Saudi Arabia: A Surprise on a Saudi Aircraft…or not?



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  1. I talk to some really ignorant people who believe that Muslims worship the Moon God or something, and it gives me great pleasure to disabuse them of that notion. Right now, Muslims need someone who is articulate in English speaking for them. People need to know simple little things like Allah SWT is simply the Arabic word, with suitable honorific for God.

    I am happy to see this on the side of a Saudi plane as it means that finally someone is waking up to the idea that the kafir need to know that Muslims are not a threat to them, but are mostly loving people who have the same cares as others.

    Having said that, it amazes me how nasty Saudis can be to each other.
    And this is right from the mouth of the horse.

  2. I am surprised because I didn’t think Saudis would use expressions that are common among Christians.

  3. Yes, I was thinking along the same lines as Jerry. It’s cute though. I am glad they want God to bless us, too! 🙂

  4. What does the Arabic script say?

  5. @Jerry,

    It says “Allah the protector” or “Allah protects” both can be accurate translations.

  6. I think it is nice, but who says it is for the kafir? Isn’t there some equivalent term in arabic that when translated, says something close to this?

  7. @Oby,

    There was no mention of anything relating to Kafir. It is Gwendolyn colorful addition like the last unnecessary bit about Saudi’s being nasty to each other 😉

  8. To me, that expression means someone just sneezed….so it’s a little funny to see it on a plane no matter WHO put it there! 🙂

  9. Gwendolyn, it really amazes me that you, as an ex-muslim, always have some nasty jibe towards Saudis in all your latest comments.
    As a newfangled Mormon don’t you think you should maybe spend your time exploring your latest religious choice?

    Okie, LOL!!!! 😈

  10. Ah…now I know who Gwendolyn is.

    Anyway, this doesn’t surprise me at all. Many signings etc are in Arabic/English here. That is just how they chose to translate the Arabic. I don’t think it is meant for Kafir or non-Kafir- it is merely a translation from the local language to the international one. In fact, since more Muslims probably speak English than Arabic it may be geared towards them.

  11. I always believed that these two words were intended for the plane itself, so it won’t fall out and every passengers will be safe.

  12. It is very strange to see such a very large airplane on the dirt. Actually I would think it is impossible. Was this an emergency landing? Does anybody know?

  13. @nassima…

    that is an interesting thought…sort of like a good luck charm or an extra added layer of “protection”…just in case. Can’t hurt to take every precaution.

  14. Except when the plane burns and everybody dies.

  15. The pic does look photoshopped :)- When I flew saudi air some ten years ago or so as an expat, the pilot did read some verses from koran and hadith related to blessing of the journey; at both take-off and landing. A saudi colleague later told me that pilots also carry a copy of koran in the cockpits to ward off evil. Not sure but I would reckon other muslim airlines do the same??

    There was a story a few years back about a southwest air pilot who invoked a few verses from the bible at both takeoff and landing. There were quite a few protests from passengers, including the pilot union. Needless to say, the pilot was put on suspension/probation.

    Different strokes for different folks :)-

  16. I was being facetious..guess that didn’t come through. LOL!

  17. All long haul public transport in Islamic countries have prayers at the beginning and end of a trip. I’ve been on planes, trains and buses and they are all the same. I’ve not seen or heard anything in English though … at least not that I can remember. Now I’m trying to think if Gulf Air has both English and Arabic prayers…. ?

  18. I was supporting you in your facetiousness!
    I had been googling Saudi airplane crash to see if I could find this picture, because I don’t think a Boeing 747 can land on dirt, and I found a report of a Saudi plane making a crash landing due to a fire and while taxiing all passengers and crew died.
    Now you would think that an all powerful deity who is so desperate for constant praying, adulation and grovelling from the believers would have helped out here a bit.
    Especially as almost every passenger was a pilgrim.

    Honest Abe might have a point, I have googled a lot of pictures of Saudi planes, but none of them .showed any writing like this.

  19. Also there is a weird pixellation around the text. I vote for photoshop.

  20. This is about Saudi flight HZ AIS which landed in the desert. I received an email with about 15 different pics.

    When I lived in Pakistan there was a joke about PIA airlines in that PIA stood for ‘Prayers in Air.’ I also experienced readings from the Quran on many national airlines from Islamic countries prior to take off and right before landing.

  21. Cool! Clever landing!

  22. Aafke: You are right. I need to bridle my tongue. Yes, and my LDS sisters would correct me if they knew what I said. Astigfirallah. um sorry.

    As far as the plane being on the dirt, I think they must tow it to get it out of there before they start the engines, or I hope so. I think it would suck up things and FOD the engine, but who knows maybe the owners are rich and can just get another engine?

  23. Aafke-it’s not photoshop! I thought I had some pics on this and I found some of stuff you’ll only see happening onboard Saudi airlines…:)

  24. @Gwen:

    Christians are not kuffar, they are Ahl al Kitab (People of the Book). There is a complete difference.

    @Honest Abe:

    I think it is real. When I googled this image, I found it on two other sites:

    As for me being surprised well, seeing as how the KSA currently houses the two holiest sites in Islam…not really.

  25. Sorry, it is my ignorance, thank you for helping me in this matter.

    The pictures, OH WOW. Thanks to Allah SWT for giving the pilot the skill to get the plane on the ground this good. And from looking at the rear tire truck marks, the aircraft must have spinned, wallah ! What a ride! LOL. I think everyone must have been praying when they got off. LOL The aircraft is very heavy so the wheels sunk in the desert. Gasp! Sigh, this would be too much for me. 🙂

  26. By contrast, the Israeli national air carrier, El Al, might have a quote from Karl Marx, or alternatively, some marketing-brained tag line. The Saudi airline’s choice provides the advantage of serving as propaganda that represents Saudi Arabia as a G-d oriented society (correctly or wrongly).

  27. Al Mutazili:
    I had once dreamed of visiting KSA, to see the country, and examine the Geological, and Archeological places. From the few places I have seen in photos, I think it would be very fascinating. Parts of KSA look very much like Southern Utah. Perhaps in another life…

    I even imagined being married to good man. But now at my age, it is just the dream of an old woman.

  28. Gwendolyn, I think you have forgotten that you are an apostate, first to conservative Christianity, and later to Islam.
    You are an ex- Muslim.
    You are now looking into Mormonism, so you should be invoking Xenu or something.

    I think the skill of the pilot was his own and any kind of God, be it Allah, Xenu, Zeus, or Wodan, or Mithras, or whatever, had nothing to do with it. Or if you think he/she/they had, what do you say to ”god” when a whole plane of religious pilgrims burns to death?

    Do I hear ”God is such a bastard for letting his/her own worshipers die such a horrible protracted death”?

  29. I am apostate by “someone’s” definition, but not to God. He knows what happens here on earth. The reason that I have moved around in religion is that I search for the true God, not the plastic one. It has been a long, painful at times, pilgrimage but I would not have missed it for the world. “I’ve had the time of my life.”

    Finally, it has become clear that there are the religous and those who love God the Creator. I want to be the latter, but sometimes sight of that is lost.

    When thrown out of the Christian Church for not conforming. It hurt deeply but still there was the search for the Creator. When introduced to Islam, the supplication in the prayers felt more right than ever anything in life for me. However, many of the Muslims I met were meaner than mad dog. Allah SWT knows what they did. Eventually they made me feel too uncomfortable. I abandoned them, not God.

    So, now with the LDS, is this real? Did you know that some tell outrageous lies about the LDS? Hmmm you should not be surprised because there are some who tell outrageous lies about Muslims too. Did you not know this? When I was Muslim, some told outrageous lies about Christians too. Where is my Creator in all this?

    It is heartbreaking that so few search for the one true God, the Creator of all things, the one “I am”. I don’t subscribe to so much of the old dogma, which I think was just an excuse by the evil at heart to find a reason to act out their meanness.

  30. What pilots read is not from the Quran but they imitate the prophet who says these words when he travels – peace be upon him-. I brought the translation of what they say here.

    Ibn Umar (Allah be pleased with them) reported that whenever Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) mounted his camel while setting out on a journey, he glorified Allah (uttered Allah-o-Akbar) thrice, and then said: Hallowed is He Who subdued for us this (ride) and we were not ourselves powerful enough to use It as a ride, and we are going to return to our Lord. O Allah, we seek virtue and piety from Thee in this journey of ours and the act which pleaseth Thee. O Allah, lighten this journey of ours, and make its distance easy for us. O Allah, Thou art (our) companion during the journey, and guardian of (our) family. O Allah, I seek refuge with Thee from hardships of the journey, gloominess of the sights, and finding of evil changes in property and family on return.

  31. Gwendolyn: Please forgive me for sticking my nose into your personal business, but changing religions is not the solution. My advice is to stick with Islam and search out the correct group within the Muslim community. Changing your faith won’t work.

  32. @ Gwen

    Read my comment on debate page.

  33. @Gwen,

    “It is heartbreaking that so few search for the one true God, the Creator of all things, the one”

    I have the perfect link to help you with your search

    The site will provide you with a deity of the day. I am sure if you pay attention and pray to each deity in turn for the next 30 years you would have them all pleased with you.

    May the gods smile on you, all 10,000 of them

  34. @Gwen,

    The link is even more brilliant than I thought. It provides RSS and face book feeds. You can set them up to remind you of your god of the day automatically.

    Now the only problem with this is you lose the ability to tell any of those deities, you have not heard about him/her. You better have a very methodical way of worshiping each for 24 hrs and do not create any animosities by giving extra time to one god over another.

    God wars produce natural disasters…

  35. Woehahahahahaaa! Excellent website!

    Gwendolyn, That should keep you going for a while, and now you can be sure not to leave out any possibility, and you can rest assured that you have worshipped the one (or more) true God(s) at least once :mrgreen:

  36. Allah SWT knows the black cruelty in your heart.

  37. @Gwen,

    Edward Current is a pioneer in the search for the true God. I hope the video can help you in your tough goal

  38. I think they forgot the word ‘ALL’…God Bless You All

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