Saudi Arabia: Is YOUR Saudi a Mama’s Boy?

An article was brought to my attention which listed ten reasons why no girl is good enough for a mama’s boy.  Now this article and the web site it is hosted on is more oriented to the Western world and dating.  However just the thought about the consequences of marrying a mama’s boy gives me lots to ponder.

How does a woman who anticipates on marrying a Saudi know whether her Saudi is a mama’s boy?  In my own experience, I think every Saudi male is a mama’s boy.  In the Saudi culture the mother is placed upon a pedestal by her children.  Additionally, the Saudi mother is known to dote on her sons.  What may be a harsh reality for some women is that the wife and her needs will typically come second after that of a Saudi mother.  The husband may also expect the wife to support and assist him with his mother’s needs and wants.

Fawning upon a Saudi mother is not a bad thing.  All of the holy books are in agreement that one must honor fathers and mothers.

Yet the article does have valid points of fears and concerns any mother may have when discovering her son has an interest in a woman.  Even in an arranged marriage, unless the woman is a first or second cousin, the concerns remain.  After all, one does not know either the man or the woman until having lived with them.


3 Responses

  1. lol Am not Saudi but also a Mama’s Boy. 😀

  2. Exactly! Carol, I’m surprised at you. You know EVERY culture has “Mama’s boys” and I found myself interchanging Saudi with Palestinian, Jewish, American, Italian, Indian, Greek, etc. and they all fit! 🙂
    Did you see “Monster-in-Law?:)

  3. If the boy didn’t grew up in front of her mother, he’s not mama’s boy,bu saudi. The parents of my husband divorced when he was 5 years old and his both parents got married again. He grew up with his uncle.

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