Saudi Arabia/Palestine/Israel/Jordan: American Bedu Reviews ‘Olives’

During the 2011 holiday season I was very fortunate to receive several books from authors to read and review.  All the books are either about Saudi Arabia or the region.

The first book which I have finished reading is ‘Olives’  by Alexander McNabb.  Olives is described as a violent romance and takes place in Jordan.  It is a story of fiction but gives insights to the undercurrents which take place in the region and particularly between Israel and Palestine.

The book features British journalist Paul Stokes who arrives in Jordan to work on a contract with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Jordanian national of Palestinian origins, Aisha Dajani.

Paul and Aisha work together at the Ministry and a romance blossoms between the two of them.  However Paul is informed by British Intelligence agent, Gerald Lynch, that Aisha and her family may not be all that they seem.

Paul is coerced by Lynch to spy on the Dajani family.  He is directed to gain information on Aisha’s brother, Daoud, who heads up a consortium which is bidding on a contract on how to replenish and save dwindling water resources as Jordan and Palestine face drought.  However, Daoud’s solution to this crisis is at a loss to the Israelis.

Olives takes one into the life of the Dajani’s and the history of their family, including how they became displaced from their native Palestine.  The book describes vivid details on the politics and emotions which reign between Israel and Palestine.

The book is set against a backdrop of a romance, which is violent at times, political intrigue, customs of the Middle East and espionage.

If you would like to know more about Olives, visit the website:


Olives is an American Bedu recommended read.


15 Responses

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I always enjoy hearing what others read and recommend.

  2. Sounded interesting so I downloaded a sample on kindle. It hooked me fast enough to order it. Thanks for the recommend. Pleasantly surprised it was only 5.99 for the kindle version.

  3. It is a fast and mesmerizing read.

  4. Thank you AB it is in the Kindle.

  5. I’m only delighted you’ve all enjoyed it and found the book so compelling – agents in the UK thought it “wasn’t dramatic enough” and “started too slowly” – or “Dealt with events in a place the public isn’t interested in”, so you’ve already proven the point one writer friend of mine made: “Agents are like eunuchs in the Ottoman court. They think they know what it is, they see it all around them every day but they are simply unable to do it themselves…”


  6. It is not yet available in book form in Canada it seems and I do not have an E-reader yet. It looks interesting so I will watch for it.

  7. Hi Wendy – you can buy a printed copy of Olives in Canada or the US from – Linked here!

    You can also get it on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo and others. All the links to those are on the Olives website!

    One is, if nothing else, opportunist! 🙂

  8. I hope the author pops in and sees your comment, Wendy!

  9. I popped… 🙂

  10. i got iot on kindle.. now i have a fine on-call coming up and if i don’t anger the on-call gods then i might get to read it .:-)

  11. Ok finished it. Quick read. I enjoyed it but there were a couple of plot jumps. As an American who has grown up hearing only Israel’s side it gave me some things to think about. I think some more reading into the Palestinian Israeli conflict is in order for me.

  12. That was quick work! Glad you enjoyed it, curious about the ‘plot jumps’! 🙂

  13. onigirifb, Off topic for a minute but if you can get Al Jazeera they have the most wonderful stories and documentaries online and on TV that show tons of stories about BOTH sides of the issue.

    Alexander, thanks for posting that. I will first contact Amazon and Chapters in Canada to see if they will bring it in and failing that will order from .com. I look forward to reading the book!

  14. Wendy, it’s only available as a print book on in N. America and Canada at the link I shared above, priced at $15.99 – or as a Kindle ebook priced at a much more reasonable $4.99! ebooks also from B&N, iBooks and other online retailers.

    Somethin’ for everyone! 🙂

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