Saudi Arabia: How Can Expats Find the Perfect Compound?


Treasury Group has been developing service since end of 2009 and has thus acquired an extensive expertise in reaching expats who are relocating in Saudi Arabia and looking for the right residential place. Having based ourselves on the features demanded by large residential compounds, we have created innovative, user-friendly website that is now available to the top Saudi residential compounds and thus the best choice for any expat looking for reliable information about accommodation in Saudi Arabia. is not only a house searching tool. We try to keep our website updated all the time to assure the flow of people toward it. We provide information about activities, jobs, entertainment and services through our forum section.


Right Compound latest Brochure


3 Responses

  1. All the people I knew did not get to choose their compound. We were told where we would live.

  2. @blooming – It depends on your sponsor whether you choose or if your sponsor provides the housing.

  3. let’s say i really wanna study in princess nora university and i’m a non arabic speaker. do you think it is easy to find affordable logment? what are the range of prices you usually have in this area? i searched @ but for a twenty year old student what would you recomend? thx in advance

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