Saudi Arabia: The Beauty of Polo

I first discovered the sport of polo when I was in Pakistan.  Polo was very popular among Pakistan’s military and large crowds would come to watch the game.  I remember how awestruck I was in watching the mastery and coordination between horse and rider.  My late husband, Abdullah, enjoyed the polo games too.  When we were in the States he took lessons on learning how to play the game.

Polo horses are smaller and stockier than thoroughbred horses.  Their size makes it easier for the horse (and rider) to make sharp and abrupt turns while playing polo.

Now I am pleased to share that Polo is also active in the Kingdom!  Here is a web site which provides the history of polo and details of polo in Saudi Arabia.  It is well worth viewing and provides information how individuals in the Kingdom can participant in polo.


6 Responses

  1. There is no animal more beautiful than a horse, particularly solo, in movement.

  2. @Jay

    While the horse is beautiful, nothing beats a dog. Sure some breeds are ugly, but holy hell are they awesome companions.

  3. I am worried though about how the polo ponies are treated, it’s a very heavy game on the horses, that’s why they have to change horses inbetween chukka’s.
    Polo ponies are are enduring, fast and slight, usually with a lot of Arab or thoroughbred blood.
    I bet my horse Al Tariq would be good at it! He’s fast and can turn on a dime in a nano second.

  4. I have seen many old Indian miniatures of polo, and I once read how, in the nineteenth century, an English lady wanted to play polo in India, but she first had to learn how to ride astride. Women in Persia have played polo and when the game became popular in China in the Tang dynasty, Chinese ladies played too, they all rode astride of course.

  5. And I agree with Jay of course, nothing on earth beats a horse for beauty. That’s why I paint them.

  6. Setting up top polo team to ride only Arab horse USA 561 319 2872

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