Saudi Arabia: Breast Cancer Awareness at the Highest Levels

As a breast cancer warrior who was first diagnosed while in Saudi Arabia I can not say enough how pleased and proud I am to see the level which breast cancer awareness is being brought to the Saudi people.  While I was in Saudi breast cancer among women was still relatively hushed up and not discussed openly among Saudi women let alone Saudi men.  Now, you see breast cancer awareness ads in store front and hear about breast cancer awareness campaigns on tv, radio and social media.

Breast cancer awareness may have started at the middle level of Saudi society but now when it starts from the very top, from the Kingdom’s leader himself, you know that MEN and women will stop and listen.

Thank YOU, King Abdullah and Zahra Breast Cancer Organization.

Last but not least, here are fliers which are circulating around the Kingdom:

Arabic breast cancer


English breast cancer


5 Responses

  1. Cool!

  2. Dear Carol,

    I cannot believe that as I was watching a video regarding breast cancer awareness in Saudi Arabia I immediately thought of you and thought of sharing it with you, so I type in and what’s the last post I see?! I commend all your efforts in trying to get the word out there, I love your blog, always have, been a reader for the past 3.5 years. It’s a great source of information! Thank youuuu!

    Here’s the video:

    It’s a group of Saudi medical students talking about the importance of getting the word out there regarding breast cancer. How it affects 1 in 8 Saudi women, and what everyone should know about it and how to go about checking for it.
    I hope you are doing well, you are in my thoughts and prayers..
    All the best,
    Zoe, or Dee or even Tee dimensionist! I like to shake things up a bit 😛

  3. Dear Carol and fellow Bedu followers, this is what the New Zealand Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation did this year to reach out and increase awareness ….

    The news coverage on TV can be found on this link

  4. Wouldn’t you think the coolest thing they could do in the KSA that instead of ‘walking’ to raise awareness against breast cancer… they would let women ‘drive’ to raise awareness against breast cancer!!

  5. one step at a time….we don’t want may be viewed as a ‘defiant act’ take away from the need and importance of supporting breast cancer awareness.

    Maybe next year! If not cars, they can ride camels whose tails are linked together by pink ribbons!

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