Saudi Arabia: Real or Faked?

American Bedu is traveling today.  Therefore today’s post is a video of some young Saudi guys entertaining themselves.  However the question which I have is whether the youtube video is real or faked.  Why do I ask that?  I guess because none of the cars seemed to have an active car alarm.  Tell me what you think.


7 Responses

  1. It sure looks real…but OMG aren’t they worried about the dents they will leave on the cars?? What if someone did it to theirs?

  2. Oh, I’m sure that it’s real.

  3. That would be pretty sad if they faked that…

  4. I agree JC, pretty boring! Here in the US we have kids skateboarding over cars.

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a car alarm go off over here- so I’m not sure that lack of them is evidence of anything. With all the careless behavior, I think I’d be hearing them if they were used often.

  6. car alarm! No never heard of that in here. I live in the market area but never saw and heard of any.

  7. People in Bahrain always sat on cars…any car (not necessarily their own)..and children always played on top of them etc. Absolutely no respect for other people’s property. This seems par for the course. The only thing suspect is the lack of people in the street. Even in the middle of the night there was always numerous people…but saudi could be different in that respect.

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