Saudi Arabia: Another First


This past weekend my son and I took my (almost) three year old Grandson mini-golfing for the first time.  I was so very proud of him and how he caught on to the intricacies of the game.  My son demonstrated to him how to hit the ball towards the hole and explained that the goal was for the ball to go in to the hall.  My grandson watched carefully with furrowed brow.  Finally it was hit turn.  He carefully put down his bright red Lightening McQueen golf ball (it wasn’t really a Lightening McQueen golf ball but it was bright red so that’s what he called it) down and looked down the little fairway to where the hold was located.  He took a step back away from his bowl and using both hands and in a left handed formation, swung his little miniature club and hit the ball.  He did great.  The ball went forward about eight feet.  He would need to hit it again to get it closer to where the hole was located.  So his Dad told him, “It’s still your turn.  Hit your ball into the hole.”  Without missing a beat my grandson picked up his golf ball and placed it directly beside the hole and putted it in.  He turned proudly to his Dad and Granny exclaiming, “I did it!”

He sure did “did it.”  I was impressed by how quickly he caught on to the concepts and if the goal was to get the ball in to the hall, well he figured out his own way to do that!

The mini-golf game with my Grandson reminded me of another game of golf played about 12 years ago when I was in Pakistan.  As Abdullah and I were getting to know one another he discovered my love of golf.  He decided he would golf too and proudly went out and bought some clubs.  The first time we golfed together both of us were so excited.  I was sharing my favorite sport with him and he just couldn’t wait to see what he could do with a ball and a club.

Abdullah was a natural athelete.  He had played tennis for many many years and his natural grace shown through when he was poised to make his first drive down the fairway.  He had a manner of leaning so his drives would go slightly left but usually not too far to be a problem.  He was always able to get nice height with his ball too.  He took to golf like a fish takes to water.  Except for putting.  He and putting just did not get along, especially if there was a rise to contend with.  That’s when he also would occasionally demonstrate the same logic as my grandson and simply place the ball near the hole.

Young or old, great minds will think alike!

Abdullah and I continued to golf together after we left Pakistan.  We always kept our clubs in the trunk when we were in the States so we could golf when the mood struck us.  We had the honor of golfing several times with my Dad, the real master of golf.  He taught Abdullah techniques on driving and putting.  Golf became a relaxing hobby that the two of us shared during the short life we were able to have together.

6 Responses

  1. Your grandson sounds precious! 🙂

  2. I LIKE the way he thinks! I would try it sometime but I am banned from golfing for much the same reason. Etiquette shmediquett, if I can’t manage to actually HIT the ball why can’t I just throw it?

  3. I LOVE golf and it has always been one of my favorite activities. I can’t wait till I can teach my Grandson on the big course!

  4. You know, this is a beautiful thing to share. It is precious how the small things we do in our lives, remind us of the amazing moments and gifts of those we’ve loved and sadly lost (in the physical sense). You have no idea how much I hope, as a young woman, to find the sort of enduring happiness, love and respect that you shared with Abdullah. I’m so scared of never knowing that. Insallah, I can share stories of great love and friendship with others, offering hope the way you have here. Because hope, Carol, is what you’ve offered me with this post and your entire blog.

  5. You have humbled me Culture Watch. Thank you.

  6. Very cute! I loved reading about this! Reminds me of when my brother used to “guide” the ball into the hole with his golf club rather than simply hit the ball with the club.

    They say you meet your love when you least expect it. I met the man I will most likely marry shortly after I had decided to enjoy being single and simply adopt children after finding a good job. I had more or less decided on a career path by this point. The only advice I can give is to find contentment and enjoyment in your life as an individual. Be yourself. Whoever you are as a person, “own” it. In other words, enjoy who you are. Don’t try and be someone you’re not. Let the rest work itself out.

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