Saudi Arabia: HRH Prince Saud Al-Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud

HRH Prince Saud Al-Faisal is a widely recognized face in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world.  He has one of the most responsible of positions in the Government of Saudi Arabia.  It is an honor for American Bedu to profile HRH Prince Saud Al-Faisal.

Prince Saud is the world’s longest serving Foreign Minister.  He became Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister in 1975 after holding previous positions within the Saudi Government.  Prince Saud was educated in the United States at Princeton University where he graduated in 1964 with a BA in Economics.  He speaks seven languages.

Born in Taif in 1940, he is the third son of the late King Faisal. After graduating from Princeton he became an economic consultant to the Ministry of Petroleum.  He was transferred to the General Organization for Petroleum and Mineral Resources (Petromin) in 1966.  In February 1970 he was appointed Deputy Governor of Petromin for Planning Affairs.  He was later appointed the Deputy Ministry of the Ministry of Petroleum in 1971.  He began his career as Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister in 1975.  Prince Saud is highly regarded among the world’s diplomats and leaders.

As Foreign Minister, Prince Saud has actively pursued peace and promoted dialogue in the region and around the world. He has led Saudi delegations in Middle East peace talks, and participated in pan-Arab efforts to end the civil war in Lebanon. He has supported enhanced North-South cooperation and a focus on economic and social development. Prince Saud has also participated in the US-Saudi Strategic Dialogue to institutionalize cooperation between Saudi Arabia and the United States. 

Prince Saud is closely involved in philanthropy. He is a founding member of the King Faisal Foundation and chairman of the board of directors for the King Faisal School. He is also a member of the Society for Disabled Children and the Madinah Society for Welfare and Social Services.

HRH Prince Saud Al-Faisal has worked closely with three of Saudi Arabia’s kings:  King Khalid, King Fahd and King Abdullah.  He is one of King Abdullah’s closest allies.

On the personal side, Prince Saud is married with three sons and three daughters. He makes his home in Jeddah. He has been battling Parkinson’s disease and chronic back pain for a number of years. However he does not allow his deteriorating health to keep him from his duties as Foreign Minister.

He is a strong Arab nationalist with a great passion for his position and his country.

In closing this post, what do YOU wish you could say or ask Prince Saud?


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  1. Mr Al Faisal..why did you sell yourself to the devil?

  2. Wow, seven languages! That’s great!

  3. Hey AB,

    Not to sound intrusive. Are you good for your medical treatment? I’m a member of a website called, and they always donate to a good cause. Despite your cancer, you keep on updating this blog (with the apparent help of moderators), I’m sure all who frequent this blog would not mind to pitch in, and I’ll get it out there.

    If you’re looking for a job, I think you would be a valuable asset in the Saudi Cultural Mission, they just recently moved from DC to Fairfax, VA.

    Don’t mean to overstep any boundaries, but you truly are remarkable. So if I can help in any way, whether it’s through an online media campaign, or whatever. Let us know, I’m sure everyone is grateful for the platform that you gave them to discuss their own opinions. I knojw healthcare in the States is expensive, so if we all could help, just leave a post, or a donation bar..

  4. Your Royal Highness,

    I have a couple of questions:

    Why is it that all the pics I have seen of the royals, they look so stern with no smile on their faces? Is that a cultural thing or a religious thing?

    Why is it that every time I pick up a newspaper or a mag or watch tv news, all the royals invariably are “sick” and undergoing medical treatments in Morroco or UK or USA? According to Aramco mag that I subscribe to, KSA has world class hospitals and medical facilties.

    Why can’t you royals stay home and use these medical facilities …. like the rest of your subjects. I thought islam and your prophet taught “equality” and “equal justice”????

  5. @——Harry Guggen, its very genuine question on medical treatment of ROYALS abroad.
    I may say that it is just sad that Royals probably do not trust their own Doctors Or possibly their hospitals are not well equiped. It is not the case with KSA but throughout Middle east.
    May be some other reasons which are not known to general public or may be security reasons.
    However it is sad.

  6. Why can’t your country get a handle on the fanatical clerics? Why is it that the royals can do everything haram but you have the populace chase down and brutalized by religious police? If your country is the pillar of the middle east, why do you have to depend on expats to do the work for your people? Why do you allow such abuse to foreign workers such as maids and drivers? Other than oil that the west actually helped Saudi find, show how to get it, then get it for you, then pay you for it, what does Saudi produce? Why do you waste the best resource of the world that is women and disable them mentally? Why are you allowing funding to fanatical cleric aboard? Why don’t you take back over the school curriculum and actually have children taught subject matter that will actually improve your society? Why don’t you deal with the fact that the sexual segregation has caused increases in homosexuality activity, sexual aggression, and sexual apartheid in your country? Why does you country lie about the abuses and cover up the abuses of its people, yet everyone knows? Why don’t you stop censoring everything so people can broaden their knowledge? Why can’t you allow other religions into the kingdoms is Islam that weak? Why is it you destroy so many historical sites, again is islam that weak? What is Islam trying to hide? What the heck are the royals so afraid of anyway?

    Oh, congratulations on your achievements. I hope you actually used it to better the life of your people as well as your children. Particular your daughters.

  7. May Alllah give him health ,strength and wisdom in all his endevours.Aameen.

  8. How about this. If you are busy stealing money from your country…but then contribute to charities etc…does that make the charitable donation/work valueless since it’s probably donated with stolen corrupt money and the work done by a corrupt individual?

    Also, if you are part of a corrupt system that oppresses your people and don’t allow them to elect you (choose you) then all the supposed good work you do is for nothing…because you are there by force and not by the will of the people. How do you feel about this?

    And how can you selectively choose to help one disadvantaged group (children etc) but then ignore the disadvantages women face in your country? Are women not on your “to do” list of good deeds?

    One more question…not sure if you can answer this one…but why is it that women and foreigners are more likely to be publicly punished (lashes or head chopping) over actual saudi men? We know saudi men commit crimes “worthy” of your form of punishment but they are hardly ever punished in a similar manner. How do you equate this glaring discrepancy with islam’s so called “fair and just” system of law?

  9. Your Royal Highness,

    I would like to share with you a thought provoking article written by your fellow muslim brother from the saudi satellite kingdom of Bakistan:

    Also ….

    I would appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks!

  10. What a great ruler!!!7 languages r amazing.

  11. @ Harry:

    An interesting note: Al Razi was known to be a heretic. Very critical of the islamic religion. The article uses his name as an attribute to muslim scientific achievement when in fact he conducted his work all the while critizing the religion. It is a documented fact, that is often purposely overlooked. So Al Razi was as muslim as a non-muslim would be.

  12. @Harry..”Bakistan”
    ROFL so funny u spelt it just like arabs say it.

  13. Thank you your highness for speeding up our marriage recognition 🙂 we enjoyed our stay in KSA, althought we had to leave since sadi was hell on my career, but we do appreciate all the wasta your office provided us 🙂

  14. I think that if the Royals are seeking medical treatment outside of the Kingdom is mainly because of privacy reasons. Also I do believe that some hospitals in the US are among the most advanced ones in the World and therefore it is totally legitimate that the Royals like anybody else would go there to receive the best treatment possible.

  15. Privacy makes a lot of sense, especially if a high level official.

    Most illnesses can be treated in Saudi Arabia and patients receive very good care.

  16. Yes, but you would probably have more privacy if you didn’t show up with a private 74-something and an entourage. I don’t understand that whole entourage mentality. Not speaking of the highest level dignitaries , of course.

  17. It is like a pack or tribal mentality.

  18. Fully agree, it is cultural.

  19. I agree, it’s cultural, but what is it really about with ALL the extra people? Is it a show of status? Even if I were a big VIP, I wouldn’t like all these extra hangers-on.

  20. It is not only Royals who seek treatment abroad, but so many Saudis go abroad for medical treatment, and some of them sponsored by the Saudi Government. However, the money spent by normal Saudi person abroad may be not as much as the Royals spend. injustice exists.

    I would like to ask the prince how is he looking into the future relations with Egypt? and will you going to work with Muslim Brotherhood? And does he think America will try to intervene in our relations with Egypt like when they did between King Faisal and Gamal? And how is he going to respond to such intervention?

    I would love to ask the prince if he is going to write a memoir. I am sure it will be among the best selling not only in Saudi but in the world.

    Also I would like to ask him if the knowledge he acquired during the years of service as foreign minister, I wonder if these knowledge has been documented that the coming post can access them. I am sure leaving the office will cause a vacuum that can hardly be filled, but the best way to minimise the effects is to write down the experience and the tactics etc.

    To your knowledge my friends prince Saud and King Abdullah are by far the most popular royals among the Saudi population today.

  21. As salam aliakum, I am sorry to read about your illness may the Almighty give you health ameen. I was a great admirer of your late father King Faisal and so also you. I reside in the United States and had the pleasure of visiting your country 2 times. I would be very happy if you could answer my mail as I have a few questions to ask you. May the Almighty provide you with health. My e-mail is
    Jazak Allah khair
    Ma as salama

  22. Assalaam alekum, respected prince Alah almighty bless you with good health, protect you from all evil forces and bless your highness with more courage to promote true image of Islam which is now a days being sorrounded by anti islamic forces such as United States, Isreal the biggest enemies of Muslims. Sir I have been trying to approach your kindness for long today Allah Almiighty I believe gave me a chance that you may read this and contact me on my e-mail. I don’t say I am a good man or deserving but still with the orders of Allah Almighty your kindness may help me financially. I have two kids and I want to start my own business so that I could live with dignity I mean be able to feed my family with Rizqe Halaal. Sir plz if yours heart says that I am good man who can get some financial help from you then sir plz do help me and contact me on my e mail plz. I pray to Allah to make you believe me and help me financially. Plz do reply me and I know you will with the blessing of Allah Almighty on me , my family . wasalaam sir. anxiously waiting for your reply sir. a bad man but Alhumdu lil allah a muslim

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  25. I cant believe that he speaks 7 languages ‘even though his Arabic is not that good

  26. Prince Saud.
    Why Saudi Arabia don’t allow churches to be built?
    you have a lot of workers from other countries included Americans where do they worship? here in America people are free to worship, there’s a lot of Mosques in America I really hope you answer my question also I heard about your illness I pray God will heal you and give you a long life full of blessings.
    God bless you and protect you

  27. I send to prince Faisal my best wishes on his birthday,
    My mail

  28. I made an error in the email
    María del Carmen Jaure mail

  29. Great man,,,

  30. Happy Belated Birthday Prince Saud, may God give you a long life.
    My email.

  31. Yes endeed.

  32. He’s indeed a great man😊

  33. Wow seven languages he must be a very smart man 😊

  34. Why there are people here addressing directly to the prince……..Seriously he will not get it and neither anyone from American Bedu claimed that they will be sending these letters.
    Get some common sense PEOPLE!

  35. @xavier so that means we’ve been deceived that’s not fair so how can I contact prince Saud he must have an office in Riyadh or Jeddah how can I get the addresses?

  36. I’ve heard that Prince Saud Al Faisal speaks 13 languages is that true?

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