Saudi Arabia: Tell HER She is Beautiful!

Sometimes for a newly married couple it may be challenging to simply tell a new wife she is beautiful.  The Saudi couple are generally still getting to know one another and may walk around each other like they are walking on seashells.  However it goes without saying that all women do appreciate and like to hear that they are beautiful.

Telling a woman she is beautiful does not always have to take place with the specific ways “YOU are beautiful.”  There are other ways which are equally effective in bringing a smile and special glow to her cheeks.

I was provided a link to an article on different ways a woman may be told she is beautiful and believe it is worth sharing.

What other ways do American Bedu readers have of telling a woman she is beautiful or that a husband is very special?


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  1. This has nothing to do with the topic, but I wanted to share this video:

  2. Okay, that is pretty funny and cute!

  3. On the subject at hand I will say that my husband does not give me cards for special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays but writes me a letter instead. It is so sweet. He also compliments me often.

    When I was in KSA I heard the nicest expression from some family members. Whenever I would give a compliment to one of the women about their dress, hair or even if some object they had their response would be ‘your eyes are beautiful’! I think that is such a neat thing to say in reply to a compliment!

    I do think that men and women can tell each other they are beautiful at any time. Stop what you are doing and look hard at the person for a few seconds and then say ‘you REALLY are beautiful or handsome or (fill in the word)! It’s so important to compliment when something nice is done for you even if it’s just bringing a cup of coffee or doing the laundry. My husband is very, very good at that kind of thing. Whoever taught him to do that was surely a winner!

  4. It makes my day when F takes me to lunch at the cafeteria 🙂 he swings by some days if we’ve packed lunch and takes my box , points to the cafeteria and is gone, basically i have to meet him there where he has a nicely warmed up boxed lunch or crappy cafeteria food waiting for me 🙂

    I also love my foot massages and shoulder rubs .. ahhh .
    for some reason he’s no too big on cards though..

  5. Okie homestay! LOL! That was very funny! They should have run it all over America!

    I tell my husband all the time he is gorgeous, funny, intelligent and adorable.
    What else can I say?
    I could comment on the shoes left in the middle of the bathroom or closet for me to break my neck over, and I have, but that never had any effect.

  6. My husband and I complimented each other every day and I’m so glad we did since our time was so short. We would give each other cards. I would also place notes in his suit or thobe pockets for him to find! Gosh how much I miss him still.

  7. dont arabs give camels as gifts to their wives to show their love 🙂

    AB missed her camles, she dint receive any it seems

  8. I like to compliment strangers as they tend not to expect it and as you will never see them again they can not suspect you of alternative motives. In inner city Denver I was walking behind a large black man who’s legs could have been carved by Michaelangelo. He looked both startled and delighted when I told him that he had beautiful legs.

    I’m not married so most comments on my looks come from my mother. My very young nephew did tell me I was his favorite smelling relative (I don’t wear perfume). I’ll take any compliments I can get.

  9. @Wendy – ‘their response would be ‘your eyes are beautiful’! I think that is such a neat thing to say in reply to a compliment!’

    I think that is a very nice thing to say. I bet that goes over WAY better than my ‘Yes. I know’ 😉 just kidding…but that IS a nice expression.

  10. I like to tell mine that “His smile is my sunshine” when he is so happy and joyous his face glows. It warms me up- just like sunlight on a cold day. 🙂 And of course, when I tell him that, he smiles even more brightly and it just takes my breath away.

    We talk to each other each day, ask each other how our day went- and listen to the response the other person gives. You’d be surprised how many people don’t always take the time to actually listen and pay attention to what the other person wants and needs. This is a good compliment of sorts because you are showing that you care about the other person and what they do.

    I tell my significant other how he is my gift from God because I believe that. He is so good for me, and I feel blessed to have him in my life.

  11. Honestly, I’ve NEVER had to tell my wife that she’s beautiful. I’ve never had to send her a card and only rarely wrote her a letter. Even when I was deployed.
    But then, we have that secret weapon, we TALK to each other, even if it’s unpleasant, we TALK about it and find a common ground.
    I don’t need to tell her she isn’t fat. She was mildly overweight when we married, she’s grown since she bore our children, which goes with the territory. She’s still the same person inside.
    WE can say things that many other couples would stick knives into each others ribs, but we know what is said is in fun, not out of malice.
    We’ve gone abed angry with each other, to awake with a new view in the morning OR we then, after a small meal (rather than our normally slightly larger meal), then discuss our differences.
    Men and women thing in fundamentally different ways.
    We are NOT animals, WE can communicate in vastly richer ways, if we be HONEST with each other.
    And if we’re truly honest, we’ll find common ground OR find that it wasn’t to be and built upon false assumptions.
    But, we’ve been married for over 30 years and we’re BOTH from the US AND *I* spent over 27 years in the military, which had a LOT of separation from home and my wife and children.
    But then, ever so long ago, I gave my word of honor to stay with her, in sickness and in health (and sickness, due to injury, has been the majority of our lives. STILL, I’ll stay with her, as I begin to fall apart.)
    Are you THAT much lesser?
    Or was the evil one right to not bow to humans?
    I STILL disagree with that one, as I’ve WATCHED humans do SO much better.
    YOU try to do better. Don’t fight, but find common ground or part peacefully. Don’t use children as weapons, for if I were the creator, you’d be ending up REALLY hot, as you scar those children for life, causing unbelievable harm to them.

    And *I* am the guy who shoved a knife through an enemy’s throat and even nastier in war.
    If you interact, do interact gently.

    As an example, while I was deployed, I had my wife on an extended “visit of a few years”. My best friend in that GCC state was a Saudi man who was relatively recently married. We had a LOT in common in values, even IF our faiths were different. We both had rather “thick skins” in some slights. Indeed, he referred to me as the infidel and I referred to him as the heathen. No slight intended for either of us, but to make fun of those who DO think such words cause or mean harm, we were far beyond that.
    Needless to say, he was Muslim and I of somewhat Christian, more deist view.
    I even corrected one of his closest childhood friends in a matter of his faith, to which he recited the verse to his friend, who didn’t believe me. His friend apologized, upon which I replied that *I* was not offended, but he might want to consider who MAY be offended at his next prayer time. We ALL got along famously. Some respect of the others views, faith and culture thing. Of course, disrespect is EARNED BY DEED, only a few did that in actual combat, such as harming women and children. Then, they learned, there is the creator’s wrath, shortly behind, in this world, is MINE (without air or artillery support). For THEN, pretty much NOTHING can stop me, save the creator or my wife.
    One day, his parents came to visit from Saudi. I wanted to give him time to catch up with family, but both his parents and he insisted on my wife and I visit immediatly.
    We got along famously.
    Indeed, when I said something to my wife, offhand, that was rather insulting and off color, my wife gave me the infamously famous single finger salute.
    I returned the favor twice, saying, “Yes, dear, I KNOW that I am number one, you are number TWO.”
    Our Saudi hosts were nearly on the floor at the casual exchange.
    Because, there was no malice intended, as ANY human cound find, only an old joke, which was, at the time, new.
    We ended up adopting each other’s families.
    And the creator won’t help any who stand against either of us.
    So, TALK to the woman, dammit! HONESTLY AND OPENLY.
    You BOTH will learn something, if you make it a habit.
    Men and women think differently. Only old married couples learn the full depth of that.
    By talking. It only matters in how LONG you take to learn each other and THAT is a factor of TALKING.

  12. How long do you intend on remaining hapilly wed? better learn to compliment and use diplomacy. Sweet, kind words go a long way to smoothing social relationships.

  13. Sometimes a man or woman could send a link to a song they like that says ‘I care’ in a unique way. Look up. ‘ Just the Way You Are’ by Bruno Mars for example. Any woman would love to feel that their husband loved them for who they are vs who they want them to be.

  14. My husband and I joke about this all the time, but there are three words that are the secret to a happy marriage…, not ‘I love you,’ but…..’You are right.’

  15. Newly weds in Saudi are the Businessman Walid Al Jaffali and Loujain Adada… Although they are both very famous, I couldn’t find photos of their wedding… If anyone finds some, reply her plz!

  16. I think the most important way to show to someone how important they are is by ones actions. The support and dedication they show to their marital life, eg taking care of each other, taking care of the kids and so on.

    Of course it is important to compliment each other on their positive aspects and arrange some special evenings out without the children to remind each other that they are still as in love or even more as when they first met.

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