Saudi Arabia: Cora’s Latest Trips


Cora has been an expatriate in the Kingdom for many years.  In addition to her full time job as a nursing practitioner, she also plans annual sojourns in and around (as well as outside) the Kingdom.  In one word, her trips are FABULOUS!  It is with great pleasure to provide some frequently asked questions about Cora’s trips and the latest schedule of events.

Now that the mercury is sliding down, I invite you to read my reviews (attached) on destinations in and around the Kingdom, the region and beyon, which you may  share with your members/colleagues/friends and residents

Frequently asked Questions:


1.       Are the trips safe? Absolutely!!! The Saudi Security escorts these trips for the entire duration

2.       Are they for females only? No! it is for anyone

3.       Do females need the Abaya? Uhm, yeah! You are still in the Kingdom

4.       Can females use the hotels’ swimming pools? Sadly, no! It’s for males only, with the exception of Medain Saleh

5.       Is Farasan part of Saudi Arabia? Yes it is

6.       How is it possible to swim so openly and undisturbed? There is no one around to disturb you, or gawk at you.

7.       Why don’t you have a website?   I know! J I should start working on it; shouldn’t I?

8.       Do we need out passport? You need only your Iqama for travelling inside the Kingdom (which includes Farasan)

9.       What about a trip to Jeddah? People who go to Jeddah are interested either in Fishing or Diving and they have their own connections to these activities

10.   How do we book for the trips or request an itinerary? just send me an e-mail with your request:


11.   What else can I do apart from the trips?  Hashing. Camping. Learning to dance. Yoga. Gym. Water Aerobics. Learn to play an instrument (Piano. Guitar. Violin etc). Theatre (they are calling for auditions for the next play). Opera. Charity Organizations that can use your help. Organized trips in and around Riyadh (Museum. Zoo. Play Parks. Wadis, Masmak. Dune Buggy Riding, Para-Gliding, Souqs etc) and many, many more activities.


Do you have a question? E-mail –


Get on out and enjoy the wonderful, wonderful weather. See you in the desert or on the next trip.



Summer Only


A waste of time and money outside of summer. However, while these two cities are much cooler than Riyadh in the summer, many Saudis and Arabs from the region flock here to beat the heat. It is next to impossible to get seats confirmed unless you book far in advance. Outside of summer, the fog starts to drift in and visibility is very poor which makes driving dangerous. I won’t offer this trip again, unless at least eight (8) of you really, really, really want to go there.



Saudi Arabia’s Paradise

Seriously! If you are thinking that you cannot find paradise in this country, banish the thought right now!  Farasan is Saudi Arabia’s Paradise. You can spend a weekend   snorkeling, swimming or lying on white sand beaches in paradise, with absolutely nothing and no one to disturb you. But really; you must book early – at least four – six weeks in advance, to avoid disappointment, as I can only accommodate a maximum of 12 – 14 persons on each trip. You will want to go again and again and again.

If you have a group of at least eight (8) wanting to at any other date, don’t hesitate to ask.



Where the trips began

This is where these trips all began. M.S. is one of the most awesome places to visit in this country.  You should not leave without visiting Medain Saleh. It is an unforgettable experience. You really must book early – at least six – eight weeks in advance, to avoid disappointment. Really; you must! The flights fill up quickly and sometimes the ex-pats make up ¾ of the passengers on board.




Pre Islamic History and


Interesting enough and it is worth a visit, especially if you are particularly interested in pre Islamic history and culture. The rock art is remarkably interesting.  Najran Dam is awesome and you can stand in ‘no man’s land’ between the Kingdom and Yemen.

Pre Islamic History and


An interesting destination, according to the information I have read (also available for you to read). This is a work in progress and getting information is almost like pulling teeth, but, don’t worry; I’ll get it!


6 TAIF and the Roses!

Ah; the roses!!

I got it really, really wrong this season and I wish the people over there had told me earlier about the torrents of rain. This is one of my favorite places in the Kingdom. The weather is beautiful. The roses are abundant and refreshing.  The rose factory is interesting. The cable car ride down Al Hada Mountain is breathtakingly beautiful.  The antique Museum is outstanding. The fearless Baboons are amazing and the sheer fun of Friday morning on Al Shoda mountain… All add up to a truly wonderful weekend! Priceless – I would say –  for Saudi Arabia



Pre Islamic History and


Again, if you are particularly interested in the pre Islamic history and culture of this country, then this site holds particular significance for that period.



An amazing site

Not all trips involve spending money.  This is a camping trip! A site to behold!  Take the long ride down the escarpment. If you know someone with a vehicle who is willing to offer a seat or two to the carless, gather your gear, food and water and let’s do it again sometime. We will need a minimum of 3 vehicles.

If anyone tells you that flying to Taif and driving down  to WAHBAH Crater is the best way to go, trust me! It is a complete waste of time and money.



An amazing site

A one day trip. Thursday or Friday or a camp-out. Again, if you know someone with a vehicle who is willing to offer a seat or two to the carless, gather your gear, food and water and let’s do it again. We will need a minimum of 3 vehicles.


Trips Outside the Kingdom:


10   BARBADOS                                         I know it is far, but this is my Island and it is my  pleasure

Beyond Imagination                          to share it with you.




Oh, what a treat! This is one of the most enjoyable and unforgettable trips I have ever experienced and I would love to do it again.



Rich in History and


I have been convinced! I will take the plunge and go to India.

But I first have to explore and organize to my exacting standard



Rich in History and



If you have visited Medain Saleh, you must round it off with a visit to Petra, Jordan and you can even go across the bridge and take the walk back into biblical times.



Rich in History and



I think this is the most beautiful country in the Middle East; but that’s just my opinion. It can be expensive, but I highly recommend a visit.




This is a ‘must do and see!’ As soon as I can wrap my head around it again.

Rich in History and



I’ve got to go there and some others want to go as well. What about you?




I am told that apart from the history and culture, this is a very beautiful country and well worth a visit.



Rich in History and



From all reports, the city (Damascus) is quiet, but I won’t recommend a trip just yet, until things have settled.


For the first time, I am going into the continent of Africa



Rich in History and



I’d like to really see this country and take a walk through history; cruise on the Nile and witness the culture.




Rich in History and



This summer, I had the distinct pleasure of spending some time with an amazing Ethiopian doctor from George Washington University Hospital,  Washington DC – USA and her boys. I have to organize a trip to Ethiopia. It will be an experience rich, rich in history. Would you like to join me?




Rich in History and



I’ve seen the photos. I’ve seen the advertisements. I heard so much about his country. I cannot go back to the Western world without visiting South Africa.



To Request an Itinerary, please e-mail:


7 Responses

  1. sounds like some great trips!

  2. Some places to put on my wish list with the family for my next visit.

  3. they are the best!

  4. Cora is amazing!!My friend is going with her to Barbados, wish I could join 🙂

  5. I love travelling and learning history at the same time.

  6. Cora,

    Your trips sound amazing! It’s nice to know a fellow Bajan in the Kingdom.

  7. […] Cora ALWAYS organizes the best and most economical trips both within and outside the Kingdom.  It gives American Bedu great pleasure to share her latest list of upcoming trips outside the Kingdom with American Bedu readers: […]

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