Saudi Arabia: The Popularity of Burger King


American Fast Food is very popular in Saudi Arabia.  There are numerous McDonald’s, Burger King’s and KFC.

The Saudi equivalents to American Fast Food are Hurfees and Penguin.  I especially liked Penguin because each burger was freshly made to the customers specifications.

Because women are unable to drive in Saudi Arabia and it is understand that children may need to be fed at times when a driver is not available, even the fast food restaurants deliver.  That can be a great convenience or a great headache!

All in all, Burger King seemed to be among the most popular of the fast food eateries in the Kingdom.  Some say it is because of the French fries, others will say the milkshakes and yet some say the burger.

On a light hearted note, I thought American Bedu readers would enjoy this Burger King commercial which features two American girls and two Saudi guys.


34 Responses

  1. Of the fast food places, I think McDonald’s has the best french fries! 🙂 And how neat that some places deliver!

  2. I have to wonder where they intended to show this commercial? I think it’s pretty lame and not even funny.

  3. I can see the American women spraying ketchup on this guys and leaving while stating, “losers.” Just me I could be wrong. But I doubt it.

  4. This wouldn’t take place in Saudi that’s for sure. I never saw a penguin. Fudruckers was popular though that may not be considered fast food. Fatburger was going to open.

  5. Lol, I know I shouldn’t, but I laugh every time I watch those commercials! XD
    If it’s any consolation, I think they’re more parodying stereotypes really.

  6. Not funny at all. However, it does highlight one thing women should be aware of when being around exotic foreign men…what they say to you in english…might not be what they are saying to each other in their own language.

    Specifically for Arab men, when they speak freely not realizing you understand them…quite interesting…as soon as you do let them know (by way of reply or whatever) that you did actually understand everything they just said…you can actually see the intensity of their brains kick into action as they try to rewind and repeat to themselves everything they remember saying…wondering what you heard. Very funny.

  7. I haven’t looked at this commerical since I’m leaving for work in a few min.

    But fast food infiltration: well, look it’s great for a “treat” (LOL) which is how my parents did treat it…several times a year. Otherwise, I’m trying to visualize a frequent diet of hamburgers, fries, etc. would be not the greatest in a country with high heat and people just not wanting to move around alot when it’s super hot…

    That’s my impression. It hasn’t helped Asians for some who have gone the fast food/junk food route on a regularily basis.

  8. What does the guy at the end say? It sounds like, “You are very (Kay Kay??)”

    I do find it funny but the reality behind the ad is not funny as I agree that it is stereotyping etc also that fast food is basically like a drug that kills via obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.

    And I second the question above: where is an ad like this shown?

  9. Saudis eat way too much fried and deep fried foods. Add all the highly sugared soft drinks, juices, teas and pastries and it’s a recipe for disaster. Soft drinks in the ME and northern Africa have way more sugar than what is in the North American version. The only fast food I had in KSA was McDonalds and it tasted the same as here.

  10. what does the guy say at the end to the girl?

  11. @Prosciutto

    As if amreican women are angles and never want sex ,but still have sex sex as early as 10 , 11 ,13 years .

    these will sleep with any thing for money !!

  12. ana.hindi…hey, dont generalize..some of us will even do it for free. *snark*

  13. ‘…still have sex sex as early as 10 , 11 ,13 years.’

    What? Those Saudi baby girls getting married off to old men do not have to have sex with them? You MUST be kidding. Why else would they marry them?

  14. Ana hindi, you are really unwise bringing up the subject of underage sex, money and pimping. At least if you want to make Islam look good.

    Islam loses big time when it comes to pedophiles and underage sex. As being a religion causing whole countries to openly allow and support pedophiles ”marrying” underage, sometimes very small children and using them for sex. And if these girls try to escape the sale of their persons and the ruin of their futures the Islamic judges send them back to the pedophiles. Because Islam allows men to have sex with very little girls. Because these men habve paid for the girls and they are now lawfully theirs. From one year old a girl can be ready for ”marriage” as a Saudi scholar publicly announced not so long ago.
    Those little girls are often being sold by their fathers (pimps) for cash.
    Remember? According to all four schools of Islamic jurisprudence mahr is money paid by the husband to the new wife for sex.
    Islam therefore denigrates every Muslim woman who marries to the level of trading sex for money.

  15. @Afke-Art

    Yes islam allows to marry females at an early age but this is rarely practised !! Muslims in no where practise this not just saudi arabia

    There are many saudi males and females that are single and cant afford to marry !!

    people are seriously ignorant to quote few cases that are rare!

    ISnt it better to get married and live happily than becoming a public property !! women are not treated as whores and sluts who sleep with some one else every other night .
    “Those little girls are often being sold by their fathers (pimps) for cash.
    Remember? According to all four schools of Islamic jurisprudence mahr is money paid by the husband to the new wife for sex.”

    girls are not sold its rare case where familly was poor and he couldnt pay and its even against islam to marry in such a manner .
    ISlam gives women a right to choose who she marries no one can marry her with out she agreeing , if people dont follow its not a fault of islam!!

    And islam is the only religion that says give money to women when you marry them !!

    well in most cultures women have to give huge dowry to who they marry and this is the cause most women are unmarried because their fathers cant arrange the money or dowry demanded .

    Why do you marry a female for besides to be your life partner ..if you dont have sex she will run away with your neighbour , afke so do have sex with her!!

    look what your societies are ..

    New incest case with Fritzl echoes shocks Austrians

    Police in Austria have arrested a man suspected of imprisoning and sexually abusing his two daughters in his village home over 40 years.

    The man, now 80, denies the abuse, which allegedly began when one girl was aged 12 and the other four.

    Police say the case was reported in May, when the daughters escaped after one reportedly knocked over the father as he tried to rape her.

    Now aged 53 and 45, they were both found to have “mental deficiencies”

    Beware christaisn your fathers will rape you in basements !!!

    What the Bible says about Incest

    Lot was a just and righteous man.

    And delivered just Lot, vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked: (For that righteous man dwelling among them, in seeing and hearing, vexed his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds;) 2 Peter 2:7-8

    He was the only man that God saved from the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    …the angels hastened Lot, saying, Arise, take thy wife, and thy two daughters, which are here; lest thou be consumed in the iniquity of the city. Genesis 19:15

    He got drunk and impregnated his virgin daughters.

    Come, let us make our father drink wine, and we will lie with him, that we may preserve seed of our father. And they made their father drink wine that night: and the firstborn went in, and lay with her father; and he perceived not when she lay down, nor when she arose. Behold, I lay yesternight with my father: let us make him drink wine this night also; and go thou in, and lie with him, that we may preserve seed of our father. And they made their father drink wine that night also: and the younger arose, and lay with him; and he perceived not when she lay down, nor when she arose. Thus were both the daughters of Lot with child by their father. Genesis 19:32-36


    Thousands of children abused in Dutch churches over 65 years, inquiry says

    By Joe Sterling, CNN

    (CNN) – Thousands and thousands of children suffered from sexual abuse in the Dutch Roman Catholic Church over more than six decades, and about 800 “possible perpetrators” have been identified, an independent Commission of Inquiry said Friday.

    “Several tens of thousands of minors have experienced mild, serious and very serious forms of inappropriate sexual behavior. Victims have often suffered for decades from the effects of abuse and have received acknowledgment of the fact,” the panel says in its report. “This has caused problems for them, their immediate family and their friends, who require attention and sometimes professional counseling.”

    The report, which covers a period from 1945 to 2010, says “the scale” of the abuse “is relatively small in percentage terms, but is a serious problem in absolute numbers.” The victims were under the responsibility of the range of people working in the church – priests, brothers, pastoral workers and lay persons, it says.

  17. ana.hindi…you dare to bring out a case on incest from somewhere in the immoral nonislamic world? I find this hilarious for personal reasons. Are you trying to make us believe that incest doesn’t happen in the perfect muslim/arab/islamic world?

    I’m waiting with baited breath for your answer.

  18. @Coolred – I just posted with links to FOUR reported cases from the Muslim world 2 in KSA, 1 in Pakistan and 1 in India. That’s just from a quick Google search. I don’t even want to IMAGINE what goes on but is not reported. Due to the number of links in my comment it is in moderation. But since our friend ana hindi is so proud of his Indian heritage I will share that one link of the Indian dad of the year again here so he doesn’t have to wait.

  19. Lynn,

    Those were great links, however sad and pathetic. Hopefully, this will shut ana hindi up forever more :)-

  20. Don’t hold your breath Harry! lol

  21. Ana, the whole discussion of “how early” is silly. The only answer is puberty, but even that is physical, not emotional.

    The fact is that far too many too young girls are given in marriage before they are ready. This is in part due to male lasciviousness, in part culture, and in part religious ideology. In any case, this is not right.

    The problem is that in Islam there is not clear barrier to this, and worst of all, there is your dear prophet’s example. Because of him, of what he did and what Allah let them put in the hadith and Quran, girls as young as 8 or even younger are subjected to terrible cruelties.

    The usual example is AIsha,a hero for Muslims but the source of much sorrow because of her example. Because of her marriage, little girls suffer. Muslims like to argue (against the facts) that she was older but there are three references at least in the hadith to her age, not to mention that she was playing with dolls when your prophet called for her to consummate the union.

    Perhaps this early sexual encounter was the reason for her childlessness. Then again, it seems that Mohammad was quite infertil, at least in his later (+40) years – all those young wives and no children except with a sickly child born to Maria the copt (concubine). All in all, I would say Aisha’s life was full and she enjoyed her status as the favorite wife and member of a powerful faction (her father, Uthman and Omar…). Even so, she died a bitter woman. Muslim historians record her final words as being something like “Forget about me, I wished I never had lived”.

    How the heck did we get from Burger KIng to child marriage? Is there a connection?

  22. Jay,
    Even Aafke has argued about Aisha’s age. I understand it to be that Muhammed was married to her at the age she was playing with dolls, but the marriage was not consummated until after she had reached puberty.

  23. “How the heck did we get from Burger KIng to child marriage? Is there a connection?”

    Haha! Yes, how DID that happen? 😀

  24. Kristine, I think cultures and times change so maybe people had to marry early centuries ago because they died at a much younger age. What I find disturbing is that people now will justify child marriages based on practices that were common hundreds of years ago. Muhammad married a 9 year old. Fine, we can too. My nephew is 9 and I shudder to think of a child his age having to marry. He still likes playing with Legos and Transformers and watching Tom and Jerry. 🙂 My mind cannot comprehend him in a marriage situation. And I especially cannot abide the thought of a 9 year old girl with a 30, 40, 50 year old man! Perish the thought!


    Side question: when we figure Aisha’s age, do we go by our current calendar or by the Muslim one which is a few days shorter…wouldn’t going by the latter make her even a bit younger than what we would think or do I have it backward? Just something that comes to mind every once in a while.

    For the record, I’ve never heard my Muslim friends argue that Aisha was any older than the 6 and 9 that I hear mentioned for her marriage and consummation. Again, times were different then. No need to base our current marrying on that though, is there?

  25. Susanne,
    No argument from me here. Times and life-expectencies have changed, there is no reason a child should be getting married.

  26. I’m fairly sure it wasn’t an even swap kind of thing. Can anyone show where little boys were married off to older women in a similar fashion back in the day? If little girls were ok to marry…why not little boys?

  27. Kris, we don’t know that the marriage was only consummated after she had reached puberty – but to Mohammad’s credit he waited 3 years so it may be true, even probably.

    The damage was that puberty was not mentioned, only the age. If the text had been clear that she had in fact reached puberty, it would have made a great difference, I believe.

    I have had Muslims argue that she was 15, 18 or even 22. It really doesn’t matter what her age was, but the perception that it was OK because Islam’s prophet did it at the reported age.

    The family and marriage ties of the first Muslim rulers are very interesting. It would have made a great novela (soap opera to you gringos).

    The first four caliphs were all related to Islam’s prophet and to each other, either by blood or marriage. Here is a summary of the relationships I put together about 8 years ago:

    Abu Bakr was father-in-law to both Mohammad (twice, two daughters) and Omar. Actually, Omar married both a daughter and a widowed daughter-in-law (Atika) of Abu Bakr.

    Omar (Umar) was also Mohammad’s father-in-law (Hafsa), but decided that wasn’t enough. To add legitimacy to his position, he needed to be part of the Prophet’s family, also. So he (age 55) asked Ali for his daughter, Umm Kultham (age 4 or 5, 10 or 11, Mohammad’s granddaughter). Ali didn’t like the idea and replied: ‘But she is only a child.’ Omar then made a threat: “By Allah, I shall damage the well of Zamzam, and I shall leave nothing precious belonging to you except that I ruin it” and then added a rather confusing statement about getting a witness to testify that he stole something and would then cut off his right hand. Anyway, what the Caliph wants, the Caliphs got. It also appears that Omar married one or two more Umm Kulthum’s, including Abu Bakr’s daughter (Note: there were at least 4 girls named Umm Kulhum in the family, including daughters of Mohammad, Abu Bakr, and Ali. Sometimes people can’t figure out which Umm was married to which Kulhum). Omar also married the sister of Uthman.

    Uthman bin Affan, was the Propher’s nephew. After becoming Caliph he married Ruqayyah and Umm Kalthum bint Muhammad, the two daughters of the Prophet and Khadijah, thus receiving the title of Dhun-Nurain, “the Possessor of Two Lights” (because he had married the Prophet’s two daughters). As ancient Shia records remark “In this he was supposed to outrank Ali ibn Abu Talib, who had married only one of Muhammad’s daughters.” So now Uthman was nephew and double son-in-law to Mohammad, uncle to Omar and brother-in-law and cousin to Ali bin Abi Talib. (Note: There are some controversies about Ruqayya and Umm Kulthoom. Some say they were Khadijah’s daughters by a previous marriage. There is also the fact that Chapter 111 of the Quran was supposedly given to resolve the marital issues of these two girls and their previous husbands and in-laws, Abu Lahab and Umm Jameel, who had been cursed for their perversity). As mentioned, Uthman’s sister was also married to Omar. I am not finished. Omar was father-in-law of Mohammad (by Hafsah) and brother-in-law to Ali.

    Ali was cousin and son-in-law to Mohammad (because he was married to his daughter Fatima) and grandson-in-law (married to Umama, daughter of Zainab, Fatima’s sister, Mohammad’s granddaughter and also Ali’s niece). He was also brother-in-law to Abu Bakr, father-in-law and brother-in-law to Omar and double brother-in-law to Uthman. Oh yes, after Abu Bakr died, Ali married his widow, so I guess he was also husband-in-law. According to the great historian Tabari, Ali had 9 lives, I mean 9 wives, plus the usual compliment of slave girls.

    So, these were all uncles, nephews, cousins, or married to cousins, or brother-in-laws, or father and son-in-laws. Ali was his own uncle and Omar is unique because he was one of the few people in history who (by marriage) was his own greatgrandfather (The father-in-law of Mohammad married to the prophet’s granddaughter). One thing that I noticed is that, for a man with so many wives, Mohammad had very few children. It appears that only Ali and Fatima were able to establish a lineage (well the ones that survived, but more about that later).

    The relationships between these people are complex. Although they are all intermarried, they are not friends. The lines between the two rival groups were very clear. They were all of the Arab Quraysh tribe (from Mecca) but of different families or clans. On one side is a group representing the the early companions (Abu Bakr, Omar and Aisha) supported by the Umayyad clan, the richest and most powerful family and responsible for the management of operations and revenues from the pilgrimage to the Kabah. They also were known for their caravans and trading operations throughout the MIddle East. In simple terms the Umayyads were a powerful business cartel that dominated ancient Arabia. The Umayyads and their friends grew richer and richer and the common people, well, the common people got the scraps from the tables of the rich. They represent the aristocracy of the Holy Cities. On the other side is Ali and Fatima and their family, often known as the Hashimites (Banu Hashim). They represent, if you will, the “spiritual” dimension of Islam, or the common folks, kind of. Of course, this spirituality is mostly the result of not being among the elite of the Quraysh or having the power and wealth of the caliphship – not that they didn’t try. The Shia (faction of Ali) like to point out that the Umayya (under Uthman) were in fact the same family that controlled the idol worship in the kaaba before Islam and were back in control less that 30 years after Mohammad cleansed the same kaaba. New management, new gods, same old management.

    These two families are therefore considered to be different clans (those of Hashim and of Umayya, respectively) of the same tribe (that of the Quraish). However Shia Islam believes that Umayya was the adopted son of Abd Munaf and so because of no direct link. In any case, this feud that started even as Mohammad lay dying on his bed is still with us 1400 years later as Sunnis and Shias fight and kill each other, as seen this week in Bagdad.

    The Romans and Byzantines had nothing on the Caliphs were it came to power struggles and conspiracies. Aggripilina and Messalina move over.

  28. Aisha was likely 15-18 years old based on what is known in totality- of events she remembers and was present at. However, it is a Bukhari hadith that dates her younger- and certain people don’t want to admit that a Bukhari hadith might be wrong- because that opens a big can of worms- and I say the sooner the better. Of course some of those same people wouldn’t want to lose the example of a child marriage either. Only with education will we get some sort of reformation into how all this is examined.

    About Burger King. One thing I like about them- though I very seldom go especially recently- is that YEARS ago, near the beach in North Jeddah they opened a branch without gender-segregated sections. and frosted out windows. It was a nice place to go. It felt normal- and amazingly everyone managed to act normal too!

  29. I’m sorry but the prophet had to wait three years because he could not pay the Mahr at the time. No money, no sex.

    Yes, according to the orally delivered ”history” (Oral is not really history, written history is history, so it’s pre-historic oral tradition to be precise) It is most unlikely, if not impossible, that Aischa could have been so very young.
    I am sure that as a degenerated Western Kuffaar I cannot be the only one who can have thought this out. And never forget that people did not really know their ages. Even today many people in the Middle East do not know their age.
    But what does this say about the Muslims? Why do they, in spite of quite convincing evidence hold on teeth and nail to the story that Aischa was 6 as she got married?
    The only reason I can think of is that the majority of Muslims want to keep sex with children allowable.

    Reading up on the comments, isn’t it also interested how guys like ana.hindi put so much work into fishing up sordid sexually deviant stories? That any conversation very quickly chances to some revolting sexual deviancy> It’s always about sex!
    Get a life! There is really a lot more to life than sex!
    But maybe I am to harsh, what can you say to a religion which basic promise in the ”afterlife” is sex with 72 virgins who will remain virgins, 400 virgins and 800 non-virgins, and pearly boys who will remain young and juicy always, oh, and yes, the earthly wives.
    But I cannot but imagine these earthly wives will finally be left alone in the wake of so many superior sex-toys.
    Really there should be more to life and the afterlife than sex…

  30. Educated Muslims often know that Aisha must have been older- if they look into it. Religious leaders, though they claim to be “educated” define educated differently- and I don’t count them among the educated. However these religious leaders are empowered and the ignorant masses follow what they say. I actually believe many of the religious leaders must actually know the mistakes they are making and don’t care. They really do seem to sexualize absolutely everything. They seem like a group of perverts for the most part. Which is why I don’t much listen to anything they say.

  31. Sandy, that is interesting, So Saudis can adapt immediately to a mixed environment and behave like normal people. So there would be no mayhem at all if gender segregation is given up. Or if women drive their own cars. There is hope.

    Waw Jay, that was a very mixed up family history! I had no idea!

  32. I think it’s a ridiculous notion that girls are grown up and ready for sex when they menstruate. It’s silly, who can be so stupid as to think that? Women are old enough for marriage and having children safely when they are about 18/20, and mentally many can do with a few years extra time to mature their minds. Especially Muslim girls who can be very backwards in mental development due to the way they are raised.

  33. Sandy, religious leaders are always the first to protest empowerment of women. And yes, they must be a pretty perverted bunch, considering their actions. And the fatwas.

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