Saudi Arabia: How do We talk about 911


I received this document which talks very frankly about why we should reach out on 9/11.  The words  of Jack Moraine have touched me that I have chosen to share them in their entirety here.  It’s imperative for communication and peace that we reach out to one another with respect of faith.


Here are Jack’s own words:


Why Reach Out to Muslims?


Recently I was asked this question within the context of our participation in a 9/11 remembrance service involving members of the Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths.


The purpose of our engagement with Muslims is to demonstrate Christ’s love and promote peace. We also want to make the most of every opportunity we have to share our faith in Christ while being respectful of those who believe differently from us. I’ve had the opportunity to do this in the previous two Love Your Neighbor Dinners when the Imam and I spoke on “Love of Neighbor” and “Love for the Poor.” There is no doubt that there are significant differences between Christianity and Islam and our ultimate desire is to have an open door to share our faith fully with our Muslim neighbors. I just don’t know how we will ever get to that point apart from taking these steps of building relationship and demonstrating God’s grace and mercy through love and respect.


As far as the 9/11 service is concerned, the purpose of the service is to remember the fallen, pray for their families, pray for our country, and commit ourselves to pursuing peace with all men. As I see Jesus relating to people in the gospels it seems to me that he met people where they were and He loved them and accepted them (without, of course, approving of everything about them, or everything they believed). That’s why I actually think Jesus would attend a service like the one that’s being planned. I think Jesus would come and be Jesus there, and as His followers that’s what I hope we can do too.


One of the reasons we called the service multi-faith instead of interfaith is because “interfaith” carries the connotation with some people of compromising or watering down what you believe. That’s not our intent. We plan to be Christians there remembering those who lost their lives, praying for our nation, repudiating violence in the name of religion, and promoting peace.


I hope what I’ve written has been helpful in sharing our heart and intent. In the past I’ve stated that this ministry of peacemaking — particularly as it relates to reaching out to Muslims — is simply one aspect of the ministry of Jesus. It’s my belief that some people are “called” to engage in it more than others. It’s certainly been a new experience for me over the past couple of years! I would appreciate your prayers for us that we would be truly Christlike in our words, attitudes and actions and that the love of Christ would shine through us as we relate to our Muslim neighbors.



Jack Moraine

Vineyard Community Church

601 S. Cooper Rd.

Gilbert, AZ 85233




9 Responses

  1. glad you shared!

  2. “There is no doubt that there are significant differences between Christianity and Islam…”

    I agree and these difference are irreconcilable regardless of what comfortable fuzzy souls preach. For example, Muslims could build worship sanctuaries and worship publicly and freely anywhere in the world. Can any non-Muslim do anything of this sort in Saudi Arabia? Even Muslim minorities cannot practice their ritual publicly and freely in the beloved motherland. Women have to pray in segregated areas or behind men in Muslim lands while in other lands such practice is alien.

  3. above all we are human being. 🙂

  4. I think this is too hot a topic to speak about in this forum without some of us misinterpreting the tone of the responses, be they cordial or otherwise. As soon as someone disagrees with the main post or that Christianity, Jesus, and the yearly commemorations are other than what their idea is, the insults will fly. So, I will sit this one out, knowing that because I wholeheartedly disagree with the year in & year out “memorials,” this makes me a target for said insults. 🙂

  5. He is very idealistic isn’t he??? I agree with Ali – Christians reach out to all faiths and Muslims shut the door and lock it as well as allowing less and less possibility for Christians to worship in ME countries.

    “As far as the 9/11 service is concerned, the purpose of the service is to remember the fallen, pray for their families, pray for our country, and commit ourselves to pursuing peace with all men.”

    I’d truly like to see the day the peace was pursued by all men but as long as someone has oil or something that somebody want to have access it will never happen.

  6. I like the article. The comments so far lack the references from the books they follow. No divine book preaches enmity , we all believe in peace and bombard for peace. Peace is still at large.
    “LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR” is mostly preached by all but unfortunately no one cares.

  7. Some people are just too nice for their own good. I guess it takes all kinds, but this is not for me. Long ago I decided that being polite to Muslims was a waste of time (in the sense of not hurting their delicate feelings). Until I see changes in how Muslims treat others, I believe any outreach is taken as a sign of weakness by people who believe they own the truth and everybody else is ignorant or less than human

    No,I don’t kick puppies or Muslims, but I will go out of my way to tell them why I am offended by their religion and prophet. Usually they tell me that I don’t understand Islam (a nice way of saying I am stupid) but a few questions about specific verses followed by a few corrections to their responses (more often than after the Muslim misquotes the old “to kill one person is to kill all of humanity” verse) usually takes care of that.

    Personally I see no point of any dialogue with Muslims, much less interfaith, or oh horrors, multifaith gatherings. Muslims will not change. Non-Muslims have done all they can to bridge the gap of understanding with little or nothing in return from Muslims, except sweet meaningless words.

    The good news is that Gilbert is just a jump away. The next time I go to visit my kid sister (30 years yonger than I) who just moved to Gilbert not too far from the church (when I get back to Arizona from hawaii), I will knock on the “reverends” door and ask him why is is providing a platform for people that murder and persecute Christians. Be sure I will take some clippings about the ongoing and constant persecution of non-Muslims by the followers of Mohammad to leave with him to give to his Muslims friends. I will be polite and I will tell him I saw a posting about his work on American Bedu, a great Blog and one that I recommend to him and his ‘sheep’.

    Robin, this is not too hot for AmBedu, believe me. Both non-Muslims like me and even our Muslims friends are made of pretty stern stuff. I may be putty but the Muzzies here are hard as rock. That is a joke. Actually, as I have said before, any Muslim that hears my argument, as weak as it may be, and responds or tolerates it, deserves our respect. It is the ones that cannot hear or tolerate any criticism of Islam or Mohammad, or that dismiss any criticism with ‘out of context’ type denials, that insult me and makes me respond less kindly.

    So I will stop and visit Mr. Moraine, tell him my position, ask him if he understands how Muslims treat others, ask him if he dares to bring this up in his meetings, listen to his minisermon on Christian piety (or whatever) and then go on my merry way. He will be happy because he is good and tolerant and I will be happy because I have said what I think needs to be said. I was not silent in the face of intolerance and suffering. That is all I can do.

  8. ahhh Jay, I wish you and my husband could have met and chatted.

  9. I am glad he is calling it multifaith and not intending to dilute his message for PR sake.

    ” Muslims could build worship sanctuaries and worship publicly and freely anywhere in the world.”

    Yes so true and I would love to see the day when nonmuslims have the same rights in Muslim majority lands…but that is the point I think in many people’s minds. It is about spreading your faith (Islam) while limiting the spread of other’s faith. And from a strategic standpoint in terms of spreading Islam I think it is brilliant…not morally correct but brilliant. There is minimal/no seepage back to the Muslim majority countries of anything other than Islam and a continued forward seepage of Islam everywhere else.

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