Saudi Arabia: Whose Your Fellow American?


9/11 has passed but the impact it placed upon people from around the globe and of different faiths remains.  One question asked is, “Who is your fellow American?” Or perhaps what is a fellow American in today’s world.

This short video highlights the new composition of America and its Fellow Americans.

Muslims are our fellow Americans. They are part of the national fabric that holds our country together. They contribute to America in many ways, and deserve the same respect as any of us. I pledge to spread this message, and affirm our country’s principles of liberty and justice for all.

An American man in Washington, DC shares his perspectives about Muslims in America.

The web site is a very worthy site.  Visitors are able to share their story or upload their video where they talk candidly about their experiences and perceptions of Muslims.  Muslims and non-Muslims are encouraged to share.

I think it would be great if American Bedu readers were to visit myfellowamerican and share their experience.  Don’t be shy.  As NIKE says, Just DO IT!


11 Responses

  1. didn’t we just do this topic recently?

  2. Carol….

    People, Muslims and Non muslims can share and that is well and good…but are they willing to post comments from both sides of a negative experience?

  3. I found the video pretentious. Does anyone talk about the ‘beauty’ of Hinduism? If we start talking honestly about what we feel about religions other than our own we will have to admit that we don’t care for most. Do any of us really get the point of strict Orthodox Judaism or any other religion we don’t share?

    Whatever respect I might have for some Islamic rituals is destroyed when I hear Muslim clerics in any Muslim country discuss westerners and their practices. Remember some Muslim cleric calling women ‘fresh meat’? And that guy was in Australia or New Zealand.

    When I see the prostrated men and realize what they think of us, I stop seeing any beauty in their ‘faith’.

  4. AT the risk of sounding like a total kill joy I am looking at this a tiny bit askance…

    UPF which produced this says in it’s mission statement:

    “The mission of Unity Productions Foundation (UPF) is to create peace through the media. A nonprofit organization founded in 1999, UPF produces documentary films for both television broadcast, online viewing, and theatrical release, and implements long-term educational campaigns aimed at increasing understanding between people of different faiths and cultures, especially between Muslims and other faiths. We are convinced of the power of media to empower citizens with greater understanding and to nourish pluralism in America.”

    Sounds pretty good overall.I was thinking “wow..that is so cool. A company which tackles so many pluralism issues.” Then I went into their website…UPF’s website not the one you linked…to see what other films and subjects they offered. Every single film they have done has been on Muslims and Islam only. I went to their online shop…again ONLY stuff about Islam. So how in the world is this about pluralism? Why not call it what it really is, which is a production company to promote Islam and understanding of that? THAT is more to the point. Their mission statement doesn’t really say what they do and makes it sound as if they take on many faiths (or at least more than one.) Why don’t they just say that they are a company that devotes itself solely to the subject of Islam/Muslims and helping improve people’s understanding of that? That is more honest about what they actually do.

    Think about it like this…what if this company did the exact same thing but instead of Muslims you inserted Mormon or some other “misunderstood” faith… suddenly it sounds less like interfaith understanding and a tiny bit like proselytizing. How comfortable would people feel about that? I know some will disagree with me on this but I was actually not looking for an issue, but found it when I went deeper.

  5. May I quote from the video: “What Muslims can bring to the table is realvanization of American values …traditional values.” Sure. Perhaps the young man is unaware that religious tolerance and freedom of speech are American Values. Perhaps he could enlighten us as to exactly where these values are practiced in Islamic societies.

    Until I see changes in Muslim countries, I see no reason to believe these people are sincere or that they share so-called “American Values”. I think that is a fair position.

    Oh yes, I did leave a comment on that site a few months ago, asking mildly about religious intolerance and lack of basic freedoms in Islamic societies – saying that actions, not words, would be more effective. For some reason it was not included in the comments / stories.

    That part about “increasing understanding between people of different faiths and cultures” is kind of silly given the one-way ideology of the website, not to mention the usually lack of respect for non-Muslims found not only on that but all Muslim websites and literature. You must admit that someone has a sense of humor, including a line about Muslims ‘nourishing pluralism’ is funny or better ironic.

    Conversa para boi dormer.

    Oby, it appears to me that you grow more skeptical evey day, week and month. You need to stop this or else you will turn into a certified cynic.

  6. We have the “traditional family values” thing going pretty well for us where I live. Children aren’t actually kicked out of their houses the days they turn 18, many of us actually LIKE to visit our parents and many have even stayed close by our extended families.

    I also think the Mormons do a good job with those family values from what I’ve seen.

  7. I didn’t click on the links, but here is my opinion on being an American:

    Anyone who is an American citizen is an American. This doesn’t change based on gender, sexual preferences, age, religion, etc. Of course, this is coming from an American who does not identify herself as being “white”, “black”, “hispanic/latino”, “asian”, etc. because I simply see myself as an American. I also do not identify with strongly with one religion or another.

    I have yet to meet an American citizen that identifies more strongly with another country’s ethnicity, but I guess if they did then while they may still be an American citizen, from an ethnic viewpoint they would ethnically be more of whatever country they identified the most strongly with first. However, I personally consider myself ethnically speaking to be an American.

  8. I am an America. Not a Catholic-American. Not a German-English-American. Just an American. When those who want understanding drop the hyphens, maybe there will be more understanding.

  9. Im a mutt-American. 😉

  10. @Strangeone you never lived in the southwest where there has been a push for years to adopt spanish as a language equal to English and there flying the Mexican flag was ok. Where there are protest against the government in it’s legal actions to stop illiegal immegration.

  11. @blooming in the sand,
    I had totally forgotten that that went on in some parts of the US! I haven’t seen it myself, but have heard about it from bus drivers, etc. Most of my hispanic/latino friends were happy to be Americans, although they still kept their original culture. Ditto with the Korean and other foreign-born American citizens/green card holders I have met (and I’ve met quite a few).

    I don’t have a problem with adopting Spanish as a language equal to English with regards to some areas of the US because Spanish was spoken in some areas long before English ever was and is still a very commonly spoken language in much of the southern States. The US doesn’t have an official language at a federal level.

    I personally have mixed emotions about illegal immigration because I believe that some of our immigration laws are really messed up. I’d much rather have an illegal immigrant willing to work living in the US who appreciates being here than a lazy American who doesn’t fully comprehend the benefits the US has to offer. There are an insane amount of opportunities out there for US citizens; you just have to look for them. The truth is a lot of people are just lazy and want to complain.

    Ever tried to get a job in Canada? I have, and since they have a reciprocal agreement with the US and Mexico with regards to working and immigration laws, it is extremely easy for Mexicans to live and work in Canada, but much more difficult for US citizens. It would actually be easier for me to get a job in the UK since I studied there. Otherwise, it would be equally as difficult. So yeah, the US has some really messed up immigration policies that I don’t fully agree with.

    The US and Mexico are like brothers/sisters from my point of view. Yes, they’re separate countries but before the extremely expensive (and ridiculous) wall went up along the border, many of the border towns ran into each other and even held events together, even if in separate countries. How many Americans fly Mexican flags on Cinco de Mayo (although Mexican Independence Day is in September)? Not too worried about that.

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