Saudi Arabia: A Poignant Message No One Can Ignore




8 Responses

  1. very sad and touching, I had tears in my eyes. Couldn’t help but think if that was my daughter..I’m sure many other women will feel the same way and thats why this video is so well done, it appeals to women as mothers. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Praise the Lord. It seems a very culturally appropriate way to bring up the subject.

  3. This is an important message to women who ignor signs, tests and treatment. My daughter was only 6 when I came down with breast cancer and I knew I had to be there for her as she grew up, so i put down my fears as best as I could went for test and then treatment. I took her with me so she did not fear what was going on, explained hair lose, and even had to explain that I would not die if I could help it after one of her little classmates told her I would die because I had cancer. That was 15 and 1/2 years ago. She is now 22, and after three additional bouts with Cancer I am still here. Please take this video to heart it is important for you and your famlies.

  4. @Dolores – This ad would be great if it ended with mama showing up at the end of it ‘because she got treatment in time’.

  5. Oh I so agree with you.

  6. It is sad, may ALLAH give her a place in paradise. May her children live a long life.

  7. @Dolores – Congratulations for making it through your journey and with such strength!

    @Lynn – Although the ending is very poignant and sad I hope that it sends a message home for its target audience of Saudi Arabia where women are not being pro-active enough against breast cancer and early detection.

  8. You stay stong also. It is part of what will get you well.

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