Saudi Arabia/USA: The Third Jihad


The Third Jihad is a political documentary which features the rise of radical Islam in the Western world.  It specifically focuses on the ideology of extreme Islam and what that would mean for the United States and Europe.

The Third Jihad had been shown to a large group of police officers in New York City during 2010 and as a result, stirred up some controversy.  Was the NYPD using this film as a training video?  The NYPD claims there was never any intent for the Third Jihad to have ever been depicted as a training or educational type video.

The film runs for about 80 minutes.  It is provoking and covers a wide schism of the issues faced with a growing Islam.  Is Islam the religion of peace?

You can view the entire film at this link.


20 Responses

  1. Is Islam a peaceful religion? Not if one reads its history or its scriptures. Are most Muslims peaceful? Who knows, I doubt anyone can answer that with any level of accuracy. In Isalm the state is the church. Mohammed was a military leader and a religious leader. For many years that was true. Today most Muslim countries separate the religious leadership from the government. Still an ideal for many Muslims is the caliphate. Given the horrid governments in many Muslim countries one understand a desire for the fantasized past.

    Still, that doesn’t mean there is any real planned jihad against the US. The money in Islam is not behind the overthrow of the West. Why destroy your customers. The so called jihad is mostly an annoyance in the US. It has made air travel more expensive and it has made many people in the West suspicious of young Muslim men. The jihadis have destabilized an already failing Pakistan. They are making Somalia even more of a mess. Where it has had success it is in making the lives of third world Muslims worse. If Islam succeeds in the West it will only be by demography and I doubt that is possible except in some cities in Europe.

  2. Awww what do you know…the producer Raphael Shore is an israeli..hmmm but thats not a coincidence rite?
    ..not saying some of the things in this piece are untrue but its clear to see the agenda. Even the “muslim” narrator is known for his avid support of the so called country of israel.

    The image of the child cutting that mans throat was disturbing. No matter what the circumstance that should never happen. That is not Islam.

    One thing i agree with 100% is that jihad must be performed in Muslim countries where the muslims are being oppressed or are facing hostile invasion and thus need to protect themselves; just like invaders would protect themselves…ie:iraq/Afghanistan/Palestine ..i think its fair to kill the enemy but not your own people in the process.
    If you wanna go to war within a country..expect to be killed..period. It would be funny if roles were reversed and america was invaded…like you would be so kind to just sit on ure ass while your children and women are dying.
    I guess the difference is at the end of the day…if it was america defending its country it would be purely for the love of America. Instead when muslims are performing Jihad its purely their love for muslims, Islam and Allah which in the end they are heroes for doing so.

  3. Hard to know what NYPD was thinking to review such a film. I wouldn’t have problems except I seriously question if the majority (emphasis) have known personally Muslims as part of their buddy circle.

    Then the uninformed will have a skewed perception of Muslim in general if their social circles continue to be non-Muslim.

    We have to remember what the police deal with on domestic soil Hell’s Angels and other gang groups that have their own violent agenda in rivaleries.

    I did not review the videoclip, just thought I’ll respond to it as a learning tool for the police and it’s appropriateness or not.

  4. It seems like a film aimed at school kids, not professionals. It is overly dramatic, childish propaganda. It won’t change the opinions of anyone who has an ounce of intelligence and knowledge of the issues mentioned in the film. They will know they are being exaggerated. However if someone is already a bigot and doesn’t know the reality of these issues, and doesn’t mix with muslims, I can see this could make them more intolerant.

    The film said 25% of muslims are radical, I don’t believe that. I know a lot of young muslim males and most are just like non-muslim males. They are far more interested in cars, girls, fashion, movies, partying, etc, than their religion. Im sure Jihad is the last thing on their minds. Out of about 50 muslim males I know, only 3 seem like they could be radical, they are very religious, they have beards, they don’t flirt, don’t party, they claim to be on the deen, etc.

  5. It must be past my bedtime. “Be on the deen” just made me giggle. 🙂

    I think 25% are radicals is way too high for similar reasons Kat said.

    I don’t have time to watch the film now. I’m not big on films anyway so I may skip this one. Thanks for the info, though!

  6. “Is Islam the religion of peace?”. That was a loaded question. That film was definitely pushing propaganda. I’m not saying there isn’t crazies out there using Islam as a cover for their ignorance, but? And Kat, having a beard, not partying, or picking up chicks does not mean it’s a catalyst for being a terrorist. There are many Salafi’s who could fit the category of “radical” just by looking at their physical appearance (beards, thobe, etc.) and by how serious they take their religion, but they actually are against any kind of violence and condemn militant groups like Taliban, Al Qaeda, etc.

  7. I do know that taking religion seriously and having a beard doesn’t mean that a muslim is a terrorist. I did say “they seem like they could be radical”. As far as I understand it being radical does not make a person a terrorist anyway.

    One of the 3 guys I was talking about used to have a myspace page with lots of photos of guns, videos of American soldiers abusing muslim women, anti-American slogans and called himself “Sniper”. So I wasn’t basing my opinion purely on appearance. Of course I know it still doesn’t make him a terrorist, but he probably could be described as radical.

  8. Bella Vista, America WAS attacked. September 11, 2001.
    As for the movie, I haven’t watched it and won’t. There is just too much on either side aimed at creating dischord. I only know what I witness and while I don’t see Christians taking up arms against other Christians, I see the discrimination and violence of Muslim to Muslim just because the belief is not exactly the same.

  9. @Linda

    America was attacked? now thats funny ..

    Palestinians lost thier land were made homeless ,killed ,murdered and still they dont get food to eat ..these were attacked may years back by terrorists isreal and its partner amreica ..

    why is it that world cant see the biasedness of armeica and its allies …millions were made holemess and still they live in conditions that are horrible ..

    you expect them to showers from the plane after this and not fly them in to WTC?

  10. Ana Hindi:

    One wrong doesn’t make another wrong, right.

  11. The imam (or one of them) at the Islamic Center of America gave in Kutbah on this very subject, this past Friday. Just thought you might like to know. You can catch his act on USTREAM.

  12. @ana.hindi..but it wasn’t palestinians who flew the planes into the towers were they? america’s been saudi’s buddy, all along so what set them off 🙂

    ooh i forget the ummah is suffering.. somehow the ummah doesn’t seem to want to end the suffering already in existance due to whatever reasons, they just seem to want to inflict it on other people.

    it’s a never ending fight, israel killed palestinians, american supported, so attack america, now america attacks afghanistan and iraq,, what next ?
    andnot to forget iran attacked iraq and vice versa for decades.. not problem there, then iraq invaded kuwait , again no issues, now egypty, yemen and others are killing themselves…

    is there an END? nope not in my lifetime.

    BTW this video is juvenile and useless especially as a trainig tool. wonder what NYPD heads were thinking…not so bright i assume.

  13. Quote: but they actually are against any kind of violence and condemn militant groups like Taliban, Al Qaeda, etc….

    Any kind? Come on…. As far as I know both the radicals and the regulars have no problem with the calls to violence in the Quran much less the wars and brutal attacks done by Mohammed. I guess it depends on who is doing the violence.

    Ana, I would be more sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians if it were not a fact that Muslims expelled Jews and Christians from their homes in Arabia, and made war against them, including murder, plunder, torture and rape – this was done by Mohammad or under his orders.

    Consider it retribution. Jews did to Muslims what Muslims did to them. Now if Mohammad did it, it can’t be bad, can it?

    The problem is not that 1%, 5%, 10% or 25% of Muslims are radicals, it is that 99.9% of Muslims accept hate and violence against non-Muslims as well as the discrimination that universally characterizes Muslims (except where they are a minority, as in the West, in which case Muslims unconvincingly declare their eternal devotion to peace and cooperation, or until they get power so their can inflict their misery on others).

  14. Jay, the Qur’an is a mostly narration. You cannot take verses out of context. Like when people take the verse about not taking Jews & Christians as friend and parade it around like “Look, what the Qur’an says”…. It’s not correct. & Mohammed was under persecution from his own tribe…They were the ones trying to kill him and most battles mentioned in the Qur’an are him against them. Unfortunately “murder” is war. People are going to die, but thats what you signed up for. You’re fighting for what you think is right… So what do you expect? A pillow fight? & 99% huh? LOL I have not met ONE Muslim in my life who has said anything about supporting killing anyone non-Muslim or harming them. I’ve heard people say negative things about the US government and their foreign policy, or the US army’s actions in Iraq/Afghanistan, but nothing else. Get a grip please & stop demonizing all Muslims. People like you are the reason for so much hate in the world. You haven’t even met 99% of the Muslims in the world, sir.

  15. @Amal:

    Actually, earlier Muslim historians would disagree with you here. It actually was a very tolerant city and religiously pluralistic. Also prior to Muhammad there were six cities that housed hundreds of idols to included Mecca. They preferred to worship their own gods by respected others right to do the same.
    Mecca was also the site of an annual religious pilgrimage, in which people from across the region would visit the city over a four month period. The commerce and income generated from this annual event was extremely important to the local economy. Historians even show people of foreign places were allowed to worship here including Hindus. Meccans even allowed people to take up a different faith with persecution.
    Muhammad was even tolerated but the self-proclaimed prophet opening insulted every continually and they put up with him for 13 years. Then the Muslims drew first blood and became increasing violent toward the rest of the populace. Which has lead the path to what you have today a bunch of intolerant Salafist who don’t know their history of their prophet and makes excuses for his murderous, rapist, vile behavior.
    He really wasn’t a tolerant type and personally I think the whole region would have been better off with the Meccans polytheist.

  16. Should read without persecution.

  17. @ jay

    well , people never know what and in which circumstances he fought the jews in arabia ,, well if he murdered all jews “.

    THERE would have never been any arab jew alive on earth .

    And what muslims did then was to survive islam was a new religion to the region and most were against it and had FEW followers , how can one imagine a handful killing the majority ?

    Well and they fought the ones that were a threat to their survival and they never transgressed ,, wrong info guys stop reading baised sites and biased western media which has little knowledge as to what happend in arabia ..

    Well quraan strictly says dont kill unjustly ,we dont love to kill nonmuslims .. when muslims ruled arabia ,there were many nonmuslims living in arabia there were arab xtians and jews and pagans ,. why take things out of context ,, had muslims wished they would crush them to dust… muslims dont want too kill all of you nonmuslims we just dont want our people to be hurt and it isnt rocket science .. if some one is oppressed people come forward to fight the oppressors ..

  18. I think Muslims in America should try to understand the mentality behind such movies. What driven the producers to post this movie? The general theme of these movies is that muslims are threat, they could take over America, they could bring sharia law, they could establish islamic country. The fear exist also in Europe.

    While muslims see the movie as nonsense some Euoropean-Americans think it is meaningful and the message has to be taken seriously. Some Euoropean-Americans think others think same as them. When Euoropean-American look at his history and the history of his ancestors he will see they came from Europe and take over America by force and they slaughtered the indigenous in unforgettable massacres. This scene wasn’t confined to Northern America, because the greed and criminal mentality lead number of Europeans to take over other lands and wipe the indigenous people from the existence. So if they will think if they do it for others why others don’t do it for them.

    Muslims don’t think like this, even when colonised-which is crazy to think of never mind do it as far as muslims and America is concerned- they will not wipe others, so the land will be free to them. And I am sure the accusations in the movie and in other media never came across the mind of muslims.

    I remember reading the History of spain under the muslims rule from western perspective, and there was a question that why the Moors hasn’t wipe the spanish population at the time. I was shocked when I read the question, and ask myself how some people think like this, and then I think for a minute and realised that the country where the writers came from has wiped many nations from their land and in some cases deny they are humans.

    So muslims-Americans should explain themselves more and contact with others in order to be understood. And they should explain that when they come to America they have entered an agreement with American Government and they are obliged by the Quran to honour the agreement they entered.

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