Saudi Arabia: Bad Girls


An American Bedu reader shared this music video with me which features Saudis and Saudi drifting.  What do you think?


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  1. The thing that bugs me about this video, or any video that “features” Gulf arabs, is that they don’t wear the shmogs or ghuttrahs correctly.

  2. Well, it’s a little different than the usual 1:15 – 5:00 a.m. drifting on Olaya Street in Ryadh, but it sounds so much better!

  3. Awesome video with a great message.

  4. Let them get outta sight of the Mutawwa and they are much like us… In the US, around the college, lots of Middle Easterners go like totally western when they are here. It is their chance to bust loose! And more of them would stay in the US if it were not for um “presure” from outside.

  5. OOHHHH Wow, this is on you tube, and from what my friend has told me it was made in Saudia. This tells me when some old wrinklies go to moulder in the ground, these kids are gonna be bustin loose; make american kids look like sissies LOL

  6. Actually gwen, the video was shot in Morocco, these are Arab Moroccans.

  7. I was going to say this is definitely a side of Saudi women that I’d never considered! Cute!

  8. Can you say honor killing? if this was actually done in Saudia it would not be tolerated. I could see daddy (only if he were liberal) letting his little girl do this in the west but then she would have to conform back at home.

  9. i can only see potential spinal and head injuries 😦
    I’ve seen too many to enjoy these videos saudi or elsewhere…

    don’t drive crazy, dont get injured, dont clog the ER, dont cause grief t your loved ones…

  10. Glamorising a potential deadly trend among young arab men..thats all i can see coming from it.
    p.s….the girl isn’t saudi…and i doubt it was filmed in saudi or that the men are saudi at all.

  11. It was filmed in Ouarzazate, Morocco. Apparently the star of the video was terrified over the stunts. Rightfully so. They are dangerous. There should always be a disclaimer that only professionals do this type of stunt. Still a cool video.

  12. I’m with you Radhaa. I can’t even watch this stuff. I’ve seen similar behavior of both boys and girls here on jet skis. And there are indeed accidents- sometimes fatal- luckily I haven’t seen those.

  13. This was filmed in Morocco, so it features Moroccans dressed up as Saudis 🙂 That explains why they’re wearing wonky shemagh/ghuttrah, Kristine.

  14. […] even found a post by American Bedu posted today on a smilar topic. The video in her post is purportedly from Morocco, but definitely glorifies Arab drifting, as […]

  15. Thanks for sharing this. It reminded my of seeing some guys doing wheelies in jeddah this weekend, and I decided to write a bit on my own blog about this topic. Here’s the link:

    Thanks for inspiring my post!

  16. Just a week ago I witnessed a terrible scene in the mall – the girl (no more than 16) ran into the gate – then the awful scandal followed with shouting and crying. As it turned out, the girl sneaked the keys of her father’s car and drove away (it was around 10 a.m.) As soon as she was spotted on the road by saudi guys she was chased and the huge accident followed. She was obviously in shock though lucky to be alive – the car was smashed completely. I will not predict the consequences either for the girl or for her family.

  17. There was a terrible accident and the son of a family in my Saudi compound was killed. For some reason the car was brought to an open area in the compound. Many of the young men (boys really) would come to the car and grieve. My wish is that by seeing that car close up and how it resembled no more than a match box car would send a message to the other young men not to drift.

  18. **Bella-Vita** is right. The girl isn’t Saudi. Her name is Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam; her stage name is M.I.A. She’s a British rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, painter and director of Sri Lankan Tamil descent. BTW, the way those guys wearing the smogh and agal should have been the first clue . . . I think Amal’s description ‘wonky’ is accurate!

  19. What got me in Saudi was listening to a father explain how his son trashed his car and was joking about how expensive it was to keep replacing cars for the kid.

    The video was great … loved the music and dancing! Morocco has a pretty hip music scene. Al Jazeera has had a couple of TV docs on various performers in Morocco from classical to hip hop, both men and women. Morocco is much more relaxed of course. I absolutely love Morocco!

  20. Carol, I’m so glad you found the video interesting, i brought it here because even despite the fact that it was filmed in morocco, it has clear references to saudi culture and specially its youth.

    To me, the video has its pros and cons, for example, i do believe that it is apologetic of a lifestyle that promotes a “live fast die young” ideology, and makes reckless driving something kind of “glamorous”. On the other hand, it gives a clear message when it shows females doing something regarded as “masculine” by middle easterns, and it even goes to the point of showing women driving in the only country that bans women from doing it, to me, that’s a very clear message and it is actually getting across with this video, if you actually go to the youtube place of this clip, you’ll see a lot of debate and even saudis swearing at her here and there (some comments are being deleted by youtube).

    I do believe that this was the intention of the singer when she made the video, to show the irony of making a video of girls in saudi driving just like boys and in a non-segregated environtment when we all know that’s unthinkable in saudi.

  21. I know the video wa supposed to represent Saudi, but jeesh, you think they could get some stylists to make the headgear more authentic!

  22. Kristine:

    Maybe that is done on purpose as an added insult since that put so much stock in clothing appearance.

  23. Bigstick, I notice it in movies too. There are very specific ways of wearing the head piece, and it just looks lazy to me. Like, just throw a cloth over the head, and they will look like arabs.

  24. This could be.

  25. ahhhhh…you should have seen me when I put on my husband’s smaugh! (smile)

  26. The way of wearing shomgh and egal in the video is funny, and is not a Saudi way.

  27. yeah maybe its making a play on women driving, but unfortunately its also glorifying drifting 😦 how irresponsible. in general i was grossed out by the tackiness of the video. wasted time…. i

  28. mnm11: I don’t think the video was glorifying drifting. M.I.A. has always been political, and I think this video is just her having a go at Saudi Arabia and the inequality among women and men. You can see videos of boys drifting their cars in Saudi all over YouTube. Other young boys praise them… It’s one of those “boys will be boys” things. But if a girl were to do that…Can you imagine? Only in their dreams can a girl be “bad” in Saudi :p

  29. Not Saudi 🙂 Btw, they look funny 😀

  30. As with many media presentations the shock and awe factor of how far can limits be pushed is always factored in. If the clip is done in Morrocco, why are they trying to present it like Saudi? Simple, it is the only country that doesn’t allow women to drive, and how do they drive in the video? As illegally as possible by any standard.
    This subject was a common arguement in my family, my older brother being with Team Mopar on the drag racing circuit, and me working in a Univ. Trauma Center on weekend graveyard shift. My brother and I always had a difference of opinion of how to punish drivers that drive recklessly. In KSA, my wife’s yougest brother has lost 3 friends this last month in MVAs. Somehow this has not slowed him down much, just changed his mind from getting a motorcycle, instead he bought a Mustang. I think only seeing the traumatic experience of watching a close friend die in front of them would be the only thing to get them to see the reality. I got so tired of seeing so many die every day, I changed diections in my career because of it.

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