Saudi Arabia: Caring Domestic Worker

Only in Saudi Arabia!


6 Responses

  1. I’m guessing that the lower pink portion is a skirt, the white portion is a belly… but then it looks like it all moves straight into a niqab, without even any arms. So it all looks kind of… anatomically impossible…

  2. very cute!

  3. The lady is wearing something pink ,the white and black is something like sack around her waist ,where they keep the kittens .

    Why is it any thig blck has to be a veil ,and niqab is that part of veil that covers head and face.

    oh she is lucky thye dint make her keep a camel there !!
    surely this saudi family might have been to australia ,they made their maid like a kangaroo

  4. If cats and dogs can live side by side why can’t Christians and Muslims? Hint: one is not trying to kill the other.

  5. It seems to be cut n paste………see closely…….

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