Saudi Arabia: Please bring NASCAR to the Kingdom


Just watch the video and I’m sure that you too, would like to see NASCAR in the Kingdom.





4 Responses

  1. oh my goodness..that is funny and scary at the same time…I know a place in jeddah were young men can go and let off steam with their cars in a safe and controlled environment but supposedly its not as popular as mucking around on the streets because there is no sense of danger then…i know freaky rite..boys will be boys

  2. They need NASCAR!!

  3. …AND movie theaters, please.

  4. People who think this only happens in Saudi Arabia clearly haven’t explored all areas of the US. LOL. It’s just a little different here because of different terrain, laws, etc. I know people who have hood-surfed (though I don’t recommend it) and done other crazy things of the sort in the US. As for dancing like an idiot in the mall or in other public places, *ahem* I do that, too. LOL. (Can you find the dancing StrangeOne?…haha). The women pretending to ride in the car on the bed reminds me of my extended family and friends.

    And as for hospitality, I was having a conversation not too long ago about how there are similarities (though they are not the same) between Southeastern US hospitality and Arab hospitality. If you haven’t experienced South(east)ern US hospitality, then you’re really missing out! LOL.

    But then again, I’ve been told that I meet very interesting people. 🙂

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