Saudi Arabia: Pink Boots are Coming to Riyadh


Yesterday was a bittersweet day for me.  I had a great visit with a wonderful friend whom I’ve met through American Bedu blog.  She found American Bedu as she is joining her husband in Riyadh.  She leaves this week from Charlotte.  I’m very happy she is going to the place that I consider a second home and I’m sure it will become home for her too in no time at all.  I’m sad because I’ll miss her.  Like me, she is also a cancer warrior.  She is part of my strong support network which I have and although she’ll be in the land of sand I know that I will still have her support.


In addition to being a strong warrior, she has the most wonderful sense of humor.  In her own subtle way she is going to make her mark upon Riyadh.  She has had professional training in comedy and has one of the best acts I have seen which takes cancer head on in a manner which is tasteful and hilarious.  I look forward to hearing of what I am sure will be her gaining popularity among the Riyadh comedy club.


But how will you know her?  After all, in day-to-day life she will be yet another western woman in a black abaya, won’t she?  Yes…but not quite.  Look for the pink boots!  That’s right.  My dear friend’s trademark are her pink cowboy boots which she also intends to wear proudly in Riyadh.  If you happen to see her, tell her “You Rock, Girl” from Bedu.


5 Responses

  1. Oh how cute! 🙂

  2. In just what comedy club in Riyadh will she be able to perform???????

  3. How cute those boots! and if I happen to see her definitely I will give her the “You rock, girl” message from you.

  4. Linda there are stand up comedy shows around Saudi all the time ;)They’re very relaxed and fun to go to.
    there’s one this weekend in Riyadh and they even have a female Saudi comedian performing believe it or not!
    Maybe pink boots could perform there in the future, would be interesting!
    I have the details on my blogs events section if you’d like to check it out 😀

  5. I live in Tabuk so there are no comdey clubs here, or much of anything else. I am out of the loop for what happens in Riyadh. Thanks for the info.

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