One Bedu Down

I am under the weather again from side effects of chemo.  I will resume regular postings as soon as I am able.  Until then, I welcome feedback on topics to address for future posts.



American Bedu


13 Responses

  1. Sorry to hear that. Feel better soon!

  2. Allah give you patience and a speedy recovery, insha’Allah.

  3. may Allah bestow His rahma upon you… i wish you a speedy recover..

  4. Many prayers for angels of comfort and strength to surround you.

  5. This to shall pass carol. be strong and take plenty of rest, the blog can wait

  6. Sorry to hear this.

  7. Carol…blesssings and good thoughts go out to you. Hope you feel like yourself soon.

  8. Take good care of yourself. We’ll all try to play nice here

  9. I pray u make a full recovery, Allah’s blessings be upon you, amin.

  10. May Allah(swt) shower you with HIS Rehmat and Barakat. Aameen.

  11. It’s been a roller coaster week with ups and downs. I ended up having to go to the hospital to receive blood. Thankfully as of today I am feeling pretty good although I was not able to receive my regular scheduled chemo this week.

    Thanks everyone for the prayers, encouragement and support.

  12. Salam Carol,
    may Allah SWT bless you always
    hope you love this lovely flowers

  13. you’ve lost many constant readers………….i wonder why

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