Saudi Arabia: Saudi National Day


The 23rd of September (tomorrow) is Saudi National Day.  Saudi National Day is the recognition and celebration of the foundation of the Saudi state by King Abdulaziz Al-Saud in 1932.  Saudi National Day 2011 is the 81st anniversary of the Kingdom’s founding. Saudi National Day is a national holiday in the Kingdom and all cities and towns will have special programs of day and evening events.  To make it easier for residents in Riyadh, ArRiyadh Map website ( has plotted out all the locations where National Day celebrations will take place.

For those who are outside of Saudi Arabia but have the opportunity to attend an official National Day celebration are in for a treat.  Saudi Embassies and Consulates worldwide are gracious hosts and will have a wide sampling of traditional Saudi dishes available for guests to sample.  There usually are various displays of Saudi history and traditions.  For example, when I had attend the Saudi National Day at the Consulate in Houston guests could relax in a traditional Beduion tent.

National Day is one of the special times when Saudi’s heritage, history and traditions are showcased.  In addition in embassies and consulates many Saudi student organizations will have special functions too.

Saudi National Day is a time for Saudis to display the green and white and for anyone who knows a Saudi to wish them a Happy National Day!


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  1. “Saudi National Day is a national holiday in the Kingdom and all cities and towns will have special programs of day and evening events.”

    Small missing detail. All events in Saudi Arabia for this occasion are organized and closely supervised by the government.

  2. Happy National Day for all saudis. Thank you dear american bedu for the love you have in regard of Saudi Arabia.

  3. What countries government dosn’t supervise national events?

  4. […] Tomorrow, the 23rd of September will mark the Saudi National Day. People will be celebrating this day like there’s no tomorrow. I’m always hearing about […]

  5. We only have one embassy in Canada (in Ottawa) so I guess I won’t be attending. No surprise that there is one in Houston. 🙂

    Bella-Vita, in Canada there are many non-government sponsored/supervised events on Canada Day and all major holidays. There are big government ones but various groups, friends, clubs, associations might gather in parks or other places to celebrate on their own.

  6. Mubruk Al watania

  7. @ Alyami,

    What’s your point, If there is a point that is, I don’t think those who went out on the streets celebrating were organized or coerced by the government, it was rather a spontaneous show of affection and lover for their country. You just want to find faults in everything that goes on in Saudi Arabia…!!

  8. @Alyami – PLEASE get your facts right. We are not Saudi’s but we were there in Jeddah and saw it for ourselves….celebrations going on on the roads, in the malls and resturants, at the beach. Spontenous, free, no sign of government control. Men, women, children, teens all together – not segregated! Everyone was waving the Saudi flags, there were fireworks at night and some teens were wearing colourful wigs (many women DO NOT cover their hair in the big cities, including many of my Saudi female friends) and horror of all horrors..there was music blaring out of the cars and in the malls. We were there and so were hundreds of other non Saudi’s as wittnesses. Yes, even we were surprised but those are the facts. It happened, just a few days ago, right here in Saudi Arabia. Please be critical when it’s due, by all means but don’t pass statements contrary to facts. Thank you 🙂

  9. The National Day come into the existence only 6 years before, so where is the affection for your country before that.

  10. I’m jealous Khadeejah and wish I could have been there! It sounds awesome!

  11. Carol I wish you had been there too!

  12. Nice that Jeddah was having a joyous day. I was in Riyadh and it was not so great. They were harassing expats( throwing things at their cars and spitting on them) and abusing them verbally. So where was the celebration in that?

  13. Many Many congratullations of All Sadudi People on their National Holiday. May God Bless always Lovely Saudia Arabia.

    Basit Ali,

  14. just went to mall in Jeddah and some teens in blue wigs, everyone acted as usual

  15. Jeddawians go nuts_ unfortunately the driving gets crazier and the kids are all hanging out the windows etc. but there is no doubt there is celebration.

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