Saudi Arabia: Eid Camp Offered at Little Scholars in Riyadh


Little Scholars Day Care in Riyadh continues to offer valuable and fun-filled programs for wee ones.  Little Scholars is likely among the few to offer a program during Eid al Adha.  For parents who must work during the holiday, I’m sure this news is very appreciated.


Eid Camp at Little Scholars!



October 26-November 2, 2011



8am-12 and extended hours until 5pm available for 15/SR per hour.



Ages 1-8 years.



Price:500 SR

300 SR for Little Scholars’ Students


To sign up, email us at xlittlescholarsx@gmail or call 0546603553.


2 Responses

  1. Stumbled across your blog. Love it! Thanks!

  2. dalal dayCare/faisaliah compound
    7.30am -5.30pm
    u r welcome to come to see&ask all ur questions.
    2480101 ext 194

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