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The majority of Muslims and Christians really do want to get together to break down walls and build bridges.  Yet for many the question is, how to start?  This is where the Peace Catalyst International Grace and Truth project comes in.  Peace Catalyst International is an organization which gives priority to bringing reconciliation and understanding between Christians and Muslims.

The Grace and Truth project includes a series of documents and a study guide with thought provoking questions for groups to answer.  By following the guidelines of the Grace and Truth project it should be easier and smoother for Christians and Muslims to approach one another and build firm bridges.

For those interested, here are the related documents and study guide/questions for the Grace and Truth project:






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  1. I think yesterday we saw a good sign of starting to abandoned violence and hostility. That when it was announced that (US to cut almost 100,000 troops). Obama stated that he will take a new approach to islamic world and I think Muslims are required in the Quran to have a dialogue with Christian with kindness.

  2. thanks for the info!

  3. Too much sugar and empty meaningless words. As to the “diversity” of the Muslim world — code language for saying it is only ‘some’ Muslims that are hateful and violent — I would like to remind everybody that all Muslims love and respect Mohammad and believe the Quran to be the perfect eternal world of their god. Having said that, it is obvious that the serious, peaceful, knowledgeable well-intentioned Muslim can only be found in company of Bigfoot, Nessie, chupacabras and leprechauns. If a Muslim considers Mohammad to be a great moral example above reproach and condemnation, then he/she is neither peaceful or trustworthy. I can say that based upon hundreds of verses in Islam’s own traditions and histories – any and all of them. Note the importance of the “above reproach and condemnation” clause in the preceding statement. It is a bone thrown to the hungry.

    My formula is much simpler and doesn’t require 24 pages of wishy-washy sweet talk. All Muslims have to do is repeal all apostasy and blasphemy laws, end legal discrimination against non-Muslims (and other Muslims) and then apologize for the hate and violence inflicted upon us by by Muslims in the name of their religion and prophet. Heck, I’d take two out of three.

    Moon, Exactly where in the Quran are “Muslims are required …. to have a dialogue with Christian with kindness”? Must have missed that verse. How do you reconcile ‘kindness’ with a book that has hundreds of verses slandering the followers of Jesus?

    As to O’s new approach… What? more appeasement? Ignoring Islamic aggression and hate? Pretending that Muslims respect us? Is he going to fall on his knees instead of just bowing down?

    Moon, I am sorry to rake you over the coals like this, but I am too old to waste time with silly words and futile gestures. I really don’t see any middle ground in this matter until Muslims come to terms with the evil they do and the theology that stimulates and justifies that evil.

    What Islam needs is a reformation. Oh, I forgot, Islam is perfect so there is no need to reform or change. We may have a problem here.

  4. Jay
    No need for sorry to me. And this is the verse where Muslims required to avoid bad manners when they involve in dialogue with Christians.

  5. I agree with Moon. He has given the qoutation from the Qur’an which is 100% correct. Sorry Jay you need more study of Islam. Jay does not understand what he means by “Islam needs REFORMS”. This is “Hate”.
    If chtistians accept that Qur’an is the last testament, there is no problem so far the religious matters are concerned.

  6. @sami – even if christians DONT accept Koran then there should be no problem 🙂

    Belief is private, what i believe in should be nobody’s business AS long as i don’t care what you beleive in and AS long as i can exist in peace without causing anyone harm.

    I’m married to a muslim and i’m not , heck i’m not even christian or jewish. We both and our kids seemto have NO problemw ith this, we still love each other , our kids seem to be well adjusted and have chosen NOT to follow Islam . The problem is see is from the people outside our family of who have an issue with it. I’m reconciled to our strange combination and my husband is perfectly OK with our kids not following ISLAM. But many many muslims dont’, which is again OK they can have their opinions. Conflict arises when they try to explainthat to us.

    They consider it their Duty to enlighten us. basically it translates to they poke their nose in our family which then causes conflicts. that is the problem i see … mind your business and we’ll mind ours. whatever,whomever ,whichever religion i follow should not brand me as a person, that is between me and god ot the noddle fairy .

    Till everyone stops enforcing their opinion on others there WILL be conflict.

  7. oh and i forget the muslims we com ein contact with seem more pissed not because i’m not a muslim, but because they feel my husband doesn’t follow the tenets of islam correctly 🙂 see again muslims advising muslins. it’s like they all have a direct line to god andhe’s urging them to correct mu husband.. and don’t even get me started onthe 5times a day praying deal… and the judgement that goes along with it.

  8. Okay Moon, I read you information on bad manners. Couple of problems, first the scriptures are opposing so instantly you have issues. Second it say you can deal with them differently if they do an injustice to a muslim. Question: Who defines an injustice. Isn’t that subjective.

    Then how do muslims deal with us non-believers? Death by hanging, beheading, etc. Considering all muslims have to do is have good manners with people of the book.

  9. @ Radha. You are right saying ,its no body’s business to interfere. There is no compultion in religion to change, but you should not use the words like “pissed” God “with small g” .
    Your kids or your husband or yourself, choose whatever you like. Some chose “HELL” others Chose “HEAVEN”. Its matter of choice.
    Can you tell me how many Non-believers have been hanged or beheaded by the Muslims. Have you got any Figure? You just talk in the air without any proof. You do not tell the truth,how you can match Muslims—-Impossible.

  10. So Sami:

    You say I talk in the air. Maybe, I have some examples to go by from those who represent your religion.

  11. @sami – i never talked about non-believers or hanging.. wrong person 🙂

    As for weriting god with a small ‘g’.. !!!! really it matters to god ? did he come and tell you how about in a language where there is no capitalization, are we supposed to bold adn highlight. see this is EXACTLY what i’m talking about, you can type god in capitals i don’t i really don’t need your advise on spelling god’s name. but for some reason you do want to advise me.

    I didn’t say god was pissed, i said muslims were pissed at us. big difference. don’t you think or would you rather not see god adn pissed in the same comment 🙂

    Again implying we choose HELL to your choosing heaven ?? really how do you know ? why should people who don’t follow YOUR ver of islam or any religion for that matter go to hell. and i don’t mean just you i also include those bible thumpers who claim i’ll go to hell when i die since i don’t beleive in their good lord??

    That is why i say people will fight as long they don’t MIND their own business. your interpretation of god is diff than mine doesn’t mean you are right , no one knows that’s why it’s called belief system.

  12. @Radha.
    This discussion is about Christians and Muslims. You are neither Chritian nor a muslim. You do not believe in God,you have no respect for God,you donot believe in Lord. You are neither ETHIEST? What are you? You seem to be believing in Darwins theory.
    As a matter of fact you should not take part in this discussion,because you talk nothing but rubbish. Sorry.

  13. @Sami, This is not your blog. Only Carol or the Moderator can tell people they should not post.

    Interfaith dialogue has been around for awhile in the west. And King Abdullah advocates it for Saudi- but most of the interactions are outside the Kingdom. I look forward to when Saudi has interfaith dialogue within the Kingdom- where Christians will have a chance to be understood as well as the Muslims.

    PS. I believe Darwin’s theory as do many other Muslims as well.

  14. So Sami:

    Aren’t you aware that there are a lot of religions? Come out of your shell and explore the world a little. It just happens that Christians, Muslims, Jewish and Atheist/Agnostic/Humanitarians/Secularist are more known, than some of the others. Here are a couple interesting ones:

    Scientology, Creativity Movement,The Three Psychick Youth, Nation of Yawheh, Church of All Worlds, Universe People, Church of Subgenius, Prince Phillip Movement, The Church of Euthanasia, Nuwaubainism. Of course we should never forget one of the most favorite religon by some on this blog Pastafarian and their Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    So now have you abandon spewing stuff at me and decided to go after Radha as you think she is an easier person to intimidate. I can assure you based upon her post that she is not.

    She is your worst fear. A professional, confident, secure, independent woman who has had to live around the likes of you apparently for a while.

    Why don’t you re-evaluate your belief. Isn’t it time that you though about opening up a new beginning of re-interpretation. Maybe you could remind of the word that is used to describe this process.

  15. @ Bigstick1
    Radha is a good girl. I never had any imtention to intimidate any one and not RADHA. She is intellegent person. I do not spew r soit on any one. I said , this project is how Christian a nd muslim can live peacefully.
    We are talking about Three religions three Nations to whom the Books have been revealed TORA<BIBLE and Qur'an. Regarding this project we not talking about others. Why do'nt you understand. Muslim Believe in TORA AND BIBLE but Christians dont believe in QURAN. Thats the diffeence. No need interpratation .
    However it is matter of choice but no abuse can be tolerated.

  16. Sami:

    Radhaa is not a good girl. Sounds like your patting a dog on the head or making her into a child. Radha is a well rounded woman. You have such issues with women. Interfaith dialogues are great the problem is that they are dialogues based on a core of make believe meant to divide.

    “We are talking about Three religions three Nations to whom the Books have been revealed TORA<BIBLE and Qur'an. Regarding this project we not talking about others. Why do'nt you understand. Muslim Believe in TORA AND BIBLE but Christians dont believe in QURAN."

    That depends on your definition of the Bible and Torah. You interpretation of what is stated in the Bible/Torah. Have you ever read them? Analyzed them. Have you ever looked at their history? The Quran is build on them so when many things show that these books were invented for political purposes and that Yahweh was a pagan god, that many stories were allegory including the story of Adam and Eve, doesn't that weaken your understanding of the Koran?

    Or do you like your blinders?

  17. Well, there are many muslims trying to build bridges between muslims and the rest of the world…

    And I dont think the problem is the religion issue between the west and the east . Its that always the ayahs of quraan are quoted out of context by the biased sites and nonmuslims who claim to have read quraan and never bother to know how we understand that ayah (verse of quraan ) and apply it .

    And quraan says us to say non muslims ” To you your religion and to us ours” We dont have any thing to do with what you follow

    In another verse the quraan says ” there is no compulsion in religion ”

    And there were many muslims, non muslims living together in makkah and madena when prophet salllelahu alihewasallam was alive.

    Muslims in fact are allowed to marry the people of the book (the jews and christains ) . would some marry their enemy? NO , we dont consider christains our enemies . Neither are christains our friends.

    The saudis that boarded the planes that hit the WTC dint crash the planes in to WTC because its christains there working , there were muslism too .

    They gave their lives because they dint like that america was supporting the terrorist zionist entity isreal ..


  18. Sami,

    You are way off your rocker! Hinduism, Buddhism, etc are very much part of the Intefaith dialogue. Intefaith Dialogue Conference set up by King Abdullah and headquartered in Vienna is also made up of Hindu and Buddhist reps. The interfaith committee which I attend here on the west coast of US has members not just of abrahamic faith but also of the hindu, buddhist, atheist, etc. “faiths”.

  19. I find this program preposterous. Does anyone think a doctrinal approach stressing the Christian Bible is any way to approach Muslims? The only approach that might work is one that addresses specific issues without reference to doctrine. For example there has been a lot of push back against building mosques in the US. Should Christians allow Muslims to build their mosques, of course. Is there any biblical support for this? Perhaps, but in general the bible, especially the old testament is not a tolerant document. The New Testament seems tolerant of Romans but if one examines well known examples of tolerance or charity in the New Testament one has to come to the conclusion the Jesus was barely tolerant (better than Mohammed but a far sight more intolerant the Gandhi). So we see Jesus asking Jews to be tolerant of Samaritans. Samaritans are closely related to Jews yet in the New Testament it is obvious that they are regarded as foreigners. What would Jesus have made of Hindus? Another example is Jesus asking to stop the stoning of a female adulterer. No outright expression of love for the sinner just a verbal trick to stop a killing. Jesus is not much when you look at some of the examples. Perhaps, like Mohammed he was good during his time but we have progressed past that time. If we or Muslims are going to get along we are going to have to go past our outdated and intolerant religions.

  20. Sami: Muslim Believe in TORA AND BIBLE but Christians dont believe in QURAN.

    How convenient!!!! Looks like muslims believe in torah and koran when it is convenient for them. I thought muslims believe that torah and bible have been “changed” and “corrupted” and for this reason they don’t believe in torah and bible.

    Btw Sami, you come across as a male chauvinistic **** :)-

  21. Actually interfaith generally is all faiths and no faith. But the interfaith program of this particular post was Christian/Muslim.

  22. Interfaith dialogues are feel good attempts that will fail more often than not or create further division. Non-believers just don’t believe in any of it. They just hope people move on beyond believing in ancient people bent on fearing the unknown, their attempt of trying to understand the world and trying to confort themselves with a jealous, hateful, murdering, list goes on God/Allah. The rest is just people who are doing mental acrobats to try to fit a merciful, loving God (who doesn’t exist) it into their lives because they have been indoctrinated (brainwashed) into believing in a particular dogma. People trying to convince themselves that God is loving but their holy books paint an incredibly different picture of God/Allah. Such a fearful fellow who is hell bent on being vindictive.

  23. @bigstick1
    Many of us find God loving. We understand our books differently than you do. And we both know you can’t prove God doesn’t exist any more than I can prove he does. And I don’t think all of us are indoctrinated. You have described a “type” of believer that certainly exists- but they aren’t the only ones out there.

  24. Sandy:

    I am glad you take comfort in your God. However if you were not indoctrinated into it , in one form or another then why do you believe it. Besides, I have already found that you are a good person who likes mental acrobats and thats fine. You like cherry picking the good parts and leaving the bad. The problem is, you are confined by those who like a different view of how this religion should be practiced and it applies to you. Mental acrobats are fine and well but you must live with the restrictions that a government places on you by their interpretation and their view of the same God who is not quite as kind as yours. Amazingly, it all comes from the same books.

  25. @Bigstick

    I can’t explain exactly why I believe- but I think it’s very obvious we don’t understand all that is out there- and it seems clear to me there are many intangibles in the universe whether we can “prove” them or not. So my sense-making encompasses tangibles and intangibles.

    Yes I am confined but others’ interpretations of my faith. Many people all over the world are confined by one thing or another. It isn’t right- but when I make the best of my situation it’s pretty darn good- so I try to appreciate that. I know people think I’m a cherry picker- I think the negative interpretations are equally cherry picked.

    That said- I’d really like some cherries right now- but I”m going to have to make do with some pineapple. One of the local grocery stores now has a guy in the produce section with one of those pineapple coring/skinning presses and a big pile of Dole pineapples. They are delicious.

  26. Sandy:

    Isn’t it best to expose the wrongs in manmade holy books and their interpretation. So often people are confined based upon others interpretations, past religions shaping of our societies not necessarily for the betterment of humanity, and superstitions such as witches, jinn,etc. Seriously it is one thing to believe in something beyond your understanding but to believe that God wrote a rule book filled with such teachings that sanction murder, slavery, chosen people, bigotry, prostitution, apostasy, hatred, etc. Don’t you think that needs to be called into question?

    Here’s hoping for a good find at the produce section.

  27. @Ana-Hindi. I agree wth her views. Why people don’t understand that this project relates to how to make up with Muslims and live in piece.
    The only way is to accept Qur’an as muslims belive Tora and Bible are Gods revelations. Very simple.
    Some say Quran is manmade, some say its ficticious, some say it is written by Muhammad(pbuh), some say it was dictated by Muhammad(pbuh), some say it was written by somebody for Muhammad. What a rubbish.
    In these circumstances, if the muslims try to bridge, that bridge is bombarded.
    WHY, You know the answer but you won’t say?

  28. @Bigstick of 28 Jan
    You will very soon know who is fearful fellow.
    You are fearful being BIGSTICK

  29. Sami:

    Care to elaborate on that statement.

  30. I never heard of the project, thank you for the information. I like the idea of sharing what we believe to increase understanding but not forcing others to agree or disagree. I am Christian and can pray for Muslims to become Christian, and Muslims can explain about Islam & pray for me to become Muslim. No force, no tricks, no compulsion, no problem.

  31. @sami,

    I’m good but nor a girl, 🙂 In case you’re confused, I’m Hindu . I do believe that there is a greater power out there. I do beleieve if we do good , good will come to us, beyond that i need no qualifications in taking part int his debate.

    what happens to muslims and how muslims behave impacts me. I come in contact with the daily.

    Now coming to you, this is not personal i have nothing against you, All isaid was everyopne is better off keeping religion private!!!

    You were the one with the issues, god with a small “g” , my beliefs, i believe in darwin since i’m not christian or muslim ( that’s the best you could come up with 🙂 )
    and what’s wrong in believing in darwin? he was a fine man and a brilliant one at that.

    so no patting me in the head and calling e a good girl !! looking at your writing i feel i could probably be close to your mum’s age , sometimes i dislike th einternets annonymity , cause i don’t think you would talk like this if you came up to me in person. a bit graying hair, with a scalpel in my hands eh — just joking.

    and no i don’t believe spewing a few words and smiling is interfaith dialogue, listening and accepting that others may believe in some other faith but that’s ok adn all it matters is they are good humans is a start. the rest can come later.

  32. I was thinking about it the other day, and I think religion is used less as a guide on how to live and more as an excuse for people to live the way they want to. There are good and bad people of different religions. They all tend to use God and religion as their excuse(s) for what they do. Sure, sometimes people will “find” God in a particular religion/religious sect. However, if they don’t like the people they are with or don’t want to believe in the cause(s) the groups are fighting for, they’ll try to leave.

    I really don’t care what other people believe when it comes to God/Allah as long as they are nice, caring people who treat others with love and respect, generally speaking.

  33. @Bigstick1
    Yes, that needs to bring into Questions?

  34. Hi Sandy. Well said, ” Interfaith is all faith and no faith”. I say” Interfaith is all faith if:-
    Faith in One God
    Worship Him only
    Otherwise NO FAITH

  35. Hi, You are Honest. Can you please give me example where the Muslim believe in Tora and Quran for their convenienvce?
    Muslims believe Tora was revealed By God on MOSES and BIBLE on JESUS. As these books were changed and corrupted and thats why the Quran is needed to be sent by THE SAME GOD on MUHAMMAD(pbuh).
    Don’t you think Tora and Bible are corupted?

  36. Hi Jerry M. “Jesus asking to stop the stoning of a female adulterer”. Perhaps you know better but Jesus stopped stoning the female because there was not enough witness to prove her adultery.
    As Quran demands FOUR MALE witnesses of the adultery before one has to be punished.

  37. Hi Honest. You have perhaps forgotten Muslim SCHOLAR( TAHIRUL QADRI) who arranged Interfaith conference in Wembley, London in October,2011. That was interfaith Conference, he invited HIndus,Budhist, Christians, Jews etc etc

  38. Perhaps you are pointing towards the wrongdoings of the people.
    Books are not wrong people are wrong who change and corrupt these books. People change for their convenience and comfort.
    But Quran is the only Book which can not be changed (its a challenge from GOD). Try if you want to!

  39. @Sami

    It actually isn’t possible for Jews and Christians to believe in the Quran without becoming Muslims. So you’ll be waiting for that for a long time.

    Secondly, Muslims do not believe in the Bible and Torah. They believe in their own interpretations of Torah and Bible. Christians and Jews like their books just the way they are, thanks very much, and don’t need Muslims to interpret it for them.

    Thirdly, Christians and Jews do not believe their books were corrupted so it’s pointless for Muslims to tell them so.

    Finally, just because the Quran cannot be change doesn’t make it right. It’s full of errors obvious to a naked eye, just like all other books.

    I find it amusing how all “interfaith” attempts originating from Saudi lead to “people must accept the Quran”. That really isn’t interfaith. It’s proselytizing.

    Now, finally, I’d like to know what is wrong with polytheism. It’s kind of arrogant of you to say someone who believes in many gods has no faith.

  40. Hi N N.
    Ask some learned Bishop or Rabii. Thanks

  41. Hi E R. Well said. Yhank you.

  42. Why? And what about? Is this your way of saying you can’t answer?

  43. Sami:

    First and foremost I don’t discount the concept of a higher intelligence, or cosmic natural law, something more beyond our understanding to include just being part of the whole of the universe. What I discount is religion.

    All of these books are flawed and those flaws have been discussed by numerous scholars. This includes the Koran whether you want to believe it or not. It actually wasn’t it until the 9th century that a standardized codified book was finally put into place. Until then it was tinkered with and that is very well known. Look into it. It is also reported that the original was burned in your alleged hadith. Ask yourself way? According to hadith much of it was lost and much of the text was pieced together obtaining writings from leafs, bone, animal skins, etc. You even have hadith where passages are being argued over on what was actually stated. Now excuse the hell out of me but that is not divine. The same goes with the Bible and Torah. People are aware of their history in the compulation of these books and that history is manmade. Now the god in these books is a manmade god for tribal backward people who are hell bent on control of the masses and political agendas. What better why to divert the attention of the issues than to give people a rule laden book on how to wipe one’s ass, which way to face 5 times a day, cleanness, etc. Too keep men’s minds off the injustice of the political parties and then if stuff goes wrong you can then blame it back on the people that they must have done something wrong and offended god to buckle them down even more. Perfect system of sheep who keep their cage or head to the slaughter.

    Approximately 1/5 of the Koran is actually indecipherable as it currently stands even for scholars. There is over 300 foreigns words not of arabic and some speculated that the language is Syroaramaic. You got problems with the crap spewed out about the koran being untouched and handed down from God. Even your own hadith shows corruption to the book, its incompletion as well as controversial passages on what was or was not stated. Hell supposedly passages of the protected koran was eaten by a goat. Give me a break.

    I already have read and study the books, I have also looked into their history by historians and archaeologist. They are manmade. The god(s) of these books are hateful controlling power hungry men who have set themselves up as demigods. That is the god you worship from these books.

  44. @Sami,
    Interfaith is different than dawah. It includes ALL faiths. Even the polytheistic ones. It is about MUTUAL understanding. BOTH sides get to speak. BOTH sides are to respect the other.

  45. Sami, et el … do you believe that people can be good and not follow any religion? Do you think it is absolutely necessary to follow a religion?

  46. @sami – If you won’t listen to others and accept their right to beleive intheir god/gods and their faith, you’d better not go anywhere near this interfaith thing.

    Unless you are ready to accept peoples belief and right to belong to any and all faith, not just islam they are under no obligation to try adn understnad you or your faith.

    You keep harping on about prople of the book, i hope you realize there were tons of other religions in parallel existance or even earlier than the koran’s revelation time, they just didn’t know of them.

    Why do you have to constantly defend your faith, mine’s better, more latest, more sacrosant, the best, better than yours etc., etc., don’t you trust in god enough to take case of it?

    As for dawah – lesser said about that the better a more wasteful thing in life i have yet to see.. collecting numbers to boost a group.. really? for what?

  47. @wendy – so true.. belief/ faith has nothing to do with goodness. it’a personal thing betweenthe person and god or the person and a higher power or a person adn nobody 🙂

  48. Hi Wendy. It is absolutely not necessary to believe in a religion. And it is absolutely not necessary to damage and interfere in others religion.

  49. Sami:

    It is when the religion is used to discriminate against others based upon sex, sexual orientation, sects, etc.

    Keep religion as a personal matter between you and yourself and away from others then it is fine. Put it in the public sphere and expect it to be torn to bits.

  50. You are rifght Sandy. resoect each other. If one builds a bridge to understand, don’t bombard the bridge fo the sake of selfish needs.

  51. @Sami

    When you tell Christians and Jews to accept the Quran, you are not building a bridge to understanding, you are trying to make them just like you. You are not really interested in learning what Christians and Jews, let alone Hindus, believe. You are not really interested in learning the Bible and the Torah through Jewish and Christian eyes.

    When you approach other religions through the lens of “your holy book is corrupted, accept MY holy book!”, it hardly qualifies as respect. It’s arrogance.

  52. dear n n . you are wrong. i read old testament,new testament and quran ,almost every day.
    i do not force any body, but can request every one to read and understand.
    otherwise please to oneself. who cares.
    Good Luck

  53. @sami – ok here’s my final attempt ..

    You say you request everyone to read and understand the koran, otherwise , meanig they don’t understand your religion you don’t care.

    That is not interfaith dialogue.

    sadly you are not alone, many a muslim and evangelical adventist or jehovas witness have asked me to read their book and after that get upset when i don’t feel lasting love towards that faith.. why? you asked to read, we read, you asked to understand we understand, but i don’t agree that it will suit me, that’s all.

    I’m not even debating the good or bad of the koran, i accept it has good in it, i accept it could be lovely if it’s followers followed it in the right spirit, but do you do the same for me,? NO you barely even credit the other religions, so where is the interfaith? how can we co-exist?

    I certainly know more about your religionthan you do mine. having lived over 2 decades with amuslim something has to have rubbed off right? so don’t tell me i don’t know what i’m talking about, i simply don’t care to quote verses, they are there and set in stone so i leave it as none of my business.

  54. Hi Radha. I appreciate what you have said. It is none of your business. This project is definitely not for you. (because you are not people of the BOOK.)
    Thak you for your valueable advice.

  55. Sami,

    I’d much rather have Radhaa than someone who discriminates. People are people and I think that is where one needs to start rather than categorizing them as to which “book” they do or do not belong to.

  56. @Radhaa
    I do not want to upset any one. But I just said that this project is “how to bridge the understanding between Christians and Muslims” (people of the Book).
    I am sorry if Radhaa is upset, which I did not mean.

  57. @Sami,
    I’ve read quite a bit of the old and new testaments over the years. I’m quite curious. Which parts do you like to read? Any particular books that stand out in either testament? Do you have a favorite gospel? Which version of the Old Testament do you read- as I know different Christian denominations are different as are Jewish version.
    Thank you

  58. Bedu ,

    had they been discrimating you would never call your self a wife of a saudi ,though you dint accept islam?

  59. Now, here is the thing. Wouldn’t it just be better to say religion is just fiction and get on with the reality of life. Instead of believing in ancient books that tribal backward people wrote to try to justify and make sense of their existence. Seriously, none of these rule books have god in them, they only have rules. You can find you own god and spirituality without these instruments of hate. Can’t anyone see how this doesn’t do humanity any good to depend on ancient books that show absolute no proof of divinity? It justs divides us even more. Isn’t it time we all just finally realize this and get off the merry go round leading to no where but to destruction. It should be know as the cycle of religion similar to cycle of domestic violence. Religion is not a subject that lends itself to tolerance it is a divisive, discriminatory and a control doctrine. Not for the betterment for mankind but for its destruction and ethnic cleansing. It is for subjugation not for equality. Never will be and never has been.

  60. @ana.hindi, i think you are confused with citizenship adn religion.

    I call myself a wife of a saudi though i didn’t accept islam because my spouse was born in saudi and held saudi citizenship . simple.

    what has that to do with islam ?

    @sami – no i didn’t take offense 🙂 i’m too old and seen too much of life to care about these little things. bigger fish to fry 🙂

  61. The more I study religions the more I am convinced that man never worshipped anything but himself.

    Sir Richard Francis Burton (1821 – 1890)

  62. @Wendy
    Interpret goes like ” Man never worshiped anything but for himself” Man worship for his own benefits not for the benefits of whom he worships.

  63. That may be the way you interpret it but I interpret it the way it is written.

  64. This article is very telling on Saudi’s efforts on interfaith dialogue and human rights. So glad they are the custodians of two holy islamic cities whom others look at as inspiration for the purity of Islam in its proper form (sacasm intend).

    With so much effort put forth by the Saudi’s in such dialogues we should see a thaw between religions in the kingdom and true acceptance of others rights to believe differently somewhere when hell freezes over or when pigs fly.

  65. Anything coming from Saudi in regards to interfaith anything and/or human rights is all smoke and mirrors.

  66. Re: Saudi Arabia to deport Ethiopian Christians

    Yup! Just as Muhammad ordered: “I will expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslim.” – Sahih Muslim 19.4366.

  67. And yet non Muslims have always been here in abundance. Continuously.

    _not that I agree in any way with that hadith (or believe it to be accurate) or the actions being taken here. And not that I think Saudi does much meaningful interfaith.

  68. Sandy,

    Are most non-muslims expats? Don’t quite a few live on compounds? Are any of them allowed to practice their religion without worry of persecution?

  69. Now that’s what they are. But they’re more segregated than they used to be. And there were always the Christians in Najran. They moved south to Yemen- still the Peninsula. There are churches and hindu temples in UAE- still the Peninsula. Actually these are things I generally like to point out to people here who start spewing this nonsense and act like having Christians here is something new. They don’t even know their own history.

    I am not claiming there is religious freedom or anything like that. It’s just the foundations for some house of cards arguments aren’t even real.

  70. Non-Muslims do practice their faith in Saudi Arabia but do so very privately.

    Catholics can go to the Vatican Embassy and attend mass.

  71. a while ago i used to be able to celebrate Diwali with friends. no one stopped me of course i was not out lighting lamps and dancing int he streets 🙂
    There are plenty of other faith in Saudi, i believe the other countries are more liberal, again no religious freedom but it’s not that hard either.

    There was even a krishna temple in bahrain..if i remember correctly and we used to go there sometimes.
    again i’m not saying it’s perfect and free, but people make do with what they have.

    Everry place has restrictions saudi just has a few more than acceptable 🙂

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