Saudi Arabia: Warning – Do Not Become Too Intimate with Animals

**Warning — This post is controversial.  Reader Discretion is Advised.**

According to a recent article in the Huffington Post, intimacy with animals can lead to venereal diseases and even penal cancer.  The article provides results from a study of men who had been intimate with animals.  While it does not state which specific kind of animals these men were intimate with, one can infer that they are large animals such as cows, sheep or goats.

In spite of the health risks associated with intimacy with animals, some men will not or can not stop.  These men are strongly advised to use condoms to decrease the health risks.

In Saudi Arabia there are shepherds who tend to herds of camels or sheep.  They may not see another person for days or weeks.  It is easy to imagine that they can become lonely and may turn to a camel or sheep for solace.  No one will know or see the shepherd as he finds relief.

The United States has begun implementing laws that it is illegal to sexually assault an animal.  According to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, Thirty-six states (and three U.S. territories) have laws which expressly criminalize the sexual assault of an animal, though these provisions are often poorly equipped to accomplish meaningful convictions.

How prevalent do YOU think intimacy with animals may take place in Saudi Arabia and why?


48 Responses

  1. I would not care to speculate- nothing in this article suggests that shepherds in ANY country are more likely to indulge in these behaviors. The study was of men with cancer- not by profession and as they also reported more STD’s it is entirely possible that they are just people engaging in all kinds of inappropriate sexual behaviors as well. Nothing indicates lonely shepherds are any more likely to be doing this or that it is any sort of issue to do particularly with Saudi.

  2. Oh man…I couldn’t venture a guess…I thought at first it might be influenced by segregation,but then I thought as long as men are available who would lean in that direction…unless that was someones particular funk. Eeven then how available would animals like this be outside of rural setting? And in the rural areas do they practice segregation like the city? If not seems it would make intimacy with an animal far less attractive. Can we rate this on its “ewww” factor?

  3. @Sandy – ‘Nothing indicates lonely shepherds are any more likely to be doing this or that it is any sort of issue to do particularly with Saudi.’

    I agree, especially since it is prevalent enough in the US that ‘The United States has begun implementing laws that it is illegal to sexually assault an animal’

  4. The third paragraph has no relevance to this “article”. It appears to be an afterthought to the rest of the post. Im withe Sandy…what was the point of including Saudi shepards in didnt even give an example of it happening as some sort of connection.


    and ewww!!

  5. Yuck! How odd it is that “The Red Tent” which I started reading just this afternoon mentions shepherds doing this to animals? and now your post is on this topic? *cue spooky music*

  6. Wow. Carol I really do respect you, but the premise of this question is odd. Sheep-fuckers? Really?

  7. To be really honest AB i was shocked u would imply something so generalised and untrue..(based on lack of proof) about hard working shepards out in the desert and what they get up to (i can really see how an untamed camel would go down with a skinny/tired man having his way with them or even a sheep).
    Totally agree with Coolred..its like the 3rd paragraph was added in just for the heck of it with no proof or truth behind it..
    I think there are much bigger issue in Saudi Arabia then what shepards do and do not do in their spare time. Lets not degrade these hardworking people just because of “easy to imagine” accusations.
    ” It is easy to imagine that they can become lonely and may turn to a camel or sheep for solace. No one will know or see the shepherd as he finds relief.”
    NO its not easy to imagine that horrendous act. and it was totally random..there is no proof and i think a reaction was wanted..but in very poor taste.
    I am not reacting in this way cos its about saudi or cos I’m muslim..if the post was talking about american cowboys that take “relief” in their horses..i would have the same reaction.
    @Lyn…Maybe the laws are in place for adult industry workers mostly..??? I remember being in high school and all the guys where circulating a vid of a horse and a girl…iv been since traumatised. lol

  8. This is DEFINITELY the weirdest post I have EVER read – and there’s some wacky stuff out there in the blogosphere….

  9. ‘@Lyn…Maybe the laws are in place for adult industry workers mostly..???’

    No I doubt that more like P.E.T.A. I have never heard of it being an issue in the ‘porn’ industry but I have heard of farmers complaining about trespassers assaulting their animals.

  10. Bestiallity has been around for ages and is STILL one of those taboo subjects for us normal people who find it distasteful and against ALL sorts of laws. I had to check to see if someone had hijacked your blog, but no, your name was at the byline. Why would you go there? Not enough “controversy” here already?

    I think I’m insulted.

  11. It may be easy for YOU to imagine it happening (or else you wouldn’t have written it), but I have better things to do with my time! Disgusting…

  12. GOOD GOD,

    HOW SICK, they say true colors show clear as you get closeer to death! May God give you the good end!

  13. Maybe its time to stop blogging, you passed the lines here. I know you are ill maybe the chemo is getting to you, may God recover you!
    Or maybe you should have stopped waaaaaaaaaaaay before this. A good writer or performer of any kind knows to stop while you are ahead.

    We all should be insulted!

    As your disease progresses and with the the loss of your husband, your posts have most definetly become more biased against Saudi culture but this is just absurd!

    I wonder whats behind that?
    CIA agent showing her true colors, what a disgrace to your husbands country! WOW

  14. HMM well I hope as Muslims they would not do such a disgusting things. I have never even heard of such a thing its pretty disgusting. Odd post! I hope that

  15. opps my comment cut off.

  16. Everyone..

    This is a bit off topic but I feel it is important.

    In thinking about this topic it brought back a memory that happened to me several years ago and I felt compelled to tell it as a warning to all parents about the internet.

    When my daughter was in probably fourth grade she had an assignment I believe in science. It had something to do with animals and finding info about them and their classifications. She needed to have several resources for the report and I suggested the internet. I normally would never ever do research for her but in this case I helped her out (can’t remember why. Maybe she wasn’t sure how to search for this particular topic)…anyway I got on and started trying to find a legitimate website for her to use as a resource as Wiki was not allowed. I can’t remember what I typed as a heading but as I am clicking through websites reading and looking for a good source for her to do research on, buried several down on the list was a website that was written as all the others were. As I sat there perusing it for a minute and reading the site it started to dawn on me that this website was a bit “off”. It wasn’t in your face overt or raunchy and no photos, only words. It took me a minute or two of reading to figure out that I was on a webpage dedicated to people who have intimate relations with their pets. People talked so lovingly of their animals and it was so “soft core” almost clinical that even I, as an adult, took a minute to realize what this was about.

    A year or two later (again science) she needed a photo of an alien for her project. So we both went to the internet to look for one. I typed in something like “alien” or “little green men” and hit images. 99.9% of the images were of aliens like we would think of, but one photo that popped up was of two men having sex. I covered it with my hand before she even knew what she was looking at I am sure, because she questioned “why are you covering that picture. Mom?”

    I tell this story because I have filters set to high on my computer to prevent this type of stuff and it can still obviously get through. So parents PLEASE PLEASE be aware of what your child is doing and might see on the internet. The internet is a great tool, but it might be something as simple as a search word choice that can bring in all sorts of undesirable stuff into your home. It’s damn scary!

  17. Im still scratching my head!

    I know some Sudan shepherds. They all are gentle men.

    It a painting reminds about painting in which a dog was “using” his tongue on his owner when the owner is a under age girl. There was not any nudity but the tongue was on a “place”. Artist was not from Saudi Arabia and was not from any other segregated country. Hopefully was not a shepherd.

  18. @oby, internet can be that much dangerous as you described or even can be worst. It is ” non segregated” countries that has given legacy to adult industry which is a thread to the civilisation.

  19. @Oby..good message for parents out there..u can never be too cautious when it comes to kids.

    @gladiator..Why did u even mention what was in that painting? that is so gross especially due to the underage girl connotation… it has no relevance to the other gross topic posted today. i don’t mean to be rude but i just felt it was very inappropriate.

    Btw just a side note..Shepards in saudi do not head out into the desert for lengthy trips a days the owners fill up their water tanks on cars from wells and bring it back to their destination for their livestock. Also most shepards are not Saudi nationals but from African countries such as sudan/ethiopia etc. I don’t think we need to discredit these hard working men who live and work in the unforgiving desert heat with their families anymore then what was insinuated in the post today.

  20. … actually I was shocked.. everytime its segregation everytime its saudi arabia everytime its muslim country…..

    sorry Bella… pardon me… dear brothers and sisters .. 😦

  21. I’m so so glad i don’t work in a rural area.. just for this reason, thank you god for sparing me, i have seen more than my share of gross.. and yes this men and animals thing is very true and very dangerous…

    The first time i cam across this in my very fledgling career almost made me change specialities. I would have too if there was a way.

    This is a whole new level of gross but unfortunately i have keep my stoic face and not let my disgust show. but again who are we to judge.

  22. “I don’t think we need to discredit these hard working men who live and work in the unforgiving desert heat with their families anymore then what was insinuated in the post today.”

    most of them are underpaid.. if you compare the hardship and the length of their duty time..

    btw, most of the evening owner or some of the member from owner family do spend their time together infront of their livestock.. and a shepherd do attend in the party… ..

  23. @oby – yes the internet can throw up some surprises.. don’t let the kids on without supervision , luckily when mine were little we didn’t have this much internet. mostly relied on libraries/encyclopedias etc., for information…again thank god mine grew up before these issues hit.. as if we didn’t have enough to watch out for. but again kids these days are certainly more well read and well informed.

    I used to bring scan reports and case files home in case i had a difficult surgery the next day to prep.. one fine day the kids were eating dinner and i was studying up and my daughter saw a few scans of a not to be seen part of the male anatomy 🙂 and out of curiosity asked me what it was and what was the problem with it. errr .. i just stared.. F smiled .my son matter of factly enlightened her . it was no big deal to them i guess…i guess sometimes we are conditioned to not say some stuff ,
    in our house very little embarasses us, our dinner table conversations are strange sometimes..:-)

  24. Well hard or soft it sells other wise there is no place for such topics on these type of forums where it is supposed that current problems, happenings and insights be discussed but Saudia is a particularly hot
    area and many means were innovated even in deen to fulfil the carnal
    needs . Do you ever heard Misyar ever in the books of religion, has it any sanction in Islam ?, though practiced in a large scale mashaAllah
    there. Many reports appeared that moneyed sheikhs in 60’s and 70’s went to India’s Haiderabad , a city with extreme poor muslim populace
    where young girls even kids were taken in Nikah,used & abandoned or taken as maids and a series of tortures . Royal exploits have much been reported in the press in which gay crime murders,took place and
    a current case of the rape of a model is still on involving princes.What a blessed happenings in a place which has the holiest of the holy places and the dirtiest of the dirty animals, oh sorry : so called human.

  25. my apologies for adding the comment about Saudi shepherds. Blame it on an overactive imagination.

  26. @Jane

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

    No worries! I just thought it was a bit out there, hope all is going well with your recovery. If you need any care packages, let a stranger know!

  27. Carol, please DO continue to blog as you do. People shouldn’t be offended when you blog about what happens in real life and Saudis are no exception to unpleasant acts. If they are shocked then that’s good. It means they are living rather sheltered lives and should get their heads out of the proverbial sand.

  28. @Wendy

    I did not say that she should avoid talking about certain topics, but as a commentator I have the right to say if I was offended.How is the act of bestiality in anyway related to living a sheltered life?

  29. I wasn’t directing my comment at you, JC and of course people should be allowed to be shocked. It’s the knowing and acknowledging that it happens all over the world, JC. People don’t want to hear about it. Okay, that’s fine. I didn’t like Jane’s comment to Carol though.

  30. I agree, Jane’s comment was almost as offensive as this post! At least Carol warned us:
    **Warning — This post is controversial. Reader Discretion is Advised.**

    So anyone that wants to complain about how disgusting this post is has only themselves to blame. I’m just sayin’…

  31. @Wendy

    Completely agree. I wasn’t a fan of Jane’s comment either.

  32. Carol, if you are really sorry about your comment why don’t you edit your post???
    I honestly don’t know why you would write such an hateful thing.

  33. @sara

    This is her blog, and shows great character on her part. One for apologizing, which she most certainly didn’t have to do. The other is for keeping it up, and not being ashamed of it, even if it confused some people.

  34. She equated an entire culture with bestiality…I dont think “confused” is the word people felt when they read that paragraph. It was disgusting…bestiality has been around since before written history but the number of people who engage in it is quite minimal. Her statement makes it seem as if every lonely guy on the planet (especially sheppards in Saudi) can’t help but take relief in the nearest innocent animal. That is disgusting. While I have no particular affection for men just now in my life…even I wouldn’t paint them in such a low light.

  35. Well I guess I shouldn’t use that to describe how people felt, I was confused by it. .

  36. I can only tell you what I know about my experience. In my hometown ( haven’t lived there for years) There was a small rural village called Noxen with a few hundred people located by Wyoming and Luzerne Counties in Pennsylvania. Lets just say, besides the annual Rattlesnake Round Up, there was also the running of joke of pronouncing it as NOOOOXXXen, like a sheep. The joke was that a local farmer and a sheep were found dead one morning in a field and bestiality was implied.

    As for direct experience, there was a case in Centre County, Pa that made the papers of a man with a horse. The man was charged, but the shame ( I knew his daughter) that his family went through was great. His wife did not seek a divorce because against religious reasons and his teenage daughter had many counseling sessions along with the devastating teasing in her school.

    For some reason, I see the same situation could happen in Saudi Arabia except it would not be reported in the press.

  37. wow!!

    People are still getting insulted after 3 days. I think Carol’s apology is enough. I do not think she intended to “..equate an entire culture with bestiality”. Nor does her comment do that, unless you really stretch it using an over active imagination.

    I think Carol tried to make a joke that did not go so well.

    Or may be she got influenced by Woody Allen and the seductive Daisy 😉

    I hope I did not manage to insult all Armenians!!!!

  38. People on this blog have no sense of humor anymore.
    Moq, but you did insult all Armenians, and all doctors! Actually you are insulting all men!
    What you are doing here is making a blanket statement that all men get excited and go after cute little sheep!

    That Daisy was a most attractive sheep though…

  39. There are subjects that are funny…bestiality hardly makes the grade except among college boys with a gross sense of humor…of which there are none on this blog Im fairly certain..and I have a feeling Carol was not trying to be humorous with this post.

    btw..I personally was not “insulted” since I’m neither a man..nor an intimate lover of animals.

  40. “bestiality hardly makes the grade except among college boys with a gross sense of humor…of which there are none on this blog Im fairly certain.”

    You are right there. When I watched the Woody Allen movie I thought it was a romantic drama. With a gorgeous leading lady 😉

  41. True story except I can’t remember what country in Africa. Man was found being ‘intimate’ with a goat and tribal elders forced him to marry the goat.

  42. Comment removed because of low personal attack.

  43. diagnosis*

  44. Now that is a sick comment, Stacey.

  45. stacey, Even if it makes one sick to read it, thank you anyway for sharing the workings of your mind, and exhibiting the quality of your heart and level of compassion. Always good to know exactly who or what one is dealing with.

  46. It seems to me that homosexuality would be more prevalent than bestiality here in Saudi.

  47. I agree with Coolred.

    @Stacey I saw your post before it was deleted. Hard to imagine anyone could write something like that. You suggested that other posters might need the same information you were requesting- I very much doubt that.

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