Saudi Arabia/USA: Yes, Some REALLY are That Naïve



7 Responses

  1. I’d love to see a version of what Arabs say to Americans. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I hear comments like this from other people …… in Saudi Arabia! At least the folk outside have the ‘excuse’ of being more ignorant

  3. A fun clip from what looks and sounds like an American-Arab girl doing the Blonde joke skit.

  4. I was called a terrorist in the parking lot of a Hospital in America.

  5. And I’ve been called an American whore in a parking lot of a grocery store in KSA, Gwendolyn. Ignorance is everywhere.

  6. As a white person I’m really getting fed up with these videos. The girl who made “shit white girls say to black girls” was on “Anderson” the other day. Why? So she can be applauded for making all white people look like ignorant morons? How ignorant are these videos?! Painting all white people with the same broad brush. VIdeos like this should not be allowed; in my opinion they just spread hate and racism and are insulting.

  7. That means the guy that called Gwendolyn a terrorist and the guy who called Linda an “American whore” could fall in love with each other. Let’s set up a first date! 😉

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