, fresh vegetables and the plethora of spices only available in the Mideast region.


This would be an excellent opportunity to showcase Arabian cooking styles and dishes.  It is the kind of show that is popular among both genders and allows opportunities for both personal and professional chefs.


I have to forewarn American Bedu readers that if they have not watched Chopped and plan to view an episode, be careful – the show can easily give one an appetite!


Check out this video to get a teaser on what Chopped is about!

9 Responses

  1. When I saw the title to this post, I first thought it was about capital punishment. 🙂

  2. Thanks for giving me a chuckle, Kristine!

  3. I would agree “Chopped” has another connotation in the Kingdom. The thing that makes the FN show unique is how the contestants have to deal with ingredients they have never seen before or are not normally thought of as being a tasty combo. There are many different local fruit and veggies that don’t make it into the daily dinner menu of cooks and diners in Saudi, it surely would be interesting to see chefs work with such ingredients.

  4. I think it would work in Arabia not Saudi specifically. I mean we have MTV Arabia, Arabian Idol, Who Want’s to be a Millionaire- why not this?

  5. I love chopped! I’m always surprised/disgusted at some of the things the chefs can come up with on such short notice!
    They do play Chopped here on OSN, but it would be fun to see an Arabic version too!

  6. I think there a number of shows which could be incorporated in to viewing for the Saudi audience and be successful during prime time which in turn would have families staying in and enjoying tv programs together.

    Design Star (from HGTV) network could be another one and tie in well with all the new construction and demand for homes in Saudi Arabia. More of the youth are getting married or young men are going out to their own homes. Such a show can showcase design styles and techniques for them. I’d love to see a segment on who can make the most inviting ‘bedu room.’

  7. I think design star would be great! There are a lot of women going into that field in Riyadh. I worked at a dental office and on that floor was a design school , it was always packed!!

  8. Oh it’s about the cooking show!.. the title made me think at first it’s about the punishment. For those who have lived in Saudi Arabia like myself , we all know about being “CHOPPED” as punishment for whatever done wrong.Ha! Ha! 🙂

    Well , anything to educate Saudi Women is good. May it be in a cooking school or academic. Everyone has the right to learn regardless of whatever culture the grow up with.

  9. I think Design Star would be a popular show too in the Kingdom and a great way to motivate young women in a dynamic career which ties in well to the housing growth and needs.

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