Saudi Arabia: Muslims in Iceland

My blog indicates from which countries (and cities) individuals are located when visiting.  I have noticed more recently that American Bedu blog has been receiving visitors from Iceland.  It made me curious about Muslims and Saudis in Iceland.

Obviously there is not a large enough contingent of Saudis in Iceland since the nearest Saudi Embassy which oversees Iceland is the Saudi Embassy in Stockholm.

However, the following articles, (provided by a friend who is originally from Iceland) although a little bit dated, are very interesting in regards to the Muslims in Iceland.


Conflict Between Two Muslim Groups Delaying Mosque Project


Words by Paul Nikolov

Photos by

The city of Reykjavík has decided that it can only give one plot of land for building a mosque, although two separate Muslim groups want one. The chairman of the Muslim Society of Iceland says the situation is “like asking the national church to be with the Jehovah’s Witnesses”.

Fréttablaðið reported that Anna Kristinsdóttir, the director of human rights for the city, said that there are indeed two separate Muslim groups in Iceland: the Muslim Society of Iceland numbering 373 members, and another group numbering 218. Both groups have asked for their own plot of land on which they intend to build their own mosques.

The response from the city, however, has been that the two groups are too small to each get their own plot, and should therefore share one. “We have of course not asked the two groups to combine into one,” she said in part, “but that they could possibly form an umbrella organisation, under which they can operate separately.”

Karim Askari, the chairman of the latter Muslim group, told Fréttablaðið that he wasn’t against sharing a mosque with the Muslim Society of Iceland. Salmann Tamimi, the society’s chairman, disagrees, pointing out that his group has waited 12 years for a mosque of their own, and that the city is responding as if all Muslims believe the same things and worship in the same way.

“Our application is completely different from theirs,” Salmann said in part. “This is like asking the national church to be with the Jehovah’s Witnesses.”

As neither the city nor the Muslim Society of Iceland do not seem to want to budge on the matter, the issue is deadlocked for the time being. Icelandic Council for Endowment in Iceland Muslim Association of Iceland

The Saudi Embassy for Iceland is in Stockholm. estimates 800-1000 muslims in Iceland.


“This is like asking the national church to be with the Jehovah’s Witnesses.”  I find that comment especially amusing, interjects American Bedu.

New Muslim Organization in Iceland


Words by Paul Nikolov

Photos by

Sulaiman Abdullah Alshiddi and Hussein Al Daoudi, from Saudi Arabia and Sweden respectively, have established an organization called The Islamic Endowment in Iceland, Vísir (an Ircelandic newspaper) reports.
The purpose of the group is twofold. On the one hand, to help Muslims in Iceland maintain the characteristics of Islam, and to help Muslim children hold onto their faith and traditions. On the other hand, the group also wants to encourage Muslims in Iceland to learn both Arabic and Icelandic. They also want to teach Muslims Iceland’s laws and societal mores, their rights and responsibilities, and to get Icelanders better acquainted with what Muslims believe.

Salmann Tamimi, the chairman of the Muslim Society of Iceland, told Vísir that the group has not been in contact with him yet, but that he does know they have branches in Sweden, where they engage in charity and educational work. “Hopefully this new group can help us get a mosque in Iceland,” he added.

There are about 600 registered members of the Muslim Society of Iceland, who have been waiting about 11 years for approval for a plot of land to build a mosque in Reykjavík from city council. That approval is still pending.

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  1. I was just in Iceland this summer and the mosque issue has not been resolved. However, something I do wonder is how Muslims fast during Ramadan when it happens in the summer. The sun doesn’t completely set; later during the summer when it does, it only sets for a few hours. So if there are any Muslims reading this who live in Iceland or elsewhere in Northern Europe, I’d love to know what you do during the days of endless sun when it coincides with Ramadan.

  2. I shivered looking at that lovely picture. 🙂

    Yeah, the nerve of Reykjavík thinking all Muslims are the same. Haven’t they seen how the Muslim sects fight each other in Iraq? I think I read over 170 dead so far this year.

  3. As usual not a picture of any women just men. Typical. It amazes me that they can’t get along with each other yet expect others to get along with them.

  4. @Andrea,

    I actually wrote about fasting where the sun does not set several years ago. I hope you enjoy the post:

  5. The most recent issue of Aramco World mag has a very informative article about the world’s northernmost mosque and muslim community in the arctic …

    Disembark at the fog-shrouded, mountain-rimmed, Arctic-gateway harbor of Tromsø, Norway, walk along the cobbled main street with its wooden homes and shops painted bright reds, blues and yellows, and take a left just before the pet shop. There, next to the Natural Medicine Center, you will find Alnor Senter, a simple square building. The former dance studio is now the world’s northernmost mosque.

    Alnor Senter shares that superlative with much else in Tromsø, including the world’s northernmost Protestant cathedral, the northernmost botanical garden, the northernmost brewery and the northernmost symphony orchestra.

  6. @susanne430

    ”Haven’t they seen how the Muslim sects fight each other in Iraq?”

    Aaaah, from where should I start? Your country have no mercy when it come to Iraq. What they did to the Iraq police, security, military and weapon stores? They dismantle them, destroy them, claiming they will build them again. But it was a lie. Iraqis realised that it was a lie. And the question remains, Was creating chaos one of the mission objectives? If so then I can tell they did it will.

  7. It seems that Allah did not know about the earth’s inclination and rotation about the sun.

    What do Muslims do to fast during daylight hours that can last weeks or even months? Cheat! Although the Quran is very clear, for obvious reasons Muslims ignore those verses. Too bad they don’t ignore other verses as well.

    In Argentina they use mecca time, or the equivalent. I will have to see what Carol’s post says.

    Yes, Moonlight, it is always the infidels that cause Muslims to do what they do. Yesterday they made those poor Muslims kill hundred+ in Nigeria. The day before they made Muslims kill Muslims in Afghanistan.

  8. Moon Light, if I thought the US troops were there strapping the bombs to people and telling them to go into shopping centers and mosques and blow up people, I might agree with you. Until an American solider is holding the hands of the bombers and forcing them to shout “Allahu Akbar” as they blow up fellow Iraqis, I will choose to believe Iraqis are quite capable of making choices and unfortunately too many of them have chosen by their own functioning minds that Allah himself gave them to kill their fellow Muslims.

    Don’t make the Iraqis out to be mindless puppets with someone else pulling the strings to make their arms and legs move. That really cheapens them.

    People need to take responsibility for themselves and stop blaming others. It gets old really fast to hear this victim mentality all over the world.

    Muslims kill Muslims. Prove to me otherwise.

  9. Susanne – Unlike the daytime fasting thing, they do take some verses seriously — Muslims too often do the Quran 9:111 thing and note that it says nothing about being selective about the “kill and be killed”. Very nice of Mohammad not to have added “non-believers” to Allah’s words.

    Do you known how rare it is to find a reference to this verse on an Islamic or Muslim website? Like finding hens teeth. Wonder why….

  10. I really don’t understand why they can’t share? can’t they have a curtain in between or something , i’m surethey segregare men and women’s sections? Plus how diff can they be, they follow diff korans??

    Its not cannot share it is do not want to share. So they get 1 piece of land an dput in 2 adjacent halls.. after al it’s just an empty space. build 2 side by side and use them .

  11. Jay, when I see how Muslims kill Muslims I realize why they need such a high birthrate. It’s ridiculous how they treat one another and then turn around and blame the US for it. I’m tired of hearing it. Victim mentalities turn me off. Grow up! Take responsibility!

    I need to make one of those “Sh*t Muslims blame Americans for” videos. I’m not saying we aren’t at fault ever, but are we to blame for every Muslim woe in the world? Are we the ones who *make* them do the dastardly deeds that they do to each other?

    They need to get some mirrors.

  12. Aramco world always has excellent articles and it is also a free publication! I did an earlier post about Aramco World with info on how to get a free subscription. I’ve been receiving it for years and love it.

  13. Hmmmm…. Muslims can share a mosque if they really want to behave like grown-ups. It happens in northern communities here. As for Ramadan, one northern Canadian community adopted Winnipeg’s time zone for Ramadan which made total sense. They had to get approval for it but of course they did. Flexibility in all things is the key.

  14. there are instance s where a church shaes space with a mosque and i think it was in virginia where a synoguage shares space with a mosque..
    A mosque that cannot be shared between 2 muslim factions that basically follow the same koran is illogical and plain stupid.

  15. Andrea- Most Muslims in Finland fast from dawn til sunset, even in the summer when days are long. That means they start fasting roughly around 2 am and continue until 10 pm in northern Finland. The Muslims that live above the arctic circle have a special situation, the sun doesn’t set for 2 months in the summer!
    In those cases it’s advised that they fast according to the schedule of the nearest Muslim country, some fast according to Mecca time.

    On the the other hand in the winter they have it easier, fast might be from 10 am to 3 pm 🙂

  16. I think they should go back to Saudi Arabia which is an islam nation, the land of their dreams. Europe is no place for them unless they stop saying crap about revealing outfits.


    muslims do not blame the US. They blame women (you can see how sexist the men). why should muslims blame the US ? the US company manage their Zam-Zam water supplying because they are lack of intelligent people. LOL so their holy water is managed by DAJJAL nation… hahahaha!!!

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