Saudi Arabia: The Trouble with Girls


There really should be a movie made about the Saudi girls and how they can say so much just with their eyes.  It’s really something to see how the girls can flirt and express themselves only with their eyes when seeing young men in their age group at a local mall.  The man in turn will respond to her with his own expressions and smile.

Sometimes though the young women are simply flirting or learning to flirt.  They will practice their “eye smiles” on their father and uncles.  Even when not wearing a veil, the young women remain masters at speaking with their eyes.  There is no need to see a smile for the smile is already shining through the deep brown eyes.

When I happened to listen to singer Scotty McCreery’s song ‘The Trouble with Girls’ it immediately reminded me of the encounters between young Saudi women and men.  The video was filmed in an American school where boys and girls are not segregated and gives a fair depiction of what a typical school is like in regards to no segregation.

Last but not least I’d like to mention that Scotty is a North Carolina resident too.

I hope you enjoy this link which also contains the video.

As I watched the video I thought a Saudi version of the video should be made by a young Saudi singer.


5 Responses

  1. Oh I loved that video…clean, wholesome and sweet. I had not heard of him and when that deeep voice came out of that baby face I was shocked! He is barely 18!

    As for Saudi girls and their eyes…where there is a will there is a way and young people will find a way to connect even if only through eye contact. Volumes can be spoken without saying a word. They don’t call the eyes the entrance to the soul for nothing!

  2. Oby – OMG I had the same reaction. I did NOT expect that voice to come out of that baby face.

  3. It’s fascinating that however much a person is covered, there will still be ways to communicate!

  4. I remember hearing him sing with Josh Turner in the past. Two deep Carolina voices (Josh is from SC)!

    Yes, a Saudi version of this would be great!

  5. I’m very happy you posted that video, Carol. I love Scotty and was so happy when he won!!! Yep, eyes can say a lot of things. They are very expressive at the best of times but when that’s all you see …. weill, I guess that’s why some of the wing nuts want one or both eyes covered. 😦

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