USA/Saudi Arabia: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Analysis of 9/11


This week GRTV talks to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary Treasury, former editor of the Wall Street Journal, author and researcher, about the significance of 9/11 on the brink of the tenth anniversary of those events. We discuss the many points at which the official explanation of 9/11 do not mesh with the available evidence, the many experts who have raised their voices in dissent (and been silenced), and what our response to 9/11 teaches us about where we are heading as a society.


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  1. As I understand this unbelievable story: The democratically elected American officials helped blew up the World Trade Towers up, sat and watched innocent American citizens falling from collapsing tall buildings and then cover their crimes up to justify war mongering policies?

    Who owns American Bedu and for what purpose it was established?

  2. Is there a reason I can’t see this podcast or hear it anyway? Anyone else having trouble?

  3. I would really like to know what actually happened no matter how it turns out. I don’t believe that the Jews did it or that it was the US gov’t. but if the truth is different than what we know I would love to know. I actually watched about 15 minutes of the video but I found Mr Roberts so plodding that I could not listen anymore. I did however find an article that this podcast is based on which I have linked here:

    Mr Roberts is not saying what actually happened….all he keeps saying is that it is different than what we know. I find it a bit infuriating he keeps saying that yet brings no alternative proof to the table himself other than repeating what others have said…we have not been told the truth of 9/11. Fine…how about instead of stirring the pot he actually prove it? Seriously I would love an answer no matter what it is. He is simply saying it needs to be investigated more because it could not possibly have happened as it has been told…is this his opinion or a fact?

  4. forgot this link…sorry. In the body of his article/podcast he said that no fighter jets were sent to stop the planes..that they had free reign. But here is an article telling the story of a fighter jet pilot that WAS dispatched to take care of the flight in what he is saying is not true.

  5. Hi there, I hope your health is good in light of your recent issues. I read this article the other day and it prompted a question so I thought I would ask you. With the emphasis on Wahhabism to be found in almost every sector of society, in spite of the Kings efforts, does anyone who does not share the Wahhabi vision (muslims from other sects and non-muslims alike) have to live under a label of inferiority in their everyday life? Does one have to conform in public to prevent ones life becoming a misery, even if it goes against ones principles? I would imagine, if that’s the case, that it would be very damaging to a person’s self-esteem, over time.

  6. Hi there, I hope your health is good in light of your recent issues. I read this article the other day–saudi-arabia-the-road-beyond-9-11 and it prompted a question so I thought I would ask you. With the emphasis on Wahhabism to be found in almost every sector of society, in spite of the Kings efforts, does anyone who does not share the Wahhabi vision (muslims from other sects and non-muslims alike) have to live under a label of inferiority in their everyday life? Does one have to conform in public to prevent ones life becoming a misery, even if it goes against ones principles? I would imagine, if that’s the case, that it would be very damaging to a person’s self-esteem, over time.

  7. Conspiracy theories AGAIN? Can’t we respect those who died and stop listening to people trying to blame others for their actions?

  8. This is just a bunch of drivel. And it disrespects our military and the victims of 9-11.

  9. he wants people to think outside the box…. yet….he questions how the towers fell and why they don’t conform to the norm etc/., etc/., maybe he should think outside the box and accept that no one knows why they fell the way they did..
    i think all we can say is 4 planes were crashed on purpose killing so many people. which done by whomever is a horrible event.
    pray for their souls, respect their families grief and move on.
    these theories will not bring them back…

    Those men hijacking the plane were terrorists, irrespective of who their masters were… when you have grown so much your brain is advanced enough to know right from wrong, crasing a plane is wrong , they should have had the sense and humanity to not do it. they didn’t they killed and hence are called killers .. irrespective of who they are or who sent them..

  10. What prompted me to post such a controversial article in the first place was due to the bona fides of the individuals. It is not like this is someone with no credibility speaking. As a result it reinforces why any of us when wanting to understand or get to the bottom of an issue has to look at all sides of the equation.

  11. What credibility? I don’t see it in this case. They may be credible on other topics perhaps- but it seems like fantasy-spinning to me. A way to self-importance. And it doesn’t see productive to give it any credence.

  12. I mean credibility as related to his past positions. Most individuals around the world turn to the Wall Street Journal. So it is disturbing to me that someone who has held positions of authority and responsibility can then come on such programs with analysis that does go well against the grain and make many people believe and wonder at what he said.

  13. This is slightly off the topic but I just HAD to point this out. Here in Ohio where I live the 9/11 Memorial Service is NOT even on regular TV. I had to run through the channels to find ONE…count’em…ONE channel that actually had the service running live and that is CSPAN. I’d like to know if we Americans are so hung up on 9/11 and make such a big deal out of it why is it not running on the major TV channels or even CNN? I would think if we are so hung up on it as everyone seems to think that they would have plenty of viewers. That translates into advertising dollars and no one would want to miss that!

    Instead it is relegated to a second tier tv station that most people won’t see. I think that is proof enough that Americans are not completely hung up on 9/11.

    I would love to know if it is running in other countries what stations it is running on there.

  14. The truth will be known but probably not in our lifetimes. The man makes some incredibly important points and those points have been made over the years. Thanks for posting this, Carol!!!

    Radhaa says “Those men hijacking the plane were terrorists, irrespective of who their masters were”
    Well, I think it makes a lot of difference if the terrorists were your own countrymen.

    As to the comment that this disrespects the dead and those who fought the fires, etc. …. there is no disrespect to them. They suffered and it would be very sad to find that they suffered at the hands of their own people.

  15. come on Wendy…you almost sound as if you believe it was the USA that orchestrated this…

  16. I said it would be interesting to find out what really happened and I doubt that we’ll find that out in our lifetimes. There are lots and lots and lots of facts that most of the world do not know about what happened. That’s all I said.

  17. I do agree with you Wendy…I too, would love to know especially as a citizen. If it turned out the USA orchestrated it I can’t imagine the revolt the citizens would go through…I think a lot of people would come unglued. Not saying it was the USA for those who want to jump all over me… just running ONE scenario for argument’s sake.

  18. We all KNOW what happened. If it didn’t happen that way then why are they STILL trying? Or was that ‘Underwear Bomber’ a US agent too?

    Carol, are you serious about this guy’s ‘credibility’? Had you EVER heard of him before? How does a FORMER position give you credibility? For all we know he could have been FIRED from that position after 6 months for being crazy. The Army psychiatrist, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, had credibility too, didn’t he? sheesh!

  19. Just for a moment, Lynn, and I’m not saying this is the truth but just try and think about it.
    Supposing it was not an Islamic terrorist attack or supposing it was but that the USA knew about it and didn’t stop it because they wanted an excuse to attack certain ME countries. Would you not expect some retaliation??? Would you not be extremely unhappy with drones killing innocents, etc???

    I think that when it comes to politics and war one should never believe they have the facts or even the truth. It just doesn’t happen. That can apply to life in general. There is seldom one absolute truth.

    “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” That was a pretty famous political quote by Mark Twain and it is so true. Think about it.

  20. Ok, I stopped and thought about it (I don’t know WHY I never thought to do that in these last 10 years *pardon the snarky comment but it IS mandatory) Anywho, Ok, I’m thinking that it was a terrorist attack but the US knew and didn’t stop it so that they would have a reason to attack certain ME countries. OK.

    Wait a minute, knew about WHAT? That the terrorists were planning this attack? Which terrorists? bin Laden and his group? OK, so it sounds like there WAS legitimate excuse to go after bin Laden. I don’t get your point. Do you?

  21. The US had no problem fabricating a reason to go into Iraq and it didn’t involve wholesale murder of it’s own citizens. Events that occured both before and after create a credible reason to suspect Islamic terrorists. These were not the only attacks- the 9-11 attacks took place in a larger network of events and people all very well documented. The sheer number of people required to have been in on this plot alone makes it impossible.

    There are many people that love a good conspiracy theory. This one isn’t even a very good one. Maybe we should spend an equal amount of time checking out if the Moussad is behind the unusually extreme hurricanes we’re having? Maybe its to create panic and cause us to use more energy- so we have an excuse to attack oil rich countries? Hmmmm…..I think I’m probably onto something…..

  22. OMG! SANDY! I think you are on to something!! It’s all making sense now. Damned Joooooz!!!

  23. “Those in this building that day knew what they were witnesses. It was a declaration of war by stateless actors — bent on changing our way of life — who believed that these horrible acts of terror — these horrible acts of terror directed against innocents could buckle our knees, could bend our will, could being to break us and break our resolve.”–Remarks by Vice President Biden at the Pentagon 9/11 10th Anniversary Commemoration

    So the 15 Saudis were made ‘bedoun’ after the fact?

    FBI investigated Sarasota Saudis in 9/11 attacks

  24. JS..

    Thank you for that link…I read this just yesterday and was very surprised to see that it appears that these Saudis might have been involved in 9/11. It has been proven that they had contact with the hijackers and they left in a HUGE hurry. Sadly one of them is an American (Deborah) who owned the house the hijackers were visiting. I googled her name last night and she is found on facebook and gives an address through another link in Saudi Arabia. Can’t be too many in KSA with her name.

  25. Sandy I totally agree with you about war. I don’t think the usa needed an excuse…it has gone to war before without such an elaborate excuse…it didn’t need one this time.

  26. 9/11… 4 hijacked plane, crash, died and THIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY REASON BEHIND THE MASSCRE OF AFGANISTAN, IRAQ. … This the truth for me…

  27. 9/11… 4 hijacked plane, crash, deaths of too many people and THAT IS THE ONE AND ONLY REASON BEHIND THE MASSCRE AFGANISTAN AND IRAQ

  28. the creation of Al Qaeda, who created it at very first time?what is the reason behind? To help the people to get freedom or replace Soviet Union ti get the power stick…. Lets see what dose Wikipedia say:
    “The origins of al-Qaeda as a network inspiringterrorism around the world and training operatives can be traced to the Soviet War in Afghanistan (December 1979 – February 1989).[64] The U.S. viewed the conflict in Afghanistan, with the Afghan Marxists and allied Soviet troops on one side and the native Afghan mujahideen, some of whom were radical Islamic militants, on the other, as a blatant case of Soviet expansionism and aggression. The U.S. channeled funds through Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency to the Afghan Mujahideen fighting the Soviet occupation in a CIA program called Operation Cyclone.[65][66]

    At the same time, a growing number of Arab mujahideen joined the jihad against the Afghan Marxist regime, facilitated by international Muslim organizations, particularly the Maktab al-Khidamat,[67] whose funds came from some of the $600 million a year donated to the jihad by the Saudi Arabia government and individual Muslims—particularly independent Saudi businessmen who were approached by bin Laden.[68][page needed]

    Maktab al-Khidamat (MAK), or the “Services Office”, a Muslim organization founded in 1980 to raise and channel funds and recruit foreign mujahideen for the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan, was established by Abdullah Yusuf Azzam, a Palestinian Islamic scholar and member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and bin Laden in Peshawar, Pakistan, in 1984.

    Omar Abdel-Rahman

    From 1986, it began to set up a network of recruiting offices in the U.S., the hub of which was the Al Kifah Refugee Center at the Farouq Mosque in Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue. Among notable figures at the Brooklyn center were “double agent” Ali Mohamed, whom FBI special agent Jack Cloonan called “bin Laden’s first trainer,”[69] and “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdel-Rahman, a leading recruiter of mujahideen for Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda evolved from the MAK.

    MAK organized guest houses in Peshawar, near the Afghan border, and gathered supplies for the construction of paramilitary training camps to prepare foreign recruits for the Afghan war front. Azzam persuaded bin Laden to join MAK.[when?] Bin Laden became a “major financier” of the mujahideen, spending his own money and using his connections with “the Saudi royal family and the petro-billionaires of the Gulf” in order to improve public opinion of the war and raise more funds.[70] Beginning in 1987, Azzam and bin Laden started creating camps inside Afghanistan.[71]

    U.S. government financial support for the Afghan Islamic militants was substantial. Aid to Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, an Afghan mujahideen leader. and founder and leader of the Hezb-e Islami radical Islamic militant faction, alone amounted “by the most conservative estimates” to $600 million. Hekmatyar “worked closely” with bin Laden in the early 1990s.[72] In addition to hundreds of millions of dollars of American aid, Hekmatyar also received the lion’s share of aid from the Saudis.[73] There is evidence that the CIA supported Hekmatyar’s drug trade activities by giving him immunity for his opium trafficking that financed operation of his militant faction”

  29. Sarah, good link!

  30. Sarah…

    When you post a link could you possibly find something mainstream? a link to a muslim blog with an obvious agenda is less than convincing. Any blog that portrays Bin Laden as not guilty has zero credibility.
    for God’s sake an international newspaper or a study done by several universities would be credible and perhaps thought provoking.

    But just because some Muslim blog says “it isn’t us” doesn’t convince me. Sorry…

  31. I wanted to share this link with everyone…I have just found it and I think it is very touching…made me cry. It is 21 photos showing 9/11 commemorations from all over the world. The last photo is particularly poignant. A beautiful young Muslim woman in Germany smiling happily and participating in an interfaith commemoration. That is how it should be…goodness out of bad.

  32. Oby,
    The numerous non-muslim link I provided in the past did not convince you either. Here is one non-muslim one The top 40 reasons to doubt the official story of September 11th, 2001:

  33. Oby,

    You might be interested in this as well “U.S. Should Apologize to Muslims for 9/11”

  34. Oby, I enjoyed that link!

  35. I am a Saudi woman and I love you and what happened the past was people claiming they want us Jihad, and known in our book the Koran that which Lacey us improve him Read More Cert our messenger that tells the meaning of true Islam urged us our peace and Macam its claim to be Muslims This Aaredy by God Almighty and His Messenger peace and blessings of religion and Aardah

  36. Here’s a link to a recent Canadian survey regarding Muslims and integration. It is not a pleasant read and I will but some of the blame for this on the USA because of it’s non-stop fear-mongering and ridiculous war on terror.

  37. Well for goodness sake Wendy…why the hell are Canadians so interested in the USA? Don’t you guys have your own news? And what about Europe? Is that our fault too…probably right?

  38. Since you think it is us I would like to offer this report that came out on August 30 of this year….read what Muslims themselves are saying about life in America…it isn’t perfect but it is not all gloom and doom. Muslims are the most content and optimistic of all here!

  39. @wendy – “Well, I think it makes a lot of difference if the terrorists were your own countrymen.”

    Maybe it does to some extent but not much to me, terrorist are terrorists.. if it were my countrymen i would not be inclined to condemn them less . whomever did it were monsters, whomever orcastered it were monsters and if the us govt was compliant and didn’t stop this knowingly they are monsters too.

    For now i believe this was done by men from my husband’s birth country 🙂 doesn’t change anything for me, I still love him and i still like the time we spent in saudi.

    All i meant was nothing is going to change the fact that 3000 people were killed, there is no explanation or justification for that.

  40. entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessita.

    I think Occam’s Razor pretty much says all that needs to be said about 9/11. In case you don’t know, that ‘law’ postulates that the most simple explanation that fits the facts is probably correct. Let me see – airplanes hit buildings; pilots and crew being hyjacked call about young men attacking cabin; young men seen on airport videos; young men leave tapes explaining motives. But of course, all of this means nothing. America / Bush / Corporations / rightwing radical are evil, as we all know, so it must have been them or at least they were controlling those poor innocent young Muslims.

    Gladiator and Sarah – it is not surprising that you should blame anybody but Muslims and Islam for this tragedy. Why should it be otherwise? You deny even the most basic facts in the Quran and hadith about the violence inflicted on non-Muslims by your dear prophet and the hate proclaimed by your god, so why would you not blame this tragedy on others? Makes sense. Not only do you deny the words of your own sacred texts, but even obvious things like an explanation for the atrocious human rights situation of all Islamic countries is a mystery to you. Then you wonder why the so-called Arab Spring is turning to acid… Could it be, oh heavens, please say no, that there is something about Islam that corrupts the soul and pollutes the spirit? Of course not – Islam is perfect and Muslims are the “best of peoples”. Yes, whatever you do, don’t think! (PS: Oh by the way Gladiator, you are right about the US helping Bin Laden and the radicals in the beginning against the USSR – Ha, the law of unintended consequences is just like the laws of gravity.)

    Radhaa, the idea of a Muslims “thinking outside the box” is amusing (see above!). I found your last comment interesting – about “whomever did it were monsters, whomever orcastered it were monsters and if the us govt was compliant”. So government and people may be involved – but why did you exclude the possibility that they did it because of an ideology, a religion? Somehow I see a pattern here.

    To “I am a Saudi woman” – I suggest you go back and actually read the Quran. I mean, open the book and look at the words. Enough said.

    Wendy, The survey is about right. The differences between the West and Islam are irreconcilable and nothing will work to change that. Well, what would work is for Muslims to be honest about there religion and admit it is flawed and malevolent, but that isn’t going to happen, is it? It doesn’t matter how nice or what non-Muslims do – because it will never be enough. So there is no hope; the future will not be nice.
    Wendy, continuing, (The US had no problem fabricating a reason), I wish Muslims would turn some of your skepticism toward Islam’s dear Prophet. Let me see, so Bush made it all up (although Clinton, Kerry, Albright and others are on record affirming the ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ thing). So now consider Mohammed and the Banu Al-Mustaliq tribe. The hadith say he ‘heard’ they were ‘gathering’ to he attacked them first by surprise, in the morning, while they were going out to their crops. No gathering, no preparations for war, just innocent people, who would be killed and enslaved (half of them) by Islam’s great moral leader. So Bush = evil, Mohammed = praise be upon him. That is assuming that it was a mistake, not just an excuse to attack a small, peaceful but rich tribe.

    Nothing has changed since 9/11. Those who don’t want to consider the facts will not do so. And we march all together toward destruction, blind and blaming each other.

  41. I see no one but Lynn has addressed my hurricane theory. I mean really- don’t we want to know for sure the truth behind the hurricanes? Isn’t it worth investigating? Shouldn’t we want to know for sure it’s not the Mossad???

  42. I think it’s normal that Arabs don’t think fellow Arabs were behind 9/11. At least that is what Fareed Zakaria said in this CNN report yesterday.

    It’s really interesting to realize these facts about the Arab world. Pretty dismal.

  43. Wendy…

    I was trying to find something that was less laborious to read…so here is a snapshot of Muslims in the USA. Again there is work to be done…but OMG I am not sure that Americans are quite so despondent as Canadians though I will admit practically everyone is sick and tired of the war and have been for awhile.

    While some Muslims do report racism the vast majority, a full 80% think americans either like them or are neutral to them. That is the MUSLIM perception.

    But you know while I was out today thinking about this, I started to wonder…is there any group in the USA that doesn’t have some experience with racism? and yes, I mean whites too. How can you have a multicultural, mutliethnic demographic with varying degrees of education and NOT have some level of dissatisfaction and feelings of racism aimed at them either real or perceived? Unless it is one homogenous bunch there will always be some level of discomfort and finger pointing. Look at the MENA countries…even they are becoming less tolerant to nonmuslims than they were 20 years ago…and those are people born there, not foreigners that immigrated. I am not defending racism…what I am saying is is it really that pronounced…are muslims being singled out or is there racism for many groups and we are simply more focused on Muslims nowadays.

  44. Radha…

    You said it perfectly well. No matter who did it it was criminal. I too believe it was saudis that flew the planes…but if it turned out it wasn’t whoever it was should be held responsible. No matter who did it 3000 were killed.

  45. Sandy, I for one DO want to know. Even though I live in an area that is not affected by hurricanes, my sister and her family ARE as are some of our very best friends. SO it DOES matter to me and if I were to find out that Dr. Evil had kidnapped Al Roker and replaced him with a skinnier look alike just so they could infiltrate the whole weather system and hide the obvious from us then ooooh, I would be really, really mad!!

  46. Sarah…

    I guess both of us will believe what we will. I would like to throw this into the ring…it is long (almost an hour) but darn fascinating. It talks about how USA missed it’s opportunity to stop 9/11. Whether you agree or believe it is very interesting to see behind the curtain….

  47. @ hello Jay,
    for your kind information my dear there is some wrong translated version of Quran also you will find some web site which is full with wrong informations and fake translated version. Few years ago while i was reading a paragraph of a non muslim brother i saw he tried to miss lead the readers by only bringing a part of a para of Quran. When the first part is saying, “first try to contract with the jews .. Let them live as they want. Never force them or hurt them if they full fill the every point of the contract. If they deny than try to make them understand.”
    And the other part of the para is, ” and if they refuse to act under the contract than fight with them in the path of Allah.” (i am not an alem so i could not remind the Sura h word by word beg your pardon dear) so the 2nd part of the para was published in that article so my bro/sis dont believe the every translated word you found on net or news paper. Be sure about the source before you judge Quran and Hadith, by the way my dear friend your above Hadith is a non-authentic hadith. Please be sure about the source when arguing on sensative subjects.

    Me too want the punishment of those criminals either arabian or non arabian either muslim or non muslum. The rule is the rule every one is equal after justice. My islam also punished them if you read the Quran you will found that what dose Quran say about those criminals who are killing innocent muslim or non muslim, bombing on them.
    But i get problem when you some brother or sister of mine blame Islam, Prophet (PBUH) for those hell dwellers.

    And for the CIA connection with Al-Qaeda. Come on brother if you make a bomb and it blast and kill innocents than you will be the culprit same for CIA. When they were in need they allowed thw drug business of al qaeda and gave them guns to fight with soviet ! The frankentine was build by them.

    Yes the arguement will bring nothing for those who died on 9/11 or after that in afganistan and iraq. Better we try to make a tomorrow where we muslim and non muslim brother and sister will live togthr in happiness.

    I’m sorry if i did any grammatical mistake or miss spelling for my poor emglish knowledge

  48. Oby, that the government screwed up and missed something I do NOT doubt. I don’t think that that is really any kind of secret and I HOPE that they have finally gotten over their own egos to realize that they should be working together. Perhaps our kind blog hostess, with her personal history with the CIA can speak to that?

  49. I know Lynn…

    After I watched this I was appalled….in a nut shell…The FBI and the CIA both had the more or less same info and had been following Bin Laden and Al Queda but (and here is the tricky part) each side only had one side of the story. The CIA had the pieces of the puzzle OUTSIDE of US borders and the FBI had pieces INSIDE our borders and neither side shared this info with the other so the puzzle never was made whole.

    The CIA had the house that was used as the headquarters in Yeman, they had bin Laden’s cell phone number…they had so many details. The FBI on the other hand had info on the hijackers once they entered US territory. In fact, the CIA had transcripts of only HALF the conversations going back and forth between Yeman and USA. They had the Yemani side of the phone conversations, but the FBI had the American side. When the CIA requested the other half of the records they were denied by the FBI because it “wasn’t the CIA’s jurisdiction”. As the man explains it made it very difficult to understand the entire picture because they could only “hear” half of what was being said depending if you were CIA or FBI.So in effect, both sides were operating with only one eye so to speak. One guy high up in the FBI went to his chief and told her they should share records with the CI
    A as he knew something was brewing. He was denied permission and he says to this day he lives each day regretting that he didn’t take further steps. He said he couldn’t because his hands were tied and if he had he would’ve been breaking federal law and he would have been tossed out that day…but he says that had both sides been communicating he feels sure 9/11 would not have happened.

    Enter the NSA. It was built to track the Russians who were in known places cities bldgs etc.and they were easy to track…he said adapting the NSA techniques to Al Queda that hid in caves and mountains was a monumental task. It seems as if they have got it down now but for years it was a tail chasing game.

    I found it fascinating…and sickening how much red tape and “CYA” allowed 9/11.

  50. I’ve not had good thoughts about the CIA ever since I read “Shadow Warriors” by Kenneth Timmerman a couple years ago. I think he said there were 16 intelligence agencies in the US…why cannot we just have one that works together instead of different agencies competing with each other and hoarding information because such and such is “not in your jurisdiction”?


  51. I thought that they have changed after 911 and became more cooperative? Or was that just what they said they ‘should’ do. Carol? What do you know about any CIA changes that were made after/because of 9/11?

    I couldn’t get over the NUMBER of employees there at NSA. Could you imagine if they had layoffs there like the rest of the country has had?

  52. Very interesting theory about the collapse of the buildings…why not add another?

  53. This is too funny not to post. Al Qaeda is pissed off about all the conspiracy theories floating around out there about 9/11. They feel it steals away their thunder and they are not getting the credit they deserve for pulling it off. Too funny!

  54. Too funny Oby!

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