Saudi Arabia: American Bedu Interview with Abu Mussab


It is a pleasure for American Bedu to have the opportunity to interview Abu Mussab.


To begin with Abu Mussab, please share where you are from.

I now Reside in Jeddah.  I was born and raised in Lebanon,  then moved to the USA where I lived for about 10 years (at age 18).  I moved 5 years ago to the Kingdom.


Do you think that you were raised in a conservative family?  Why or why not?

On the contrary; I was raised in a Christian environment.  My family had nothing to do with Islam except as the official religion on our passports.  We had no relations with religion until a wake up call when I was 11 years old and my grandfather passed away.  This resulted in a spiritual awakening on the part of my mother.  I never practiced Islam and while in the States I became both a Buddhist and a rapper.   I had no relationship with Islam until around 2005/6  Then, Islam came to my life and things changed.


What kind of Islamic teachings and studies have you had?

During my transitional phase in the USA I was exposed to different modes of Islam. It was not because of different teachings but the applications of people varied.  I received bits and pieces of information.  Then I came across a student of knowledge from Medinah University who was the son-in-law of Yusef Estes with orthodox teachings of Islam and authentic resources.  This made a difference in my life and thereafter guided me to a Masjid in Los Angeles where the Sheikh had graduated from Imam University in Riyadh.  I was a teacher until I arrived in Saudi and I continue to acquire knowledge from Saudis while  getting a degree in Islamic study.  I have been Involved in the propagation of Islam since coming to Kingdom.  Islam influences both thought and dedication which I work for around the clock.


  What prompted you to become a kind of spokesperson and create your own series of videos on youtube?

It wasn’t something that was planned for but as a believer in one God I believe in pre-ordained destiny decree.  Back in the USA were different Masjids who need someone to deliver the Friday sermon.  I was involved in acquiring knowledge and at the same time, the Masjid couldn’t find someone to deliver the sermon so I started doing that.  I was a former  rapper and used to speaking plus have self confidence. My personality did not mind the spotlight.  That was also quite compatible with inviting and educating people to Islam.  Personality makes a difference for the audience.  The Masjid officials were pleased with my delivery and gave me a regular slot to deliver the Friday sermon.  When I moved to the Kingdom, I worked in the Dawa center and the Fillipino community (reverts) gave me a platform to deliver weekly lectures.  This led to videoing and posting the lectures on youtube.  I received  my own channel on youtube with worldwide viewers which had a domino effect of exposure and divine plans.

Did you ever use rap as a tool to share your message?

It crossed mind but the issue of rap is controversial and the principal in Islam is to weigh the harm versus benefit.  I do not wish to create evil in community. There is some benefit but also much harm associated.  Rap keeps the youth in the mentality of hip hop stars or idolizing hip hop stars and most rappers on the scene are womanizers, druggies and having an  unhealthy lifestyle.  Therefore, I use poetry as an alternative.  My main objective is to bring youth and Muslims to the seriousness religion teaches which is accepting leeway and lawful enjoyment and entertainment.  I do not want a party around the clock.  Rap done now by Muslims has brought some benefit but more attachment to the individual than the message.  The Message and lyrics are lost in the process.  Due to the failure of the method, I decided to leave it alone.


How do you think your videos are received in Saudi?  What about the outside or Western world, specifically?


There are conflicting opinions from people.  How can a single person or single message be interpreted in so many different ways that creates people who dearly love you and cherish you or hate you and despise you…yet the message says the same thing.  I deliver lectures at the International Medical Center in Jeddah.  The audience is a combination of nationalities (like a mini United Nations)  with a mix of cultures. They have been coming to the lectures for three years – all public lectures.   The audience enjoys the lectures and bring their families.  On other hand there are some (Saudis or expatriates) who disagree with my messages as strict or conservative or narrow minded.  They prefer a more modern application of Islam and do not find the lectures entertaining.  They find the lectures an infringement of freedom.  For any American Bedu followers interested in the lectures they may subscribe either via the website or Facebook where they would receive information about the lecture schedule.  Information can also be received by SMS service via mobile phone.


The good news is that a positive reaction to the lectures exists primarily in the UK and USA.  There is a thirst or eagerness to practice Islam in the manner as discussed in the lectures.  The reaction was beyond my anticipation.  I receive emails, appreciation and invitations to lecture.  The praise belongs to Allah who  makes the large crowd and huge following happen.  I receive more praise from abroad than local.  A great audience exists in the western world for my lectures.  The overall reaction is 80/20 with 80 per cent positive and 20 per cent negative.


Is practice of Islam in the West becoming more conservative?

Yes, that is evident.  Islam is on the rise and practicing on the rise, even on recent revolutions and uprise in the Arab world.  People are crying for islam, even though this was not initial objective.  Same or greater, this is the case in the western world.  The environment makes one want to hold on to beliefs and be firm.  Human nature, be it Islam or something else, find strength in a steadfastness of way, whatever way may be.  Environment imposes the behavior.  I do not agree with the manner some Muslims behave in the western world and give the wrong impression/perception of Islam.


  Do you think many non-Muslim Westerners are capable of understanding the tenets of Islam?  Why or why not?

Absolutely.  I believe they are able to understand.  Some of the specific teachings of Islam (honeymoon) may be difficult to digest as audience addresses are different.  Every human being, westerner or other, should believe in creation and the existence of God.  He would not have created us and left us unattended.  God would not create the universe in its complexity and create human beings with intellect and capabilities all in vain.  Then there is an objective – analyze with senses we our given.  The Quran is laying out these teachings same as the Bible or Torah.  Hindu or Buddhism are not the same as scripture but have some shared ideas.  So the western world is able to adopt these tenets but some obstacles may be in the way before submitting.


Do you believe a different form of Islam is practiced in Saudi Arabia as compared to Muslims practicing Islam in the West?  Why or why not?

Yes, I believe there is a difference primary because of context.  Geography, history and government will have an effect and influence on the behavior of Muslims as practiced in their countries.  But when we look at an individual basis then true teachings are equally applied in and outside of the Kingdom but depends on the individual.  Resources are available.  It depends on ones view to what extent he or she can adhere and comprehend adequately and correctly.  Living in the Kingdom with some of the rules in effect ultimately impact on society at large. If people do not understand the wisdom behind restrictions  then they may rebel.  You may bring a westerner such as an English language instructor to Saudi Arabia and they love it.  They love that they can live Islam 100 per cent and then there are others who can not wait to get out of the Kingdom.  They feel that their freedom is limited.


What do you think is the single most important aspect of Islam a Westerner should understand?

The most important aspect is the universality and compatibility of Islam. It is universal and not the religion of Arabs, Indonesians or minorites. It is a way of life suitable for every human being from now until end of time.  Islam is universal because the message is universal and not restricted to group of people or geographic location.  Islam calls its followers to believe in Adam, Eve, Jacob, Noah, Jesus and all the prophets God sent.  We admire them and do not undermine their greatness and status.  Salvation in Islam is universal.  It is not specific to time or location to receive a blessing.  Salvation lies in believing in the oneness of God and messenger of that time.  A believer in one God and messages of God have salvation.  Some may complain in areas where Islam restricts. The basic and rational answer is why were you created?  If you were created to entertain self, then that idea is creating a problem.  But if created to be tested in this life in order to attain eternal life in paradise, then that must be earned.  It is human nature to understand the idea to exert some effort to obtain happiness and life.  It is priceless.


There are practicing Muslims who do not agree with the guidance and instructions you provide on your videos.  Some of these Muslims are in Saudi Arabia.  What do you say to them?

First and foremost I apologize to them in case I come off as rude or insensitive as that is not meant.  During the time when speaking, I truly believe in what I say and may appear to some as insensitive or inconsiderate.  I believe that the truth is powerful and if someone is not ready for truth they will react negatively.  The culture and the history of a person and upbringing plays a major role.  Someone like myself, who lived a lavish life, followed desires and lived in different countries of the world, coming to Islam, my efforts are different than someone who was born into the religion and practice it as cultural rather than convinced by it.  If they produce evidence why they don’t agree then great, let’s debate.  If their displeasure is based on ‘I think that or I don’t like that’ then truth is conflicting on their beliefs, they are unable to react in a positive way.  They have been practicing Islam in a habitual ritualistic  way that when truth came with spirituality, then can’t handle it.  If I hold debatable views, then I must find the truth.  I will admit if I am wrong and also correct and explain myself to the people.  It depends on legitimacy of one objecting – is the reason Islamically valid or a personal choice which is not Islamic?  Rejection base of own weakness is not befitting


Do you ever view your guidance as strict or extreme?  Ie, advising newlywed couples not to honeymoon outside of Muslim countries?  Please explain your response. 

Of course, we go back to the older issue – depends on the angle a matter is approached.  If culturally and modern lenient,  then my view is extremely extreme and very much unacceptable.  How dare he – what audacity – what people do that is viewed as unislamic.  But go back to the core teachings of Islam, the Muslims themselves must understand that what has been revealed is sufficient and outside sources not part of our practice.  Otherwise God would not have forgotten and legislated.  There are some practices Islam acknowledged and endorsed and does not violate.  Whereas other practices Islam nullified and explicitly said that people may not engage in such actions as they contradict Islam.  Honeymoon is classic example.  It is brought from another religion and not merely cultural.  The teachings of Islam are so comprehensive and complete; there is no room for outside sources to integrate into religion.  One hand, actual practice brought from a scripture – not from Quran where there are practices Quran approved.  We have to look at the same principle at weighing benefits and harms.  It is not against the newlywed couple to go out and enjoy – ludicrous to say not.  Islam teaches marriage brings about love, compassion and husband/wife expected to be clothing to one another.  Play role for each other.  The issue is if a couple go outside where vice is prevalent and people take vacation from work but also from God, so when go out, everything goes. Based on knowing what happens, the issue is addressed as in the video.  If go out and benefit spiritually and in religion, then it is approved.   People believe in God but compromise religious commitment then such things should not happen as a wedding is to receive blessings as God.  You need assistance and support and blessing from God in early stages so last is to disobey blessings from God.  A couple should not see alcohol being served or people dressed unislamically.  The environment will inevitably change your view in some way.  The whole picture is looked at and taken in to consideration in order to deduce lawful  and unlawful.  Does not need to be an ayat but scholars can deduce to protect the Muslim from leading to salvation.


What do you see as a perfect Islamic state?

The perfect state is one where justice is served; where people are not oppressed and one true God is worshiped in the ultimate sense.  This is what Islam always strove and strives for.  Islam is against oppression and terrorism of people – as many Muslims have experienced and suffered.  Those Muslims act against Islam such as killing people and blowing up places.  These acts are against Islam and not endorsed.  The Islamic state is where everyone is living and given their rights.  During the history of Islam when Islam spreading, people of other faiths were not forced to change to Islam.  Whatever  they had as a religious symbol, they were allowed to keep and maintain – no Muslim was allowed to attack or harm. This is the ideal Islamic state.  One God is worshiped, justice is served and what God revealed is the governing law of the world; not man-made laws which oppress human beings.  The law continues to change even though it is supposed to be compatible with civilians, but in reality conflicts with peoples choice and freedom of speech.  For example, in Lebanon a person rents an apartment from the owner and the owner decides to want the property back.  The owner  does not have the right to make the renter leave the apartment unless he is paid a huge amount of money, sometimes equivalent  to half the value of the house, depending on the number of years the tenant resided in house.  This is a law which is a form of oppression against the owners right but in Lebanon the law does not support  the owner because the tenant has lived there for too many years to make them leave.  Laws may be decent and serve humanity but many don’t.  An Islamic state is where the Creator knows what is suitable and legislates; then people go by the legislation.  At least the people are given their God given freedom by the time when He created them.


How do you feel about the many expats of differing faiths in Saudi Arabia?  Should they be replaced by Saudis?


I would not say that…let’s be frank.  The idea of non-Muslims being in Saudi is a controversial aspect of religion and which scholars have already issued verdicts.  The idea, and I am a student of knowledge, to address issues of this magnitude are beyond my level of knowledge.  This requires someone very much aware of the intricate details of religion – which I am good in explaining basics but not here.  We can agree that the idea of replacing Saudis with someone else may not be a form of justice. Islam requires that a person’s credentials and qualifications are what determine if a person gets a particular job or not.  Replacing all expats with Saudis is not feasible or just and depends on qualifications. In any countries, the residents or citizens are given privileges not given to others.  Both will be treated with justice but according to the Constitution.  Not all privileges are shared in the same sense.  Citizens should be given rights due to them for this is their homeland.  If others take over, then they have nothing to do. Whereas, expats are guests. There needs to be a balanced way so local citizens are not repressed, are trained and given positions provided that they have earned them and working hard.


What do you think Saudi Arabia will be like within five years?  Do you think there would be a stricter form of Shariah imposed or do you think women may be driving?


I cannot really say as I believe the future is in the hands of Allah.  I can not tell the future.  I do not claim to have the wisdom to foresee future.  I am clueless one way or the other whether improvement or go into the other direction.  It is possible that women may or may not  be driving.


Do you think it is good for Saudi society and especially Saudi women that they now have greater employment options such as working in department stores? 

Islam does not prohibit women from working.  There are areas where only women should be working; men should not be playing these roles because Allah made men and women different.  Each has own role to play.  Allah against women working is fallacy and propaganda spread about Islam. Islam provides guidelines where men/ women protected while going about their daily work.  Both may work and if women given opportunity to work while they are protected from men (which is liberating to women) Islam honors and values women to such a degree that she is equivalent to a diamond or a jewel to be protected and preserved.  Man should not impose things on her  – although some may do.  Men are responsible for the well being of women and protecting her from an environment which is hostile.  There are places where women are raped such as University campuses or on the streets because the women have not been protected in the same manner as Islam has protected their women.  There are men hunting for women, who are crazy, who are sick and sexually fascinated with women, so paving the way for them where women become an easy prey is a problem for the woman and society at large.  So it is imperative to provide the protection for woman and she is provided her right to be treated like a queen.

Media is a type of propaganda which skewers facts and the mainstream.  They go hunting for a woman such as an afghan woman who was raped and forced to marry her rapist.  They put this before the people as an example.  Not every woman gets treatments because of ignorance of men who make them oppressed or subjugated which Islam did not put them in.  This becomes a social, culture problem.  It is not an Islamic issue.

What is your youtube channel for anyone interested?

Facebook:  onewaytoparadise

Twitter: oneway2paradise


Are there any additional comments you’d wish to add?

Yes, I would like to thank you, Mrs. Carol Fleming, in particular, for your courteous consideration to have this interview and a valuable opportunity to address any misconception of the videos circulating on the net.  I appreciate the opportunity to put in my two cents and in a more comprehensive way. I apologize to any readers who may have been offended by what I say.  The context and audience always make a difference.  Whenever I go to a youtube channel of someone else or from a different religion I must always take into consideration what he was saying and to whom was he speaking.  Christian audience may be addressed differently than a Muslim audience.  Speech, content may all change to convey to the people what their minds are able to understand.  This as a formula, make it easier to all of us and bring harmony to human beings who live on this earth.


In closing, thank you, Abu Mussab for sharing your views and perspectives.


American Bedu’s entire interview with Abu Mussab can be heard at the link below:




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  1. I envy you doing that interview, it was a great opportunity! I liked most of it, but he hit one point that my husband and I often argue about due to his being raised as a Muslim in the Middle East.

    Everyone over there is convinced women must be protected by their men. This is ignorant on so many levels. For one, not all men are equiped to protect their female family members. Women have been kidnapped in Iraq while being with a male relative and it did no good. Some would say that is an extreme example due to the lawlessness there. On the other hand, lets look at a woman I know here in the US. One day she was walking down the street in Seattle. A mugger attacked her. She was no ordinary woman, though. She had a knife and knew how to use it. When all was said and done, the mugger went to the hospital with a stab wound and she went free without a scratch. No man helped her. She saved herself just fine.

    The fact of the matter is over protection of women leads them to be soft and extrememly vulnerable. They become totally reliant on men and cannot take care of themselves if danger comes their way. Real protection of women would be to teach them how to fight, use guns, and knives. Then they can be as formidable as any man. In fact, in my marriage, I’m far better trained than my husband. Yet he doesn’t even like me to drive to the store at night alone. My family thinks he goes too far because the running joke is that they would feel sorry for any idiot that attacked me.

    The point is that women’s protection needs to come in the form of teaching them self-defense from an early age, not locking them in the home and escorting them everywhere outside. Why don’t men like this? Because the very thought intimidates them. Much harder to rule over a wife that knows how to fight back. Better to have her weak and helpless so she is vulnerable even if a man is with her. The whole concept of a woman being weak drives me crazy and just once I would love to discuss that with someone who is more read up on Islam than my husband is. He can never provide a straight answer so the argument ends in a stalemate because he simply chooses not to listen.

    Thanks for posting this and sorry about getting carried away on my rant there. It is a sensitive issue for me.

  2. No Mr. Mussab, It is not just the manner that some Muslims behave in the West that gives the “wrong” (ie, bad) impression/perception of Islam – it is the hate and violence in the texts, the immoral example of your dear prophet and the way that Muslims behave in Islamic societies. Other that that….

    I notice that this man does not anywhere address the hate, discrimination and violence that Muslims do — to him it is all a matter of context and “understanding”. I also notice that his statement “Islam is against oppression and terrorism” is without any verses or references. Has he actually read the Quran and hadith? Try Quran 9:111 or maybe see if you can find a quote in the hadith that says “I am made victorious with terror” and take a wild guess who is speaking..

    He says say that “the Islamic state is where everyone is living and given their rights” Ha ha Ha… There never was a perfect state, much less one that practiced Islam, not now, not 1400 years ago. An Islamic sate is, to the contrary. one in which Muslims have few rights and women and non–Muslims even less – in case you haven’t noticed.

    This man says cute empty words. I have nothing but contempt for dishonest vile people like this him. I can live perfectly well with some Muslims, but vile people like this man deserve nothing but utter scorn because he is indifferent to the evil he supports and propagates.

    Thank you Carol, again, for a wonderful interview.

  3. Alhamdulillah, a refreshing voice to the muslim community. Someone who does not waver in their beliefs even while speaking to those of different faiths.
    “The good news is that a positive reaction to the lectures exists primarily in the UK and USA”…add in the Aussie muslim community who are avid listeners to your channel as well.

    “Islam is on the rise and practicing on the rise, even on recent revolutions and uprise in the Arab world. People are crying for islam, even though this was not initial objective.”…Alhamdulillah..totally agree.
    Allah reward your efforts in promoting the truth and warning against evil. Great interview.

  4. I want to be open minded and not suspicious of Islam but this is a good example of why that is hard. This guy actually believes that religious law equals happiness and paradise. And on that basis he says women should give up their rights. For anyone who values freedom, dignity, rights under the (non-religious!!) law, this is a toxic stew indeed. It is views like these that make me think perhaps Muslims (at least ones like him) should not be allowed to immigrate to the West. And we should pay the ones who are here to leave. Please go! To the backward, poor, corrupt, violent, and oppressive regimes who do follow this nonsense. Our visions of society are incompatible. Please soil your own backyard, not mine.

    Show me a society based on fundamentalist religious law anywhere at any time where that law was not enforced through torture, murder, beating, abuse, imprisonment, stoning, and the like. The ‘purity’ of women is enforced by a bloody lash and the threat of murder. All of this dished out by an unaccountable elite of old men with pretensions towards wisdom. Frankly: a repulsive prospect!

  5. “Environment imposes the behavior”…what does that mean exactly? Because the West id not fully islamic that somehow we are not pious or don’t love God with our hearts and souls? Let’s see…I don’t drink, smoke and have never used drugs. I don’t cheat on my husband, I am a good mother, I care for my neighbors and family. I am honest even when it is not to my benefit, I don’t steal…I give to charity and pay my taxes. Interestingly I am not all that unusual. In fact, I am fairly normal which seems to say that environment Does NOT always impose the behavior. If you are a person of moral standing and integrity you will make the right choices out of honor and because it is the right thing to do NOT because you are afraid of burning in hell because you don’t. If you can’t make choices to do good unless god is breathing down your neck what kind of human being are you anyway? While we are on the subject, if the environment imposes the behavior could you please tell me what is the excuse in KSA for the drug use, the lying and cheating…taking other wives without telling the first…the homosexuality, men who have children and abandon them? Is it possible that Islam is not the saving grace? and no matter how much Islam (or any other faith for that matter) you pour on an issue people will still do things they shouldn’t?

    It is very difficult to even take these views seriously as he seems to think that Wahabbi or Saudi Islam is the right islam and Muslims living in the west are not true Muslims…again, a “learned” person with a “one size fits all” solution to islamic practice.

    “The Islamic state is where everyone is living and given their rights. ”

    Does this mean a nonmuslims right are IDENTICAL to a Muslims? By that I mean there is no jizya to be paid and a nonmuslim has the same exact rights as a muslim?

    Hi ideals are lofty and wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could live in peace and harmony? If the world followed the Christian tenants of “love your neighbor as yourself” the world would be a wonderful rosy place too…sadly it doesn’t work like that and not Islam or Christianity or any other faith is going to create a perfect world.

  6. BTW Carol…since many people have taken the liberty of being offended lately it is my turn. I find that Shariah controlled Zone photo offensive. It is divisive and comes from England where some Muslims are trying to supercede the law of the country and force Shariah on the people… muslims and nonmuslims in the area. How about we create a “Christian controlled area” sign and put it up and if Muslims don’t want to agree to those rules they are not allowed in. It is purely offensive no matter who does it. I could not support it if Christians actually did push for that…not much different from White supremicists IMO. And certainly does little to foster equality for all.

  7. As a Muslim convert of many years and long term resident of Saudi Arabia I can sum this all up by saying, that this man is my enemy. Women are “jewels” to be protected (like property!) is merely a way of controlling women. I my opinion the Wahabism/Salafism practiced in Saudi is not very Islamic at all (I know many Muslims disagree- and that many non-muslims disagree as well-they believe this sort of description of Islam).

    Small minded patriarchal people can only concieve of a small minded patriarchal God. I have always had faith that Allah, AL RAHMAN AL RAHEEM is much better than these jokers who think because they’ve memorized a bunch of stuff think they understand anything.

    Any country that legally and systematically oppresses half it’s population based on gender cannot should not blame that on Allah. It is not ALlah’s fault that Islamic practice in countries such as this is based on sactioning tribal practices in opposition of Quran and justice. “No soul can bear the burden of another”- Newsflash- Women have souls- or are they just precious property?? If you want to protect women, enforce proper driving- we die as passengers you know. And why are there not driving schools for us? Why do we have mehrems (owners) and whatever BS you spout this system protects the property (women)- owners (men)- and the religious establishment support this treatment.

    I’m not surprised some of your biggest fans are outside this tribal-bidah ridden kingdom. Folks that for whatever reason can’t make it in a free society think all these nice words sound wonderful. And some of them might even like it. And I would not mind at all if you people didn’t insist on imposing all this crap on us. Don’t drive, pray in your closet, don’t watch TV or mix with the opposite gender (though Haj requires this- a clear sign it’s ok). But stop making the rest of us live this way.

    The bidah of gender segregation shows the complete sexualization of women that the religious men have insisted on. Perhaps if they taught men to behave instead of obsesssing about women’s bodies THAT might protect women. But by their actions protecting women is not really what they want. They want their subjugation and they are willing to use religion to do it.

    In conclusion- this man, and those that think like him, are my enemy, and I believe have dragged my faith through the mud.

  8. Blech! People who defended jim crow laws used that blacks were “equal” but seperate line while justifying their racist policy. Now this guy drags out the trite “women are jewels and need to be protected” line to justify sexism of Islam. Funny he mentions rape because women aren’t “protected” when I just read an article about an Afghan woman cutting off the genitals of her father in law after he tried to go after her. Lovely way to treat a jewel eh? Or honor women there. Imo this world would be a sad place if this guys version of Islam took over the world. Thank God their are Muslims who uphold that Islam is a religion of peace and there is no compulsion in religion (abrogation or not there are lots of Muslims who believe in those tenets and live them). Usually I enjoy your interviews Carol but this one is just….ick.

  9. Sandy, does not your Islam commend you to be nicer and less offensive to other Muslims? Am I your enemy? It is sad enough that those who are not Muslims are yet to grasp the comprehensive message and be able to honor themselves by not belittling others, calling them ignorant, and using a bunch of fancy words to seem educated. You, on the other hand, had you been a true follower of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allaah exalt his mention, ought to be wiser and more sound in judgement.

    I ask Allaah to forgive you for this transgression as your comments are more overboard than all the others who did not fail in expressing their hatred against Islam and its prophet, while they claim to follow the religion which teaches to love the enemies and turn the other cheek. Something which they fail in applying consistently and that is no surprise in regards to those who think they know Jesus while they know him not.

  10. I hate to use the word nutcase here, but this man in clearly a nutcase (or evil if he is not nuts). I can understand rural Saudis of a generation or 2 ago believing this kind of stuff, but not someone who lives in the wider world. In most of the world Muslims must live with others who do not share their beliefs. Can you imagine how people will act if they believe all around them are immoral? (Just look at recent events where Orthodox Jewish men were abusing girls walking to school in their neighborhoods. This ******* is trying to create the same kind of world with Muslims living in the West)

    Edited due to name calling.
    Please dislike each other politely.

  11. Women are not jewels. We have voices and can protest when we are shut up in a jewelry box or bank safe. If men want to protect women, men should stay home. They are the wild animals who rape and lust. Why cannot women be free to enjoy society while the ones who would hurt them are locked in cages? Women must suffer because men cannot control their thoughts and bodies? Is this not unjust?

    And if women are queens, let them speak and be seen and do whatever they want! STOP controlling half of the human population with your patriarchal interpretations of what “God” wants you to do! Treat others (women even!!!) as you would want to be treated! You want to be forced to wear a big black bag and/or stay locked inside your house all the time or go out only with permission?

    Be just, man.

  12. Well said, Susanne. Back when I was in the Army, several Christian men told me it was against the Bible for me to serve. That women weren’t supposed to be combatants and that I was going against God’s wishes. One of them was my superior in the military! Another my uncle who was the pastor of a church. This backward idea of protecting women and keeping them safe permeates through many societies, not just the Islamic ones. I get mad regardless of who says it.

  13. “…had I been a true follower”???? Who are you to judge me? I told the truth and no, my Islam does not require me to sugarcoat it to try to make Muslims who are systematically oppressing half of their community look good. Or make it sound like we are somehow part of the same mindset. We clearly are not.

    I find it laughable that you think I was “..using a bunch of fancy words to sound educated.” First of all, I am educated. And secondly, there was nothing fancy in what I said. You singled me out for comment because I made a knowledgable statement that could be easily understood-that didn’t show deference to your opinions. And don’t think I’m alone in this community. People are wising up to the quality of “scholarship” Islamic leaders use to oppress- and keep people in fear.

  14. @ Sandy.. Ironically, I was not referring to you when I said “to sound educated”… Had you only read the context, you’d have easily spotted that. No issues.

    I singled you out because of the same reason I mentioned in the first reply, I do not expect that from you. Further, I do not wish to engage in a debate or respond to people who degrade others in their speech, use foul language, and do not control their anger while responding so all they do in essence is attack and curse while they comprehend not.

    You as a Muslim, must be able to rationally behave and submit to the revelation instead of snapping at me per feminine emotionalism.

    What is everyone’s issue with men protecting women because they are precious? Don’t parents protect their children for the same reason? Who is suggesting that a woman has no say, life, opinion, or control? Why do you twist matters as per your deficient perceptions you have learnt from CNN instead of speaking to actual Muslim women who will will break it down for you?

    I ask the commentators to behave more maturely as their ages and status entails.. As a young man, you are setting for me a horrible example of people who are abusive, judgmental, and biased.

    Also, there is no need to attack me personally by calling my names and defaming me. This is the method of the ignorant and the incapable. Present your views in a decent manner so that people can actually bother to read them.

  15. I will take Sandy’s plain, simple, straightforward, humane, educated, honest and inoffensive Islam any time to the misogynist, suppressing and offending Islam we got presented to in this interview.

    I also agree with Susan A.
    You want to protect women? Then put little girls in martial arts classes at an early age, teach them to be proud of being a woman, teach them to stand up for themselves and others, give them a good education, teach them all the skills for living a decent life in the real world, let them make their own decisions as to reproduction, and give them equal rights.
    Give women job opportunities so they can be self reliant.
    And teach boys to have respect for women, to be a gentleman, to be polite, and teach them they are not entitled to do as they please. Teach boys that women are equal to men.
    And if society is not advanced enough, and men have not yet been brought up to respect women, add a couple of laws with appropriate punishments for men who discriminate, harass and assault them.

    Carol, thank you for a most enlightening and interesting interview. And thank for being unbiased and allow everybody a fair share of space on this forum.

  16. Abumussab, Where did Sandy degrade you or anybody in her comments? She is always polite and never sinks to name calling or making up strawman arguments.

    In case you do not know, a strawman argument is a logical fallacy, it is making up something your debating partner never said, like, for example accusing them of attacking, name calling and cursing when they did nothing of the kind, and then attack that non-existing position.

    So you do not want to discuss anybody who holds a different approach to Islam than you have? That is a very cowardly position. or do you already know you will loose the argument?
    It’s a pity. I would have loved to have seen it.

  17. Well said Aafke, on everything you said. Ironically, there is an Islamic school here in my city that does teach martial arts to the female students. It is a newer establishment so I checked out their curriculum for curiosity’s sake. I was really impressed by such forward thinking on their part. I’m rather sure you won’t see Islamic schools in many places do that, but it showed at least some people were thinking logically.

    Abu Mussab asks what is wrong with men protecting women. Nothing in essence. The problem is you run with the idea that they can do so at all times and be effective. Not all men are built equally. Some are very weak physically or have health problems where the women around them may actually be stronger and more capable in fighting. Not just this, but they do leave the home and then women are unprotected. In my city, there was a neighborhood with serious problems of the houses getting broken into and residents attacked. Didn’t matter that there were men inside, the criminals kept getting away with it and the cops couldn’t catch them.

    One woman finally had enough. She bought a gun and when they broke in her house, she shot them. I can’t remember if she actually killed them, but I do know it was enough that they would never break into another home again. The whole city cheered her for her actions. Not only that, but the neighborhood stopped seeing any more break-ins and crime dropped. In that area, thieves learned it wouldn’t be worth messing with the residents as you can imagine many more people bought guns after the incident. So that goes to show that keeping a woman “protected” in her home is no defense at all if there are determined criminals about. You have to give her the means to protect herself or else in that woman’s case she could have been raped or killed all because she followed the concept of being the weaker gender and wouldn’t do anything for herself. Not to mention she had two small children to protect as well. Women are the last line of defense and that should be kept in mind.

  18. @ Aafke: Like I said, I was not referring to her. Did you read the other comments first? The moderator had to edit some words that were inappropriate.

    I have not lost nor am I a coward. She has a misconception and I give the benefit of the doubt and treat her with respect as my religion teaches me. I do not wish to offend anyone. She is a revert and I respect that a lot since my wife is a revert as well.

    Besides that, this is not a boxing ring. I presented my views and she disagrees. She has the right to do so. End of story. She should however avoid insults and declaring me as an enemy simply because we disagree.

  19. Abu Mussad, please stop using the word ”revert” when you refer to people who choose Islam as their religion.
    It is very offensive to me.
    No child is born religious, all children are born a-religious and have to be tought and indoctrinated into whatever religion the parents choose or were indoctrinated to themselves.

    I have re-read all the comments, your comment could indeed be misconstrued, however, you did not write it clearly enough if several commentators here misunderstood it. Next time be more precise if you want to avoid this.
    However, what I did notice is that, while not directly name calling Sandy, I found your comment to her to be very offensive, you attributed several negatives to her which are not true at all. And nowhere in her comments could you have in all honesty found anything to make these wrongful conclusions about her, her education etc.

    *I ask Allaah to forgive you for this transgression as your comments are more overboard than all the others who did not fail in expressing their hatred against Islam and its prophet, while they claim to follow the religion which teaches to love the enemies and turn the other cheek. *

    you ask Allah to forgive her for her ”transgressions” What transgressions? Not agreeing with you? That seems both arrogant and insulting to me. Correct me if I am wrong.

    You maybe do not know, but there is a large range of believes and cults represented here by the commentators, including those who are not convinced there is any proof for a god, goddess, or gods at all.

  20. PS, You are mistaken if you think this is not a boxing ring. This is the Ultimate Fighting Championship ring of the mind.
    But it is still early in the day: You’ve already met a few, and there are a couple more of our prize fighters who are not on board yet.

    Sandy, I do agree you should stop taking your information from CNN, and you should talk to some real Muslims. It is so easy to get the wrong impression, especially from the biased western media.

  21. Hmmm. The entire interview of Abu Mossad and his subsequent comments can be summed up in five words:

    My Islam Right or Wrong!

  22. This is a classic example of why women need to be able to defend themselves. In this case, two intruders came in and shot the husband. That left the wife and a four-year-old child without his aid. The woman grabbed a gun they kept in the home and shot one of the intruders which resulted in his death. The article doesn’t say what happened to the other intruder, but I assume he ran off. Because of her actions, he husband was able to get treated for his wounds and survived. The wife and child were not hurt at all. Imagine what would have happened if she hadn’t known how to use a gun or even had one?

  23. @ Aafke: What happened to “freedom of speech”? Double standards? I, by the same token, can take offense to you claiming that “no child is born religious”. But your freedom of speech prevents me from requiring of you to stop making such statements… I have proven plenty and I rest my case as it seems that when people wish to put someone down, they’ll go against the very laws which they concocted.

    Anyways, all which I have to say is there in the interview. Also, I hope you’ll have the time to listen to the audio as it is more elaborate and, at least, it contains the tone of voice and the manner of speech which can make some issues more digestible.

    At any rate, I apologize if I offended anyone here and I truly wish you all the best. I will no longer reply in order not to make matters worse.

    Abu Mussab

  24. “You as a Muslim, must be able to rationally behave and submit to the revelation instead of snapping at me per feminine emotionalism.”

    I guess I hit a nerve by not bowing and scrapping in submission to the opinion of men rather than the revelation. I am very familiar with these tactics to try to get a fellow Muslim in line. Doesn’t work on me. And you wonder I call you my enemy? You have shown it clearly.

    I am a convert not a revert.

  25. Sandy, you have to understand that to Muslims like this man, nothing is more important than keeping you (other Muslims) in your place (quiet, subjugated) – not even silencing us blaspheming infidels.

    Islam is what it is today because the good Muslims are battered by people like this hypocrite, and are taught not to speak out against other Muslims or do anything that is “agaist Islam”. When in power they use coercion, often brutal – all this in the name of Islam.

  26. Oh poor Abu mussad, you are already bowing out? I hope I did not scare you away.
    Sorry everybody if I scared him off.
    (But I bet it was Sandy who scared him off, a woman ànd a muslim. With an opinion…. A different opinion! Scary Sandy.)

    So, how do Muslim men imagine they can ”protect” anybody when they are not even game for a good debate?

    You doubt ”freedom of speech” here? You have such double standards. You are insulting to everybody with a different religion, or no religion. or with a more healthy view of your religion, by calling everybody who converts as a revert. And we all now what that entails, so almost everybody here (don’t worry, there are some like minded salafis too who will applaud you) is pretty offended by your denigrating use of the word ”revert”.

    But have you noticed you are allowed to say it anyway? And I asked you to stop using the word as it was offending to me.
    Where do I curtail freedom of speech? I asked you to choose a different less offending word. Like ”convert”.

    Did you get my comment on straw man arguments? Apparently not. Read it again, and learn to make better arguments. If you go on like this you will loose every debate here.
    But maybe you already realize you are too far below our level of intelligence to debate us so now you are running off.

  27. May you be touched by His noodly Appendage and gain more courage.
    I won’t hope you will revert to Pastafarianism at this point, but a bit of spunk to enter a debate would be a great improvement.

  28. Perhaps Mr. Mussab would like to explain why raping women on University campuses, as he says, is bad and proves that those terrible infidels need the truth (his truth, of course)

    yet women being raped by Mohammed and his men – as detailed in the hadith – (take for example the attack on the Banu al-Mustaliq or after the battle at ) is just fine and dady?

    Or is it just that morals and honesty are for infidels, not Muslims.

    As I said before, tell me, Abu Mussab, have you actually read the Quran and hadith?

  29. AbuMussad, Look, you are free to comment or not, other people who are interviewed here have the conviction and guts to debate on the ionterview they did. But suit yourself, I am still going to comment on you whether you run away or not.

    This is one of the things you wrote:
    *Honeymoon is classic example. It is brought from another religion and not merely cultural.*

    Apart from the fact that you are wrong, a honeymoon has nothing to with religion whatsoever, everything in islam comes from other religions, don’t you know that?

    -Large parts of the Quran are plagiarized from other sources, the bible for one.
    – walking around a block of stances is pagan, the obsession with the number 7 is pagan, throwing rocks at imaginary boogymen is pagan, kissing a meteorite is pagan, drinking ”magic” water is pagan. Shaving the head is pagan, the wearing nonstitched clothes is pagan. Actually Hindu.
    So the whole hajj experience is a pagan ritual absorbed into Islam.
    -The inaccurate moon calendar is pagan
    -covering women is a Jewish custom

    So most of Islam is based on earlier religions, including pagan religions. So why forbid a bit of fun like a honeymoon which has nothing to with any religion?
    That is actually one of the few things you can leave in!

  30. LOL Bella Vita said of Abu Mussab ‘Someone who does not waver in their beliefs even while speaking to those of different faiths’

    Still so proud of him? He isn’t even strong enough in his beliefs to be able to have a conversation with people of different beliefs. He seems very, very weak to me and afraid to attempt to back up his own words. He wants us to listen to his flowery words so that we might get brainwashed by their beauty rather than read them since we all know brainwashing doesn’t work as well via the written word! As he said ‘ it contains the tone of voice and the manner of speech which can make some issues more digestible’
    As can be noticed here with the written word it is much easier to notice that NOTHING is really being said even though a whole BUNCH of words get used. Cracks me UP! I have never in my life seen as many words used while not really saying ANYthing at all of substance as I have by Islamic ‘scholars’ trying explain the ‘beauty’ of Islam. I think he’s probably just an opportunistic fake anyway. Notice how he uses the name of Jesus without a pbuh after it? All I can see is THANK GOODNESS he left MY country and lives where he can live happily in his delusions!

  31. Sadly I have stopped being surprised when discussions of religion quickly cease from being a discussion to an attack. I knew that there would be widely contrasting points of view but I was hoping that we could have a good give and take on expounding of views towards better understanding. I’m not saying agreement but understanding!

    I hope that many have taken the time to listen to the audio. When we conducted the video, I was typing Abu Mussab’s responses as fast as I could but I was unable to capture every word on the keyboard. Plus as he stated, it is also important to hear the tone used when sharing perspectives.

  32. So Abu Mussad, I am breaching ”freedom of speech” by not ”submitting” to your ideas? Which I think are completely wrong? There is actual a lot of proof which shows that babies are born without any sense of religion or gods. There is absolutely no proof that they are Muslim by default. They are non-religious by default.

    You have absolutely no idea what freedom of speech means. Nobody is impeding your freedom of speech, and I am exercising my own freedom of speech by challenging your mistaken ideas.

    Nobody limits you freedom of speech, you are the one who chooses to limit your own freedom of speech by choosing not to comment :mrgreen:

  33. I apologize for namecalling but I don’t apologize for calling this kind of thinking dangerous. The holocaust in Europe taught Western Christians (at least those in the mainstream churches) that ideas have consequences and that demonizing the Jews in scripture and prayer was dangerous. The Muslim world hasn’t had that kind of experience and many still believe that they can know an absolute truth and act upon it. You find the same ideas in parts of Orthodox Judaism.

    Islam needs to understand that it does not know the absolute truth (and cannot know it) and must not act as if God is behind every action. Unfortunately I don’t see any sign that Muslims understand that their are limits to their truth.

  34. Lynn, don’t party too early, he is only in Saudi Arabia to learn and then he will come back and ”teach” Saudi Wahhabism in your country.
    He is on the gravy train for life now, he gets his tuition paid by the Saudis, and then he gets sent back, gets a mosque, and gets paid again for making sure Muslims in the west do not start to think for themselves but become crazy nutters that you cannot have a conversation with. Like Abu mussad himself.

  35. Abu Mussad said: * I received my own channel on youtube with worldwide viewers which had a domino effect of exposure and divine plans.*

    There’s nothing special about getting a you-tube channel, you don’t ”recieve” it, you just get one. Everybody can get a you-tube channel. I myself have a you tube channel. Actually, I have ”recieved” two.

    divine plans”… This is starting to sound worrying. So you think there are lots of ”divine plans” especially for you??? Maybe you should see a specialist. This is not normal.

  36. Abu Mussab believes in honeymoons but with some parameters in place for Muslims. I just wanted to correct that misunderstanding.

    I get the impression that some may believe Muslims have a different God than the rest who believe in God…

  37. I know Abu Mussad said he had a following in the West which adored him more than many Saudis. I do hope he is stressing hijra since it can’t be good for Muslims to be around those who drink and dress unislamically. If Muslims shouldn’t honeymoon in those countries, they most certainly should not LIVE in them. See, I am for an Islamic state – in a country full of Muslims who want it.

    For the record, I read this post with a “good tone of voice” in mind. I didn’t mind his thoughts so much until I read about women being jewels. I just hear that so much as a justification for limiting women’s freedom and I find it highly unjust. My Syrian friend told me the other day “Susie, you really are interested in women’s issues.” and he sat there on Skype and read me an article from the Guardian about an imam instructing women on wearing nail polish. The Afghani woman writing said,

    “The bearded man finished the sermon with the words: “And that’s what being a Muslim woman feels like.” Seriously?

    I, for one, would never dare to tell Muslim men what it feels like to be a man. The beards and the hairy chests are a mystery to me, as are the practice of circumcision and those notorious male hormones. Equally, I never understood the pull of global jihad that dro…ve so many young men to my tragic Afghan homeland where they practised shooting in an already destroyed country. I don’t know what’s going on in their hot heads and they, in turn, don’t know what it’s like to be harassed despite wearing the hijab on a hot summer’s day in Kabul.”

  38. Abu mussad said:
    *There are places where women are raped such as University campuses or on the streets because the women have not been protected in the same manner as Islam has protected their women. There are men hunting for women, who are crazy, who are sick and sexually fascinated with women, so paving the way for them where women become an easy prey is a problem for the woman and society at large. So it is imperative to provide the protection for woman and she is provided her right to be treated like a queen.*

    Women do not get habitually raped in normal societies. It is true that the more misogynistic a society is, and the less rights women have in a society the greater the incidence of rape. As Saudi Arabia is the most misogunist country on earth, where women are not even legally adult, and we know they get punished for the crime of being a rape victim, we can deduce with a fair level of certainty that the number of rapes will outnumber any other country on Earth. This could be changed by giving women human rights and real protection by law, from all men, even those in their own family.

    From what we hear from women in Saudi Arabia there are indeed many men there who are crazy and sexually obsessed and hunt women. However, as you have lived in the West you should know that in more advanced societies men can behave with discipline, and even be interested in other things than sex.

    So, I have written a list in an earlier comment about what needs to be done to to solve the problems of Saudi society and Saudi women, and stop Saudi and Muslim women from being easy prey.
    That is, in short:
    the empowerment of women
    Why not do you next sermon on the empowerment of women?

    Women do not want to be treated like Queens. they want to be treated like the intelligent sentient beings they really are. I hope you will understand this one day. When you are older and wiser.

  39. The link for YouTube says there is no page to be found.

  40. @Jay,
    I understand what you are saying very well. Which is why I shoot my mouth off whenever I think it will make a difference and I won’t go to jail for it. Many very decent very good Muslims get out-talked by the people who are “scholars” or studying to be “scholars”. Because they actually ARE full of humility, they then think maybe they don’t know best and these “scholars” do. Or these “scholars” try to shame them into toeing the line.

    I’m not easily shamed. I do believe I am actually pretty humble- though I’ll admit it doesn’t look like it- but ordinary folk HAVE to speak up against intolerance. I truly don’t mind if these folk want to live such restricted lives and want to think it’s more authentically Islamic. But they insist on foisting it on others. Anyway, so I run my mouth off- and sometimes it helps enable others to do the same.

    And I”ve raised my sons to be Saudi/Muslim men that I can be proud of, who contribute to society and don’t judge others and treat women with respect. And amazingly my husband manages to treat me well- without imposing restrictions on me. He once said he doesn’t understand how people can do that- he has enough responsibility trying to make sure what HE does is right. Of course we always try to encourage and enable the best in each other.

  41. @aafke – he originally learned his Wahabbi Islam right here in the evil West. He is a good example of what I have said before. That even a ‘born’ Muslim can be infected with convertitis. If he wasn’t too cowardly to have a discussion with non-Muslims I would ask him about his relationship with his family.

    @onigirifb -‘The link for YouTube says there is no page to be found’

    I noticed that also. Perhaps there IS a God! lol

  42. onigirlfb, try this ………..

  43. Try this, much better:

  44. I am not sure if everyone noticed. This man and the Immam of the Masjid he used to attend are both offered scholarships to attend Saudi Shaaria Universities. While Saudis come to the West to learn productive things like Engineering, Computer Science, Medicine, etc. the only knowledge Saudi has to offer the world is Wahhabism. A destructive form of Islam with separatist anti west focus.

    Abu Mussad will return to the US armed with destructive ideas and will be paid for by the Saudi clergy or their donors.

  45. MoQ..I agree. This type of islam makes no room for others. He will teach muslims here that sharia is the only true law and that to think otherwise is blasphemous. How the heck is someone supposed to live like that in a country that is not sharia centered? It will rip at the fabric of society. I believe Norway refuses to accept any saudi money or trained imams into their country. Mosques are fine, but they cannot be financed by the wahabbis. If America had any commomsense they would follow suit. When my church expanded the parishoners paid for it. The same with my friends church…they are paying it off and will be for quite a while.
    IMO saudi islam is the absolute worst thing to happen to Islam.

  46. I noticed. 😦

  47. Welcome to American thinking, where the people of knowledge are made fun of and the entertainers are praised and worshiped!!….Im am a American living in Saudi, I have never met someone here who does not know their Father!……The men here take GOOD care of the Families! and are expected to to be a Man!….We have been brainwashed in the west to think a woman must “come to the table” with something……This is a lie! we woman are to be the foundation of our family, an adviser, a confidant, a teacher, a lover…We altogether have a role that is different then a man!…….I have never felt more at ease and peace then I do here in Saudi Arabia..I found my Womanhood!…We woman in the west have been ROBBED!! …I love alot of things about America, Thats my home..But I will not sit and let you be disrespectful of another Human being!…specifically someone who is trying to spread the word of Allah!!……There are people who want direction..Islam is a road map to life and The Quran was well praised by our founding Fathers….America today is nothing like it was just 100 yrs ago…….And if you dont like what goes on in Saudi DONT COME!! there has to be somewhere on earth that conservitive muslims want to be…YOU HAVE THE REST OF THE WORLD TO GO TO!!….Thank you Carol for your open mind….

  48. @ Susan A.:
    “I envy you doing that interview, it was a great opportunity! I liked most of it, but he hit one point that my husband and I often argue about due to his being raised as a Muslim in the Middle East.
    Everyone over there is convinced women must be protected by their men. This is ignorant on so many levels. For one, not all men are equiped to protect their female family members.”

    I also agree that women need to learn how to protect themselves! In some cases, the woman is stronger than her man. I also believe it is equally important for men to know how to protect themselves.

    Luckily, though my significant other is protective of me, he would love for me to learn how to better defend myself, become skilled at shooting, driving fast, etc. (No, he’s not an American “country boy”…LOL.) In fact, he’d find this sexy.

    “Sadly I have stopped being surprised when discussions of religion quickly cease from being a discussion to an attack. I knew that there would be widely contrasting points of view but I was hoping that we could have a good give and take on expounding of views towards better understanding. I’m not saying agreement but understanding!”

    I feel the same way.

  49. Ok out of respect for Carol I really tried to listen to one of Abu’s sermon….and now I have a headache from trying to understand this guy yelling. Impression- boring. I couldn’t even finish listening to one session as it was full of arrogant us vs. them persecution mentality whereby not only Jews and Christians are thier enemies but other Muslims who don’t believe in his black and white interpretations of Islam are also the enemy who are trying to destroy Islam from the face of this world. Again…Blech. standard Salafist drivel imo. Sad that this narrow interpretation of Islam is funded by oil money and spread accross the world. Good to know there are still intelligent Muslims out there who see the harm this guy is preaching.

    As to “protecting” women as if they are jewels objectifies women as if they are not intelligent human beings created by God. Further argument that this is akin to protecting shows the insulting opinion abu has of women. Women are no longer equal but reduced to perpetual children who are helpless and must be cuddled. That is no way to honor women.

  50. @isnumo,
    Forgive me for being facetious, but your comment reminded me of some of the tea party rants, only if you were starting it up in Saudi Arabia.

  51. Abu Musab,
    I have a legitimate question. I remember learning about Islam and the importance of “niyah” which means intention, That your pure intentions from the inside will influence your outside behavior. I had the strong sense though, that in Saudi, many of the behaviours were being enforced from the “outside-in”. Do you observe that discrepency? And if so, why do you think that is?

  52. I alway get a big laugh when I hear Muslims describe their practices as God’s laws. There certainly in no evidence of any direct contact between God and Mohammed (other this his visions). The Koran was compiled long after the original verses were recited. Sharia law is no less man made than any other. At least in most other system there might have actually been a woman involved. In Saudi Arabia and in Islam in general the laws are really man made.

    So do you want a law system made only by men? Then go to Islam. Guaranteed to have a y chromosome on every page!

  53. @isnumo – ‘I am a American living in Saudi, I have never met someone here who does not know their Father!……The men here take GOOD care of the Families! and are expected to to be a Man!’

    LOL Clearly you didn’t catch Carol’s LAST post about the poor starving woman and her family of 20 that have ALL been abandoned by Muslim men.

  54. Every faith has its adherents adn they think their faith is the ONE. i see no difference in this person’s interview. He caters to the muslims, if they don’t like himthey can toss him out. or ignore him or whatever it is they do to ignore someone’s teachings. As long as he doesn’t preach to me and force me or coerce me in anyway i really don’t have an opinion on him or his brand of islam. I would if he compared islam to other religions ( maybe mine) and said islam was better. But as long as he’s sticking to his own, he can shout from the roof tops and i would be OK with that.

  55. We had a dawah visit today ,unfortunately i had to turn them away , since we were all sleepy from having a day-late new year eve party ( sigh!!! we usually spend new years eve working waiting for the idiots to stagger in)
    Anyway they were a bit surprised when i said we had a very late night at a party and they wanted to know if we celebrate new yr a day late because my spouse was muslim !!!!! err no, we spend new yr eve working so us unfortunate souls have decided to have our new yr party the day we are off .. but it made me laugh . I would have loved to listen to the gems out of their mouth as they tried to convert me but i was tooo tired and F was out cold so had to turn them away.

    but i admire their dedication, it’s cold and windy and dull and a holiday and to come home to home.. ughhh lots of dedication.

  56. @radhaa – If that is what you are looking for you should check out his You Tube channel ! 😉

  57. @Isnumo,
    If you try reading Arab News- or talk to people who work in Hospitals or orphanages- you will find there are people who don’t know their fathers in Saudi. But because the shame of unwed motherhood is so great the children get dumped in an orphanage. Great start in life- especially since it is so hard to adopt here.

    Glad you are enjoying it. Hope you never need any sort of legal help with what ever man has legal control of you because you probably won’t get any. But you seem the type that will accept any type of treatment and taking care of as a “jewel”.

  58. Radhaa, do you mean that they think celebrating New Year is wrong (something the kuffaar do), but celebrating it one day later is suddenly ok?
    I would think that it would be wrong anyway.
    You know, fun, family, friends visiting, people talking, laughing, maybe even.. music?
    So many people on this blog live an abandoned lifestyle.

    Ishuno, So glad you have found a place where you can be happy living the lazy slave-lifestyle, the pleasure of knowing that you really are a lowly lifeform, and can look forward to gain more hasanat by sharing whatever man owns you with other younger, prettier wives whenever he feels he deserves an upgrade.
    It really will help that you seem quite unaware of the troubles which beset many Saudis, and Saudi children. It clearly pays to be deaf and blind. It certainly enhances your happiness.

    Besides the children born out of wedlock so many children in Saudi Arabia do not know who their father is because he abandoned them and left them to life a life of poverty and squalor, having taken away their future. Your children could face that at any time. Enjoy the wonderful feeling of safety this knowledge will give you. If you weren’t a foreigner, and sure to be thrown out of the country as soon as you loose your usefulness to whatever Saudi sponsors you, you might easily end up like the poor lady we saw on the video in an earlier post. A ghost like existence, without an owner, useless, no way out and forced to live in abject poverty, begging for handouts from whoever will give her and her futureless children some food.

  59. Isn’t it amazing that the Quran is so clear and easy to understand and for all people and all times, and that everything you ever need to know is in there, and then they add that only scholars can really interpret the quran and explain to the believers what they should do and what they should believe, and most important, what they shouldn’t do?

    And how does that work out?
    Not too good. The Muslims I know who do not go to mosques, but consider belief as private between them and god, (and I know quite a few from different places on the globe) are so much nicer and more humane than the ones who listen to the scholars, like abu mussad. And much happier.

    What is it with religious ”scholars”, of all faiths, that they need to suppress any kind of fun or pleasure?
    Is it to blackmail the people? You will lead a gray and dead life now but when you are really dead there’s all the booze and sex you always wanted?

  60. @aafke – i don’t know why they asked me that, maybe because they don’t celebrate new year and figured we didn’t either ,i was hurrying them along so i could get a nap and didn’t bother talking.
    I love new year parties, it’s the only time i can get F to dance . This yr my daughter and her friends got involved and they came up with some very fun games.

  61. @Aafke, even more ironic these guys are the same ones that will talk about Islam being superior because there is no clergy. And yet they themselves act like clergy! If you look at the picture you will see he is not wearing an egal. Most of them do that. The actual Haia are usually wearing a mishlah. They have even created “vestments” like the Christian clergy. It’s amazing.

  62. What’s the point of having a religion if there’s no clergy to benefit???
    I think the Christian clergy have prettier ”vestments” though…
    It would be pretty cool if there really was no clergy in Islam, but not only do they have clergy, the clergy are obsessed with telling people what to do in every little detail of your life! At least a catholic priest will let you decide for yourself how you enter the bathroom…
    Not to mention obsessed with women…. What they wear, What they do with hairs growing in the wrong places… where they look, how many eyes they have showing… how they eat ice cream….

    Radhaa, another household full of abandoned women… music, dancing, laughter and fun… No wonder the dawah people need to visit you!

  63. American Bedu, thank you for having this interview.

    Abu Musaab,

    Living in the Kingdom with some of the rules in effect ultimately impact on society at large. If people do not understand the wisdom behind restrictions then they may rebel.

    What is some of the wisdom behind restrictions such as women driving, when we know female Sahabis used to ride camels or even lead armies into battle (most famously Ayesha peace be upon her in the Battle of the Camel) ? How is such a restriction based on religion?

    The Islamic state is where everyone is living and given their rights.

    Can a non-Muslim citizen of an Islamic state become the leader of the state?

    This is the ideal Islamic state. One God is worshiped, justice is served and what God revealed is the governing law of the world; not man-made laws which oppress human beings

    Forbidding women from work, driving, or even talking to men (which, btw, again women during the time of the Prophet did) are all man made laws oppressing women, will you admit this?

    An Islamic state is where the Creator knows what is suitable and legislates; then people go by the legislation.

    Islam only legislates a few things, men legislate the next. Remember there were different rulings in effect for the same situation during the times of Umar, Usman and Ali (may Allah be pleased with them). Why did they change their laws if legislation was fixed and finalized by Islam, as you say?

    The idea of non-Muslims being in Saudi is a controversial aspect of religion and which scholars have already issued verdicts.

    Remember that there was non-Muslims living in Medina during the times of the Caliphs. Umar was killed by a non-Muslim Persian.

    There are areas where only women should be working; men should not be playing these roles

    Where do you get this? What is your religious source?

    There are men hunting for women, who are crazy, who are sick and sexually fascinated with women

    Have you seen the Google trends for countries that search the most for these things online? It may surprise you.

  64. @Radhaa – I was surprised to hear your received a dawah visit. I was not aware that such visits were placed in the States.

  65. Carol – It’s not a told as such, but they do visit and CHAT about islam and other such to ME!! i don’t know how else to take it 🙂 these are groups of about 2 -4 women who come say hi usually sat/sun afternoons and chit chat, but as we don’t have anything in common i call them dawah visits . That’s what F thinks they are.
    No offense but they are not pushy or such, actually they are nice i usually never tell them anything about my faith/beleifs etc., i just listen, smile, offer them tea . They do ask me if i want to visit their group for prayer session etc., i have politely refused and they have never taken offense ( atleast i don’t think so) , but apart from that we move in entirely diff social circles and i never see them socially.

  66. @Sandy – you to isnomo ‘But you seem the type that will accept any type of treatment and taking care of as a “jewel”.’

    Are you going to insist that we feel sorry for HER if/when she finds herself on a street corner begging because her man abandoned her?

  67. @Radhaa – thanks for explaining!

  68. I think many Muslim women need to be protected from their own men more often than not.

    Abu Massab … Are not adult Muslims strong enough with their faith to avoid the temptations of the non-Muslim world if they are in it? In my opinion a strong faith will keep anybody on the straight and narrow and following the dictates of their religion.

  69. @ Sandy…

    Thank for pointing that out…maybe I should have figured it out by now but I guess I didn’t realize they weren’t considered or don’t consider themselves clergy. That is really eyeopening because they sure look, act and sound like clergy. A protestant minister who is married and leads a church could be called clergy even though some don’t wear vestments. And like the imams they get paid (usually) for their service to the church…some more or less depending if it is a fulltime job or not. SO if they are not “clergy” what are they exactly?

  70. Mezba, excellent comment. And as you are neither a silly woman nor an ignorant kuffar, I hope Abu mussab wil deign to answer your excellent points.
    If he can.
    But he probably can’t.

    Anyway, nice work, nice to see you back here.

  71. I don’t insist anyone feel sorry for anyone. I just don’t think much of people with plenty of opportunity who judge those with virtually none. Personally I would have less sympathy for someone who wilfully chooses to be weak. I would feel very sorry for their children though.

  72. I had originally posted a somewhat crude opinion of this gentleman on an earlier blog post of yours. I do have to say that his interview with you put him in a much more appealing light. However, I still believe that he is not in a place to pass more than basic religious knowledge on to others. Especially when it comes to such a public venue as youtube. I think that he sees that (to an extent) when he said he does not have knowledge or understanding to make suggestions about replacing expats with Saudis. I wish he recognized that humble approach with many of the other things he has addressed.

    Over all, I feel I should say sorry to him (sorry).

  73. For the record….My Husband and I have no sponsor…..We are investors….if You are interested in starting a company in Saudi please see our facebook page @…

  74. Abu Musab, I just recently fell on your Youtube videos and really appreciate all the efforts you are putting in to educate the Muslims.

    The Prophet Muhammad faced a lot more of enmity. So, do not let the harsh words of some people here affect you (I am sure it doesn’t anyway).

    Keep up the good work, bi’ithnillah.

  75. Abu Mussab, I agree with Umm Abdullah.

    Its upsetting to see Muslims attacking you in the way that they do and if it hurts us, then Allah alone only knows how you must feel. You have been an inspiration for a lot of people, including myself, and I pray Allah rewards you for your effort in seeking the truth and conveying it to others.

    Words of the Prophet, Peace be upon Him, that motivate me and keep me going:
    “Islam began as something strange, and it shall return to being something strange, so give glad tidings to the strangers.”

  76. Abu Mussab, I agree with Umm Abdullah.

    Its upsetting to see Muslims attacking you in the way that they do and if it hurts us, then Allah alone only knows how you must feel. You have been an inspiration for a lot of people, including myself, and I pray Allah rewards you for your effort in seeking the truth and conveying it to others.

    Words of the Prophet, Peace be upon Him, that motivate me and keep me going:
    “Islam began as something strange, and it shall return to being something strange, so give glad tidings to the strangers.”


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