Saudi Arabia: Breast Cancer – What Is Important to Know?

October is Global Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I was sitting here thinking if I were a Saudi woman in the Kingdom who was newly diagnosed with breast cancer or knew a woman recently diagnosed, what would I want to know about breast cancer?  Since my initial diagnose and battle began with breast cancer in Riyadh in 2008 and my battle continues today, I decided to go through some of my earlier posts.  Now if you look under the categories section of the blog under both cancer and breast cancer there are a lot of posts on the topic.  I chose to keep away from my own individual story and instead focus on practical information and suggestions.  I encourage these posts be printed and shared among men and women.  Translate them to Arabic.  Post them at schools.  Encourage a teacher to use the posts as talking points with a class.  Share with family and friends.


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