Saudi Arabia: What’s In YOUR Bucket List?


According to the Urban dictionary, a bucket list is a list of things to do before you die.  It comes from the term “kicked the bucket”.  More and more often people talk about their bucket list.  A bucket list is also a person’s dreams and desires.  As my life has changed in many ways I have thought about my own bucket list.  On the simple side, I want to see my grandson’s start school.  I’d like to be around when they graduate as well. I want to go back and see the small Pennsylvania town where I grew up.  I would also like to return to Saudi Arabia for a visit.  I want to pay my respects to my husband’s family and pay tribute to my husband and his life.  Last but not least, I want to win my battle with cancer. Those are my primary desires.  On the lighter side (or should I have said dreaming side) I’d like to return to some places which were special such as Pakistan, Greece and Italy.  I’d also like to see Spain and Morocco.  That’s pretty much it for me.

What is in YOUR bucket list?


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  1. I want to earn my PhD, run a marathon, and make a difference by doing meaningful work. Smaller, more manageable activities would include seeing the Everglades before they disappear (not too hard, I live in Florida), see the Kabba, see the Costa Rican Rainforest……..

  2. I was going to say that I have nothing on the list, but I do want to see one of my wife’s granddaughters live to adulthood. She is one with some severe disabilities but one is who is also an intelligent and charming young child.

  3. 1. Hang in for a while to see how my kids and grandkids turn out, and to help the mrs and one grandchild with severe problem.
    2 See how this crazy world turns out. I really think we are on the edge – of what I don’t know – but it sure is interesting.
    3. That’s it. Can’t really say I need anything or want to go anywhere I haven’t been. Actually I have lived far longer than I expected and except for one issue my life has been pretty good.
    Someone else can have the bucket.

  4. I would like to go back to Syria.

  5. I’m good to go. Not that I’ve done everything already it’s just that I don’t care anymore. I made the mistake(?) of living for my children and their futures and they’ve both been taken from me so…

    LOVED the movie though.

  6. I’d like to see my son be married and a dad 🙂
    I want to assist my daughter in an OR , of course after med school 🙂
    I’d like to get back to msf and travel for a while .
    I’d like to go back to india, live peacefully with F and run our hospital , walk on the beach and just live happily .

    want to visit greece, venice ( before it sinks) ,norway and australia with F.

    Go to hawaii for our 50th anniv 🙂 we spent our 1st , and 20th anniv there …
    That’s it for now…

  7. I would like to travel around America in an R.V….it’s a huge country and I’ve only seen bits and pieces of it.

    I would like to write my story (such as it is) and throw it out there for public consumption. (only thing stopping me is me on that one)

    I would like to believe there is a purpose and ultimate benefit to me attending college at my age.

    Annnnnnd…I would like to live long enough for my youngest child to be self sufficient as I do not trust my own family to raise him without racism and bigotry…and just plain old hypocrisy.

  8. I would like to visit Iran. It looks gorgeous!
    I would like to see my daughter become the doctor she is studying to become, inshallah!
    I REALLY would like to memorize as much of the Qu’ran as possible.
    I need to repeat the haj and it looks like it may happen next year if I’m still alive, inshallah.
    Just see my 6 kids married (2 down!) inshallah.

    Traveled a lot in my life but would like to revisit some of those places.

    Nothing too impossible:)

  9. Nothing too impossible:

    I would like to see Iran. It looks gorgeous!
    I would like to see my daughter become the doctor she is studying to become, inshallah.
    I REALLY would like to memorize as much of the Qu’ran as possible, and repeat my haj next year, inshallah.
    And, I want to see all 6 of my kids married (2 down!!)

  10. I enjoy reading about everyone’s bucket list.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see the USA in a RV and then just keep going onwards to Canada and then hop a plane, go to Europe and get another RV and keep on going. That would be such an amazing experience!

  11. My bucket list is mostly for travel. To me a bucket list is things to do so seeing my grandchildren grow up happy and healthy is a given.
    I want to travel across Canada by train. (I travelled around the US by RV some time ago).
    I want to visit Turkey, India, Oman and the cities of Paris,Rome, Florence and Venice.
    I want to spend time in Tuscany and Sicily.
    I would like to show Morocco to my husband.
    I want to spend much more time in Sudan.

  12. I don’t really have a bucket list because the reality is that none of us are promised tomorrow. Things I’d like to do before I die are things like:

    1. Have children with my significant other (eventually) and help my future children grow and learn about life.
    2. Travel extensively around the world. This includes places like Nigeria, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Italy, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Mexico, Chile, etc.
    3. Work in materials/product development for a company which must take into consideration not only textile and apparel considerations, but involve quite a bit of human anatomy and physiology as well. I don’t care if it’s developing athletic/outdoors clothing, body armor, prosthetics and other medical textiles, etc. I just want to do something fun and challenging I enjoy that also helps other people.

    It’s never too late to live for yourself or develop new talents and hobbies. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to see your children succeed. Just had to put that out there. My mom is finally pursuing some of her life goals. (And I’m really proud of her for doing so now.) Just take some time and figure out what it is that you enjoy doing just for you. You’re only as old as you think you are! 😉

  13. @Strangeone – ‘And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to see your children succeed’

    No, of course not. I would hope that that is the goal of ALL parents everywhere.

    Also, I know very well that age should never stop you if you have something you’d really like to do. I have ‘old’ hobbies that I used to enjoy (but didn’t have time for with the kids) and I am trying to get myself to start them up again. I have to admit that scrapbooking kinda loses it’s appeal when your reason for making the books (to pass them on to the next generation) is gone. See, the problem is finding the ‘give a shit’ after your child dies when you’d just spent the last 20 years planning your future around them. Perhaps one day I’ll feel like doing something with my life but I’m not going to push it. I think I’m doing pretty good just getting out of bed everyday 😉 I know that there are many grieving parents who are not even able to do that. I don’t expect you to understand and I truly hope that you NEVER, EVER do.

  14. @Lynn,
    I have no idea what you’re going through, and I also hope that I never have to go through that.

    There was a time in my life when I wondered what the point in living was, but am now quite content with where I’m at in life. I just tried to find what seemed like the best option for me at the time and went from there. Being around other people with positive outlooks on life and just learning to live in the moment helped a lot. It took me a while before I learned to value myself as much as other people do. Now that I have more self-awareness and confidence, I’m able to put my needs equal to others.

    Part of that is learning to develop goals and things you enjoy simply because you enjoy them. It’s doing things for yourself- like saving up for that trip you’ve always wanted to go on, even if you go by yourself. If you go with a travel group, then you’ll meet people there anyways. Or maybe, it’s just as simple as setting aside money for a night out or picking up a new hobby. Sometimes, I find it fun to look at the local continuing education/college books and see what new classes are being offered. You could always try to take a beginning art and/or mixed media class. Then, the focus wouldn’t just be on creating something for the next generation of your family.

    I don’t expect an answer to this question because it’s very personal, but have you considered seeing a therapist at all? I just think it might help some.

  15. Coolred I am sorry that you find racism and bigotry is stilll part of USA life. Here in Australia you would not find that amongst the general population.

  16. @Lori – Thank you, I appreciate where you are coming from.

    My husband and I have gone to group grief counseling through Compassionate Friends and it has been very helpful. I recommend it to any grieving parent, grandparent or sibling. My sis-in-law’s sister who had lost a teenager 20 years earlier had come to my son’s funeral. I asked her how she was and how she got through and she said that she was JUST starting to feel better and it had been over 20 years!! After listening to other grieving parents I found that that’s been pretty much the consensus. It can’t be compared to the loss of a boyfriend or even a husband. Those you can eventually get over and/or find replacements for by doing the things you suggest. But the loss of child you just have to get ‘through’ the rest of your life as best you can. I think we’re not doing too bad for it only being just over a year (and mixed in with the already present grief of the loss of our daughter but we ARE done with her now). My husband and I are very lucky to have each other. Well, one of us is luckier than the other but I’M not going to say which. I’ll let you guys guess on that one. 🙂

  17. I wish to ALLAH that when I pass away I go in full Thoubah, And to bless me with granting me the time and health and spare me until I see my grand son Ammar happily married with good healthy children and all my children and their children, my brothers and their children, good, healthy and well off, not in need of anybody.

  18. I would love to include all the sincere and loving members of my family in my good wishes

  19. I really wish you the best and praying that you win the battle with cancer, may Allah bless you with all your desires.

    My Bucket list will be:

    1. Deliver a healthy baby girl on the right time because I’ve been feeling tired and with a lot of pain.
    2. Give my daughter the Adhaan, the Tahneek, and do the Aqeeqah. (I wish the father of my daughter is able to come to U.S. again to meet his daughter and do it with me).
    3. Begin to work hard to give her everything.
    4. Visit Saudi Arabia and do the Hajj.
    5. Create a foundation to help people with disabilities.

  20. Thank you, Mary and I also hope all your bucket wish desires come true.

  21. My bucket list is more of a travel bucket list based on seeing the Northern lights, staying in an ice hotel, hiking down bryce canyon – but I’m currently working on my own bucket list on – it’s a great place for sharing tips and ideas with other people.

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