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  1. Just by the lascivious looks on these guys faces it is apparent that no matter what a woman wears in KSA she will be leered at. Seems like a loosing battle…if so why not let her be comfortable and not so covered. She is going to be ogled regardless.

  2. My thought exactly oby.

  3. It’s interesting that it is assumed that by the women covering she automatically feels uncomfortable. While you may not see covering as something that makes sense to you, and YOU would feel uncomfortable, why pass your judgement on someone who doesn’t feel that way? Trust me, all the people I’ve met here would be uncomfortable if they didn’t cover. It’s a part of their culture and religion and they are proud of it. More power to them!
    And while the guys might have issues here, it’s not the women that need to change.

  4. My thoughts exactly.

    Ultimate proof that veiling is nonsense.

    Brlilliant photo btw. can’t imagine ever having seen such disgusting lascivious looks on any men, not even at a topless beach. Actually I think this photo proves that veiling is counterproductive, actually increasing sexual obsession.
    Let women walk around in normal, healthy attire and the world will be a better place.

  5. I agree the covering up only makes it worse. Young men and boys don’t learn how to behave around women.

  6. “can’t imagine ever having seen such disgusting lascivious looks on any men, not even at a topless beach.”

    ..LOOOOOOL yeah rite..
    dirty old men and guys everywhere..

  7. now doesn’t that ankle make you drool!

  8. Poor fellas…they look so desperate 🙂

  9. Jerry, you dirty old geezer!

    Bella vita, No. Not everywhere that’s the whole point: only where women are covered from head to toe in a black bag.
    That’s the problem!

    Face it, you are walking around in sexualizing, titillating, eroticizing garb.
    Abaya and niqab is nothing but fetish-wear.
    You think you may be all modest but what you are really doing is whip up the eroticism to the level where men drool at the sight of a black garbage bag.

  10. Yup, I observed exactly the same ogling behavior when I lived in Riyadh. Especially right after the friday prayers.

    I agree with belle vita that boyz will be boyz anywhere ….

  11. One of two- either the clothes make no difference, or the clothes make it worse. Since the clothes don’t make it’s better they should stop imposting it on everyone. And by that I also the indoctrination that this is somehow an “Islamic” practice when it is a more recent bidah.

    There I go- in for a penny in for a pound.

  12. Maybe I was too harsh, I didn’t study the photo closely enough. Of course these women are not really properly Islamically attired, so what can you expect? Off the shoulder abayas, you can see the shape of her arms, above the shoe you can see about half an inch of skin! And maybe the one in the back has no gloves? And you cannot see it in the photo, but they are probably walking in a suggestive manner. Or maybe an instant before they were looking straight ahead instead of bending their heads and looking down as they should.
    They have to be doing something very wrong to cause these comfortably airily dressed, poor innocent men to be drooling at the mouth and having lascivious thoughts.

  13. @Sandy,

    You are not getting it. These women are not dressed in an Islamic way. I mean notice the tight fit. I can make up the shape of an arm and a leg on the loose woman closer to the camera. The one away from the camera is not even wearing a glove.

    Also, what are they doing walking the streets to begin with. They should be closed inside so they do not cause fitnah.

    We will not get rid of such scenes until women are closed in doors. The clerics are correct you cannot apply Allah’s rules half way and expect results. They need to apply more and police it more vigorously.

  14. @MoQ
    I’m just rebellious and bad to the bone I guess. It’s probably because I don’t dress correctly.

  15. She definitely should have black socks on her feet and I agree that she may not have gloves on. Oh, and both eyes are visible and not just one. I believe that having only one eye free is what the ‘mutts’ are pressing for is it not?

  16. just for record this is in Yemen, not in KSA.

  17. Oh yes! With two eyes women can still ”flirt”! And considering the lecherous leers that must have been some serious flirting!
    The hussies!
    And I bet this total covering of all sexual body parts (eg éverything) is such a obvious sign of women’s subjection and enslavement to men that makes them only more sexually alluring!

  18. The woman might not be so attractive if the men could actually see what they might get, eh???

  19. well at least rape rates in arab countries are less than in west
    so calm down guys.

  20. @lolskater,

    What statistic do you base that on? And do you really trust any Arabic government to provide you with such stats? Do you include rape of boys which occurs at high frequency in Saudi?

    Closed societies have more problems than what is known.

  21. @MoQ
    Agreed. also the same thing applies to girl schools. however, about statistics, i think both the police and Hai’ah record incidents of this kind, but it not announced. which i think is bad, we need more transparency here.

  22. @lolskater,

    Have you thought may be the statistics are not announced because they are worse than you’ve ever imagined.

    By the way I think there is more Boy rape in Saudi than girl rape.

    In any event the point of the picture is that covering women actually makes society less healthy instead of preventing sexual deviance as they claim. Rape issues is not the topic.

  23. Not only are statistics not announced, but a lot is never reported as well. Saudi is a shame-based culture at the end of the day. There is now far more coverage then there used to be- so it’s getting a bit better. But they can’t say they’re better than the west. No way of knowing that. And sadly, most of their “virtue” isn’t due to good behaviour- but from oppressing women and curtailing freedom, because that has been easier for the men, than learning to behave.

  24. In countries where women get punished for the crime of being a rape-victim you can be assured that 99% of the victims will not go to the police.

    And lets not forget that selling underage girls off in ”marriage” to old pedophiles would count as childrape in the civilized parts of the world, but they would not make the rape statistics in countries like Saudi Arabia.
    Also, in societies where women are marginalized, where women are not respected, where women are second class citizens, harassment and rape are always more prevalent.
    The more civilized a society becomes, the more equal the status of women, the less rape you get.

    So I will take it as a given that numbers of rape are unreported but astronomical in countries like Saudi Arabia.

  25. Not sure where to put this link…I thought it was interesting to show how Islamic creep is touching even places that most Muslims probably wouldn’t be found and that cater to nonMuslims. In this way they are applying their values on those who would not normally have any contact with sharia.


  26. 1st of all the pic is in Yemen, not in ksa, but no much difference regarding Hijab, although yemeni women stick to hijab more than saudi women.
    2nd, it is not like they raped or did anything, they are just passing by a motor, also keep in mind that yemen is a very poor country, so most youth males dont afford to get married. they work almost 12 hours a day in hard works. it is very unpleasent life. also dont generalize the example in the image to whole people. there is people who are bad everywhere.

  27. lolskater, everything you say doesn’t matter. What matters is that this photo is the ultimate proof that having women walking around in black bags changes nothing for the better. This photo is the ultimate proof that men will leer at women no matter what. So these women can just as well wear a t-shirt and jeans. they can just as well dress in accordance to the temperature, it doesn’t matter.
    Forget about the black bags, forget about the sinful effect of women’s hair, the allure of two eyes versus one, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t change anything.

  28. @loiskater – where did you get the idea that fewer women in KSA wear hijabs??? BTW the black sack does have some advantages in that you can wear your sloppiest clothes out to the store and nobody would know and it certainly keeps the fear of too much sun away. 🙂 They are not particularly uncomfortable to wear. What I find uncomfortable is the hijab and fortunately this ‘Christian’ has never been told to wear one.

  29. Okay maybe the men ARE looking lustfully at this woman BUT think of what the picture doesn’t show: maybe they are looking past her at a skimpily clad tourist, or a drag queen beauty pageant, or there is a car dealer with a lot full of sexy Italian sports cars. Or perhaps, the woman sat on a lifesaver and the men are wondering why she has a candy stuck to her butt.

    I know most of my suggestions are improbable but I do enjoy speculating on what I don’t know.

  30. @oby – That bit of news abot maldives is so sad, It is truly a beautiful place, Your husband is from india right? next trip make sure you guys go to maldives, it’s very close and the resorts are wonderful, the sea is amazing. Truly paradise.
    These idiotic fanatics don’t seem to know a good thing when it’s staring them in their face. remove alcohol and the resorts and tourism will vanish, then they can all wallow in poverty.– they seem to know the quickest surefilre way to destroy peace, freedom and rights of people. idiots..

  31. Radha…

    Yes I agree. I know it is their country, but if you understand that tourism and all the ancillary business that comes from that is their #1 source of income you have to wonder what the heck are they thinking? There are only about 300K people in the country and yet they had more than twice that in tourists in 2010. If this goes down what are they going to do? They don’t have much infrastructure and they are somewhat isolated to do trade. My guess is that they will become poverty stricken and have to depend on international aide. Why would a country want to do that? Not to mention the loss of self respect going from providing for themselves to living on handouts. What will all these people who are gainfully employed and probably making good money in the form of tips going to do for their families? It is a muslim country that is “thriving” in a way and they want to change all that. It bugs me more for the people of the country than the tourists the more I thought about it.

    From the US Dept. of State:

    The two main industries in Maldives are Tourism (#1) and fishing…

    Tourism. In recent years, Maldives has successfully marketed its natural assets for tourism–beautiful, unpolluted beaches on small coral islands, diving in blue waters abundant with tropical fish, and glorious sunsets. Tourism now brings in about $600 million a year. Tourism and related services contributed 29% of GDP in 2010. But its indirect contribution is much higher. As a result, tourism is the catalyst for growth. Since the first resort was established in 1972, more than 95 islands have been developed, with a total capacity of some 23,600 beds. Maldives has embarked on an ambitious tourism expansion plan; several resorts are under construction. However, resort expansion has not been planned very well. There is a glut of hotel rooms and several half-built resorts. Over 790,000 tourists (mainly from Europe) visited Maldives in 2010. The average occupancy rate is about 70%. Maldives had experienced capacity utilization rates of over 80%–reaching over 95% in the peak winter tourist season–prior to the new resort drive that began in 2008. Average tourist stay is 8 days.

  32. Obviously this is a slight bit older than the earlier link I posted about closing the resorts…

  33. They are NOT thinking. The religious fundamentalists/extremists DO NOT think. They are incapable of it. Such a crime to see the tourism industry attacked. That is liable to happen in Egypt as well.

  34. I don’t know, I saw this picture in a different way it also shows how different things are with the guys riding a motor bike one in shorts while the woman is walking covered from head to toe. One might say that is totally unfair. What it does show is that it does not matter what the opposite sex wears they will look . In this case even if there is nothing to look at. Imagination is probable better in many instances than reality.

  35. @Annie – ‘Okay maybe the men ARE looking lustfully at this woman BUT think of what the picture doesn’t show’

    I was thinking the same thing.

  36. In all honesty, these guys look as if they are about to make a U-turn on a busy street and are watching for the traffic to open up; however this is not a very interesting take on the photo.

  37. this picture can be picked up and dropped in Pakistan. During my first time to Pakistan I was subjected to what I called the “Pakistani stare.” This usually took place among laborers who probably had come to the capital from small villages and were unaccustomed to seeing many women. It was not just me subjected to the stare but all women.

  38. It’s funny how people in here comment on Muslim women’s clothes and Saudi Arabia while they in the west sell their women in brothels and strip clubs!! In the West women are looked at as objects and tools, and they’re degraded. You guys talk of women rights while some of your girls when they reach 18yo get kicked out of the house or pay the rent! They have to pay for their food, drink and clothes, and university fees and some times they let themselves subject to degradation by getting laid to get money and pay uni fees. I believe you should strongly consider the way you treat your women before talking about other cultures..

  39. It’s just a funny picture! No need to go into Islam bashing mode or niqab bashing mode because of this! And who knows what the men are really looking at. Sometimes I look at a Big Mac the same way.

  40. We comment on women being FORCED to wear these clothes- and the fact that it objectifies women as sex objects.

    Yes, in Saudi they just sell young girls into marriages with old men and the father steals the dowry that is supposed to be for the bride. AND IT”S LEGAL. No comparison.

    Anyway, there are many daughters in Saudi forced to hand over paychecks to their mahrem and their fathers refuse to let them marry so they can keep the money, or husbands hold up divorce for same reason. And there is prostitution and fornication as well. So the point is the black tents aren’t working.

  41. @Abdul – putting it as diplomatically as possible, many will agree to strongly disagree with you. Television may present the worse image of the West but the reality is quite different.

  42. I liked Mezba’s comment.

  43. OK..sorry…a bit off topic but since I posted the other here…a rebuttal to the Maldives spa closings.


    Thanks for your indulgnce! OK carry on! 🙂

  44. why are there “sexy clothes” sold in the shops?????

    could any one tell me ??!! please

    *because they make you feel totally different than the normal clothes…

    so dose with “Modest clothing”

  45. for Sandy

    I say.. please look at the other side of the woman in Islamic countries[countries where women are covered]

    you will find educated women who rise the generations

  46. and there is another thing I want to ask about ……..
    why no body blame the sisters in the church ?? !

    Islam is attacked by people,who failed in the way of good life,and want all people to do the same.

    I think it’s clear !!!!!!

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