Saudi Arabia/USA: Is It Damaging For US Businesses to Advertise With Muslims?

Lowes, established in 1946, is the 2nd largest home improvement retailer worldwide.  Its corporate headquarters are located in Mooresville, NC, just minutes up Interstate I-77 from where I live.

Lowes has recently found itself as a subject of controversy for pulling its commercials from the television show All American Muslim.  There are those who say that Lowes pulled its ads due to pressure from groups who felt it was inappropriate for Lowes to advertise on a show which was about American Muslims and Islam.

However I think Lowes chose to pull its commercials because it found that its Facebook page and website were becoming filled with comments that were Anti-Islam rhetoric rather than oriented on Lowes and its services.

Yet this is a factor that any business or blogger for that matter need to take into account when featuring aspects of Islam in the United States due to the amount of Islamophobia which exists in the United States.

Lowes corporate headquarters in Mooresville, NC, is located in a predominant Christian Bible belt community.  There are few Muslims in the area.  Even though Lowes is only about 30 minutes from the cosmopolitan city of Charlotte, the Bible belt community is still prevalent.

Personally I think the unaired Lowes commercial was not a positive message or service to Lowes or Muslims.  I think that the commercial was oriented to dispelling fear of Muslims yet the music at the beginning and expressions of the Muslim men in the commercial are not welcoming – which was likely the initial intent.  However concluding the commercial with the men proud of their home decorated so lavishly for Christmas is not a cultural appropriate message to send either.  That aspect of the commercial is bound to incite Muslims and deepen an impression that the West do not understand Islam to air such a commercial.

But I will let you, American Bedu readers, to be the judge about the commercial and ultimately the question, is it damaging for a US corporation to advertise with Muslims?  Why or why not?


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  1. The “commercial” was a spoof by two well known comedians, and is not real.

  2. that certainly makes more sense.

  3. Well, I had the same reaction and I was offended by the ‘commercial’ but thought it a bid odd that it was 2:00 minutes long, which is unheard of unless it is an infomercial. When it was confirmed that it was a spoof, I was still offended and even had disagreements with fellow Muslims over the entire “spoof” because it reinforces myths that are deliberately designed to malign Muslims and Arabs by Hollywood for over a century, as researched by Dr. Jack Shaheen (who happens to be Christian):

    Also, by adding in Christian related holiday aspects at the end, it is inappropriate, and would would cause an uproar by Muslims around the world of all Islamic legal schools of thought.

    I actually liked Jon Stewart’s approach better:

  4. Anmb, you say “it reinforces myths that are deliberately designed to malign Muslim”

    What myths are these? who is it ‘deliberately’ doing this?

    Do you think that people don’t have a right to dislike Islam, to criticize it, your dear prophet and the actions of Muslims?

    Lastly, what about the portrayal of non-Muslims in the Quran? So you consider Hollywood fiction worthy of contempt and condemnation (and it is!) but hundreds of verses in the Quran that vilify non-Muslims are Allah precious words of truth to you and praise be upon him because you have no problem with characterizing infidels as ignorant, deceitful, conniving, greedy animals.

    I would suggest that Muslims look at their own failings, correct them, and THEN come lecture us on our faults.

    Oh, I forgot, Islam is perfect and Muslims are the ‘best of peoples’.

  5. I don’t know what the commercial said , i havn’t seen it, But i would think a company had far more backbone and basically more knowledge on how to advertise rather than take the advise of some church group.

    religion interfearing with business now!!!!!

  6. I’ve been to Lowe’s Facebook site and I did not see comments that were Anti-Islam rhetoric until AFTER the advertising was pulled. At that point, people started posting in protest of Lowe’s or in favor of Lowe’s (often anti-Islamic in nature).

    And yeah, the “commercial” was a spoof, which was pretty obvious immediately what with the music and all. For a while, it was the most popular link that got passed around on the facebook pages of my Saudi students (that’s where I first saw it…on Faisal’s page), but they’ve since moved on.

    I’d like to say that Lowe’s decision is saving me a lot of money because that is where I USED TO spend most of my money, but the truth is that now I take the extra 20 minutes to drive to Home Depot instead.

    Lowe’s makes me feel ashamed even though I had nothing to do with the decision (they don’t consult ESL teachers in small Oklahoman towns, surprise surprise). It’s not like I harbored the illusion that America is all about religious acceptance, much less tolerance, but was still shocked that Lowe’s did that. It’s such a low-class thing to do. I mean, they are a major company, not some little mom-n-pop shop set up in a dilapidated old trailer in the middle of a religious cult. What the heck were they thinking?

  7. I said that backwards…..I meant, ……that America is all about religious tolerance, much less acceptance…..

  8. Quite frankly I don’t care for any company promoting a religion or a religious community. This is a dogma it is not a race or culture. It is a religious doctrine. Muslims are a group of religious people of different races, orientation, and gender. If they are going to promote muslims then why not other groups such as FLDS, Satanism, Scientology, Catholics, Christians, Pastafarian, Judaism, etc.

  9. @Okie

    Are they stopped from practicing their religion in the USA? No, they are not. They are allowed to practice their faith within the bounds of the law. That law is minimal on its impact and is meant to ensure that the rights of the individuals is protected and society is not detrimentally impacted in a negative manner from said practice of the religion. (Human sacrafices, gender apartheid, death of child due to religious doctrine such as faith healing, etc., death of apostasy, polygamy)

    Such laws are in place because religion has an effect to lead to authoritarian despotic rule. Authoritarian despotic rule many times are restricted to societies with a male-dominated patriarchal family.

  10. I’m actually not too worked up about this considering islamic countries are the last places that will openly promote other religions. Once again it is, allow us legitimacy in your country or face negativity, but dont expect it in our country…because that’s just how we roll.

    Lowe’s has the right to advertise, or not, as they see fit. Rather crappy of them to pull an ad once they’ve used it for these reasons…but it’s up to them. That’s what we like about america right…freedom to choose to be narrow minded or easy pushovers? No?

  11. In a way this reminds me of the ongoing boycotts often observed in muslim countries…and in my case in Bahrain, concerning danish products etc. I found it interesting that Bahrainis prefer danish products to whatever else is on offer…and I heard many many of them complain that they no longer had access to them thanks to those extremists in bahrain that decided a boycott was necessary…then crowed about how all the muslims were joined as one in the boycott…not bothering to point out that ALL those muslims really had no choice when you take the choice away from them.

    Similarly, when american fast food joints were boycotted (less easy to enforce but still condemned) Bahrainis were browbeat into only eating at Jasmi’s or similar, even though many many of them didn’t like Jasmi’s compared to Burger King or whatever the other choices were. They complained the whole time…but apparently couldn’t get up the nerve to walk into a McDonalds etc. When that boycott “was over” you could almost hear the stampede back to those fast food places. Though I might point out that the ones boycotted were usually the ones in neighborhoods etc…not the malls for the most part. Much harder to enforce there.

    Anyhow, this makes me think that Arab/muslims are quick to do such things and yet get upset if someone else does it…for whatever reason. Yes, America is supposed to be more tolerant etc..but that doesn’t mean we always are…or even have to be…when it comes to doing what we feel is best for our own financial interest. Even if we are wrong about that…it’s our choice…something many in islamic countries don’t have.

  12. Tv shows “promote” Christianity all the time. Just because it’s not part of the name of the show, doesn’t mean it isn’t promoted.

  13. @ Okie

    TV shows are fantasy same as religion.

  14. bigstick, I’m an Atheist. 🙂 (stuck right smack dab in the middle of the bible belt where god gets ordered to bless my nose every danged time I sneeze, some long dead person named Jesus apparently has a thing for me (Jesus loves ya!), and my heart is blessed constantly against my will) PetsMart merry christmases my dogs no matter how many times I tell them that the dogs are Buddhist. Various church groups ignore signs on my door to try to convert me. I grew up being constantly told that I was headed straight for hell, that I must worship satan, that I was evil, etc. etc. So forgive me if I don’t always feel tolerated (get out of our school, you satanic whore) or accepted (if you don’t believe in (my) god, you’re going straight to hell!)

    And I live with two Muslims who have NEVER tried to convert me, though they do try to “un-veganize” me on occasion.

    And yeah, telling me religions are a fantasy is not going to hurt my feelings. ^_^

  15. Grrr…wish I could edit!

    ….don’t always….. should be “didn’t always”

    Thankfully, it’s much better now that I’m an adult and have more choice with I associate. My international students, no matter what their religion is, have by and large always been far more accepting than my peers or fellow Oklahomans ever were.

  16. @ Okie

    I grew up in the Bible belt as well. Feel your pain. I knew a lot of agnostics and atheist who wouldn’t state it because of the religious intimidating practices. Personally I am glad Agnostics, Securalist, Humanist and Atheist are getting far more forceful on their views. I tired of fairytale initimation tactics and I have for a long time not put up with it. However I live in the USA and it affords me that right. I have had my share of JW’s knocking at my door and trying to convert me as well. I always started in on the contradictions and they normally get aggravated then leave.

  17. I think Muslims need to learn to laugh at things a little. I hear Jesus Christ defamed and dissed in every possible way, almost every day, and I don’t even think of killing anyone, as a matter of fact I don’t even get that sad, because I have full confidence that God can handle it. There are no death threats, no vows, no Jihads.

    This may be another poor me thing by a few vocal Muslims. In time, as the Muslim children grow up and become acclimated to life in America, they will see less drama and persecution in their lives.

    I’m not going to follow this one, having had enough hate.

  18. Behind all this hoopla about lowes pulling out its ads from the all american muslim reality show (if it bleeds it leads), certain facts have been thrown under the bus. I read in wall street journal about a week ago or so that the primary reason for lowes pulling out its ads was that of very low ratings for the show.

    The ratings started out very strong in the high 80s but plumetted to low teens after the second week. It was a business decision for lowes. Besides lowes, there are 63 other companies that have pulled out also. It’s bigotry, you see, for a company to drop advertising on a Muslim TV show for whatever reason, but it’s not thuggery to try to force American companies to advertise on that show by using threats, intimidation, and smears aka “shakedowns” by islamists/stealth jihadists.

    Okie, as you well know, we cherish our constitution and bill of rights here in US. You made a choice to switch your business to home depot. There are thousands others, including myself, who have switched our business to lowes to show our support for its bravery and courage. Spinning wheel will keep on spinning round and round both ways :)-

  19. Did y’all see the clip from the Daily Show about Lowe’s? Not just Jon Stewart’s reaction, but the report from their “Muslim correspondent” on why jihadis love Lowe’s. I think the spoof AB attached fits in pretty well with that.

  20. Harry, you said that Lowe’s pulled its advertising due to the show’s low ratings and then went on to say that you shop at Lowe’s to support your support for their “bravery and courage”. If it were really due entirely to low ratings, I’d hardly call that “bravery and courage.”

    Also, I am an American too. I am well aware of the constitution and the bill of rights and find it really amusing that it is pulled out all the time and waved around for everything while at the same time being stamped on by those in power (our government and big business). Wave that constitution and bill of rights at Bradley Manning. It has more to do with him than it does with Lowe’s.

  21. Okie, right on!

  22. @Okie – I took Harry’s statement about Lowes’ ‘bravery and courage’ to mean their sticking to their decision to not pay for commercial time on a low ratings show EVEN THOUGH they are now faced with ‘thuggery to try to force American companies to advertise on that show by using threats, intimidation, and smears aka “shakedowns” by islamists/stealth jihadists’

    You lost me on the constitution and Bradley Manning. Are you linking boycotts with cyber attacks?

  23. There are lots of big name advertisers on the show who have obviously not opted to pull out and more power to them. The Lowe issue typically stupid American hype. About the spoof video … if Muslims choose to decorate their houses during the Christmas season more power to them! Santa has nothing to do with the relgious aspect of Christmas and all religions are visited by him if the family allows him entrance. 😀 He brings gifts to ALL good little boys and girls. Right???
    My husband tells me that when he was a child in Sudan it was not uncommon for Muslims to celebrate with their Christian friends at Christmas so not all Muslims are backward apparently. 😀

  24. To reiterate, Lowe’s did not stop sponsoring All American Muslim due to any perceived boycott from a so-called “Christian” group, but due to the show’s low ratings. More people may be talking about TLC’s All-American Muslim online here on American Bedu and other blogs than actually watching it :)-

    Per Nielsen, All-American Muslim started out strong with 1.7 million viewers and a 0.9 share of adults 18-49, the demographic most coveted by advertisers. Advertisers will pay money for low-rated shows so long as they have a high 18-49 share. But by the second episode it had lost 600,000 viewers and its 18-49 share was down to 0.5. The week after that it was the lowest rated cable show on the top 100 for the night.

    And last week’s episode was bad enough that it appears to have fallen out of the top 100 completely. Sunday’s episode of the unscripted series drew just 908,000 viewers at 10 p.m., with 77 other shows airing on cable Sunday night drawing a bigger crowd. Among viewers under 50, AAM averaged a weak 0.3 rating; it did better in TLC’s target demo of women ages 18-49, earning a 0.5 (good enough for No. 32 among all cable shows in prime-time Sunday in that group).

    The question then is why would Lowe’s or any of the other 64 companies want to pay good money for that? Does this mean a second season of AAM is a long shot? I, for one, think so!

    Ignorance is also in the mix here. Many in the media and other ISLAMOPHILIACS (obsessive irrational and self-destructive behavior/desire to show how enlightened and morally superior they are by bending over backwards and going overboard to embrace the Islamist cause) have chosen to take the bragging rights of the Florida Family Association, at face value, that its complaints caused Lowe’s to pull its ads. That may or may not be the case here, but there is a more probable explanation.

    No one in the media has anything to say about All-America Muslim’s low ratings because that would destroy their entire case in an instant. Their goal is to score a coup by intimidating Lowe’s into putting its ads back on and dumping money on some Sharia-friendly consultants, and then they can go back to ignoring the series. That is why Hamas-sponsored CAIR and the media are taking the Florida Family Association’s claims at face value.

    You see, Lowe’s is not the only major company to stop running ads on All-American Muslim. There’s a long list of other 64 companies that have pulled out, and while it might be nice to think that they woke up to the creepy agenda of a series which has promoted a dishonest view of Islam and has featured an imam who called marital rape legitimate, the real story is in the numbers.

    BTW, as I mentioned earlier, besides Lowes, there are 64 other companies that have pulled out advertising. Some of the companies include some BIG names like 3M, Airborne Vitamin, Capital One, Campbell’s Soup, Conagra, JC Penny, Radio Shack, Wal-Mart, Sonic and McDonalds.

    Folks, they all made a sound business decision based on Nielsen ratings … that is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Nothing to get excited about or to cry islamophobia about :)-

  25. Ok…Politically incorrect as it is I thought the video was funny…but then again I can find humor in most religions and political things. I think it is really all how you look at it For me, at first when I saw that I was like “no way in hell Lowe’s would ever do an ad like that.” They’d have the ACLU or some other rights/hate group up their butt in a minute! I actually thought the Muslims came out looking great. Yes they used the stereotype of the terrorist and the viewer is following along in a “comfort zone” of sorts…after all what can we expect from arabs right? and the creators KNOW that. That is why the ad is so effective. The viewer is expecting nefarious actions, and then POW! when they realize that the Muslims are not only NOT nefarious, but harmless AND multicultural… the viewers own prejudice is used against them to hit them in the head…it was brilliant IMO. And to whoever said that Muslims can’t celebrate Christmas…tell that to the Muslim family I just spent a big chunk of change on for Christmas gifts who came to the church ASKING for help. There is no reason that a Muslim family can’t join in the festivities of the season with nonmuslims if they choose. You would invite a nonmuslim to an iftar right? Why CAN’T it go the other direction?

    Any advertiser has a right to pull ads from the airwaves if they so choose. I happen to like the show and watch if fairly regularly…however, if it has lousy ratings it will get cancelled just like any other series. The problem is if this one is cancelled people will scream and yell racism, when it will be about numbers and $$$. If it is making a buck you can bet it will stay on TV. If not it is out…like hundreds of other NONMUSLIM shows who don’t do well and therefore they can’t sell advertising.

  26. Good comments, Oby. Sometimes you can’t win for losing.

  27. Arab/muslims are some of the most giving people I have ever met in my life…no holiday specially geared for it either. At any moment of any day they can be gifting you with something quite out of the blue…because you admired it or mentioned it etc. The difference between that and expectations for many in america is that we remember what we gave to whom…and for the most part..expect it to be remembered by the receiver as well.

  28. @Coolred – ‘The difference between that and expectations for many in america is that we remember what we gave to whom…and for the most part..expect it to be remembered by the receiver as well.’

    Speak for yourself there, Red. But your example of the Arab/Muslim didn’t have anything about remembering anything perhaps they are the same in that regard? Also,I have been spontaneously gifted by non-Arabs/non-Muslims but don’t even get a gift on a traditional gift giving day by the Muslim closest to me. So that blows your theory (whatever it was) right out of the water.

  29. I agree Coolred. Arabs give a lot- generously and spontaneously. It is something very nice in their culture. Also why we are inundated here with illegal immigrants.

    Also, whoever said Santa gives to all children? No. He gives only to those who celebrate Christmas. As for it having “nothing to do with the religious aspects of Christmas” it actually has nothing to do with Christmas at all until it was rather recently appropriated from The Feast of St. Nicholas on Dec. 6 which is when people who celebrated this, hung stockings for his visit.

  30. Sandy, you know about saint Nicholas! It is our favorite party in the Netherlands!
    And there’s lots of special cookies, candies and chocolates to be had!
    (Radhaa, missing out here)

    It isn’t stockings though, we put a shoe in front of the fireplace, with maybe a carrot for the horse, and we sing songs, and in the morning, if you’re lucky, there’s a small present. From the moment the saint arrives in the country, by boat, an important occasion which gets a lot of media attention. On Saint Nicholas’s birthday itself, we give presents with poems to each other. And/or wrapped in special ways, a ”surprise”.

  31. Yes! The Germanic branch of the family a generation back always hung the stockings at the feast of St. Nicholas. I don’t think he came again for Christmas!

  32. Well, Sandy …. I personally know some Sikh, Muslim and Jewish kids who get presents from Santa on the 25th so he does come to all who ALLOW him to come to his house. He’s non-religious don’tcha know? 😀

  33. In the Netherlands we have st Nicholas on the 5th of December, (even if his birthday is the 6th), And we do Christmas, and because my mum was German we always had a rather splendid Christmas too.
    So yes, am working on my Christmas treats now 😉

    It is clear the Germans don’t quite understand st Nicholas 😉

    Actually this is the first time I have heard about Germans doing st Nicholas? I thought it was only the Dutch and Belgians!

  34. Actually he was Greek. Here’s an interesting link about him and how he is celebrated around the world.

  35. santa visited our place quite regularly and still does 🙂

  36. Santa is gifting F with a very expensive engraved ( with cartoon) reflex hammer for christmas /new year…. i wonder what he’s gifting me 🙂

    Ahh aafke missing out onall the goodies you’re making, Wish i was a good baker

  37. Santa and Saint Nicholas are two completely different guys! We know because they both visit the Netherlands.

    Wendy, he may have been Greek, he may live for most of the time in Spain, (that’s why he always arrives per steamboat) but we Dutch do consider him ours!

    And Radhaa, you still haven’t had the ”poffertjes” :mrgreen:

    All about the Dutch Saint Nicholas part 1:

  38. Lynn…your insistence to have a negative reply to every comment I make is getting rather tedious. It has been established already that your daughter has taken the low road in her quest to be a muslim. So nothing I say that shows muslims in a good light (horrors I know) will obviously refer to her…so enough with comparing her actions with anything I say concerning others who behave marginally better. Will save you time and wear and tear on your fingertips as you type yet anotherr reply to refute something Ive said.

    Also, my comment was not a theory but a fact. 23 years of experience behind that comment. I was in no way saying that nonmuslims do not give gifts out of the blue…(what do you know, another extrapolator on this blog). I might add that when I say they give you things…I dont mean something like a fruit basket or perfume (though they do actually)…Im talking about the keys to their car, a pure bred horse, large sums of money…you name it. If they have it, they will give it without a second thought if they believe it would be better served under your ownership. (obviously not all of them but it is the norm rather than the exception far as Im concerned)…and they consider it an offense to try and give it back or repay them in some way…or to even thank them profusely. it’s a done deal. End of story.

    I don’t care what individual story you offer up to prove that americans do that too…how many americans you know give their car away or something similar…without constantly reminding you of their genorosity or expect something back at some point?

    The fact that you expect a gift from your daughter even knowing her current attitude towards such things is very telling. I would venture a guess that she simply doesnt want to give you a gift..and possibly uses islam as an excuse…tho there is nothing in islam that says she can’t.

  39. I thought linking to your own blog was considered bad form on this blog…pretty darn sure it was stressed by a certain current linker at some point in the past. I may well have to go search that command out and repost it just to refresh everyone on the unspoken rules….or rather the rules according to one.

  40. The point, Coolred, is that generalizations, ANY, are improper. Sure, you may find Arabs to be more generous than Americans you have known but you said Arabs/Muslims. Muslims come from many different cultures. You were a Muslim for a time. Did you find yourself more giving then?

    I know you didn’t want any examples but you are going to get one anyway 😉 I’m sure that you have heard of the waves of generosity happening right now with people all across the country going to get their Christmas gifts out of layaway at K-mart and Walmart and finding that it has paid in full by some random stranger. At least one person put down over $20,000 doing that for complete strangers. Oh, but that guy DID want something back, he wanted other people to do the something nice for others in whatever amount or way they could. And they did and they are doing it all over the country! Isn’t that amazing? You can find wonderful, generous, thoughtful, selfless, giving people all over the world. Unfortunately you can also find the complete opposite living right next door to them even though they may share the same cultural background and/or religion.

  41. @Coolred -‘The fact that you expect a gift from your daughter even knowing her current attitude towards such things is very telling’

    Just because YOU say that I expect a gift from her does NOT make it a ‘fact’.

  42. And that is why I posted one of many links to him.


    It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year ….

    “What’s Krampus Day?” you might ask. Well, it’s a lot like Christmas. Just replace peace and joy with fear and loathing, wholesome presents with brutal floggings or beheadings and jolly Mr. Claus with a gruesome horned incubus named Krampus and you’ve got the general idea. In old-school German folklore, Krampus filled out St. Nick’s mythic entourage to play bad cop to Santa’s good; similar to Black Peit.

    25 Days of Weird Christmas …. Better watch out, Krampus is coming to town …. :)-

  44. Indians have that same custom of giving things spontaneosly I found out when there. It is my nature to compliment people even strangers on something I like. I know it would make me feel good and it is a way of breaking the ice. Several times I complimented something purely out of habit and wound up the owner of the item, despite great protests on my part. It took several compliments and the embarrrassing dance that would ensue to break me of the habit…when in india.

  45. I have a ”gift-drawer”. With gifts, of course 🙂 some of them are earmarked, others are for emergency use. When I see something I know is going ot be perfect for a certain person I buy it and give either on a gift-giving-occasion, or just to make them happy.
    And the emergency gifts are really cute things which I can pick up whenever I want to surprise somebody.
    And I make really nice cosmetics, they always make good gifts, I have just finished an after sun lotion, bath powder, and shampoo for my neighbor who is going on holiday and she has an allergic reaction and her skin is bothering her and I want her to have chemical free stuff to treat her skin with.
    And I make chocolates and perfumes, you can’t go wrong with either!

  46. Wendy, i enjoyed reading your link, it said that the dowry gold of St Nicholas is sometimes balls of gold or oranges, and one of our traditional St Nicholas songs mentions about ”apples of orange”. This is such fun! Maybe that’s why we in the Netherlands think he lives in Spain!
    And St Nicholas and the black Piets still throw in candy and ”pepernoten” through the windows!

  47. Haha, aww, that commercial was adorable! Who the heck would get offended by that? XD

  48. Lynn…Religious holidays always tends to bring out the giving in people…that’s nothing new. Show me a similar story in mid june and then we can talk.

    And you are the one that mentioned your daughter not giving a gift…so obviously you expected one and it wasn’t forthcoming…or else why mention it as a sticking point.

  49. Re-read my comment.

  50. Re-read my reply. 😉

  51. Perhaps next time you want to say something positive about Arabs/Muslims you will not feel the need to try to add a derogatory comparison to another culture.

    But OMG, something just occurred to me. You said ‘we remember what we gave to whom…and for the most part..expect it to be remembered by the receiver as well.’

    Isn’t that pretty much the definition of WASTA (an ARAB thing)? lmao!!

  52. No that isn’t wasta. You can get wasta from someone you have never met in your life. Have done nothing for and likely will never see again.

  53. There’s a line from ‘JAWS’ that sprang to mind: “I don’t think that’s funny, not funny at all’ (quote approximate). I do think Lowe’s located its brain in time and very prudently pulled that commercial.

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